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Hi Everyone,

I would like to use the color buff on my Fair American but I'm not sure exactly what shade this is - looks like it varies all over a range between a tan and a yellow color.

Can anyone point me to the proper color?

Thanks, Wally

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If you mean on the outer bulwarks, then the color would be yellow ochre. The inner bulwarks would most likely be red ochre. The yellow ochre was a dullish yellow while red ochre was a darker red color.



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Freshly painted ? A week old.? a year old? in the north or the tropics? Behind the stacks or ahead? I'd just paint it something close and make up a story to fit. I hope I don't sound too sarcastic but there can be so much variation. You could take a picture but the color would depend on the exposure,film type, light conditions and all. Bill

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