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  1. Even out here in the flyover state of Idaho I noticed there hasn't seemed to be a slow down at the big boxes. Whole families with 5-6 kids going into the stores,no masks no nothing. I had a couple trips to make and always wear a mask in the stores. Even the senior hours at the grocery store have kids coming in . We have about 75 case here in the county with no new ones for a few days, The reservation 10 miles east of town has had an outbreak of about 10 people but I guess the have a handle on that now. Tough,unpredictable times. Stay safe folks.
  2. Dave, REAL challenge mix the pieces of all seven of your 1000 piece puzzles together and assemble just one puzzle from them. HEE HEE
  3. There was a young man from Nantucket who confused limericks with Haiku
  4. I think any end grain joint with any glue should be pre glued so that the glue can penetrate, then a second application to finish the joint. I use a surplus computer fan on my bench to one side to blow fumes away from me when using CA. I rarely apply thin CA directly from the bottle but dip an applicator on a little puddle of glue. DO NOT keep the little puddle under your nose on the bench. I always tap the glue bottle after using to settle any glue left in the nozzle down to the neck. Helps prevent plugs. I use accelerator a lot but I don't use the sprayer. I keep the sprayer loose in the bottle and use the tube as an applicator for just a drop on the joint. I have blocks of wood with holes drilled to accommodate the glue and accelerator bottles from tipping over.
  5. The song "Sweet Caroline" reportedly banned during quarantine, No reaching out,touching you ,touching me.
  6. Never mind the controversy, your weathering is logical and realistic. A good background would make it difficult to tell if it were real or not. Besides there is almost no one alive today who knows or remembers what they actually looked like. Greta Job!
  7. Snails are yummy, no worse than clams or oysters. My German grandparents loved the so called delicacies from cattle and hogs and chicken,. but they knew how to prepare the stuff and we butchered our own animals. Home made sausage is a real treat around these parts. In the fall there are a lot of big fundraisers based on sausage feeds. Of course don't forget Lutefisk around Christmas time. I guess we're off topic for coronavirus effects.
  8. I actually like Brussell sprouts, specially in butter sauce. Just thought the plea was pretty funny. On the other hand I'm getting tired of trying to stay cloistered but don't like the alternative until they find a vaccine or at least a way to make it less lethal specially to older folks like myself.
  10. Trouble is a new motor powerful enough to run a planer can cost a couple hundred bucks.. I did see a nice little 4 in jointer mounted with a motor at an estate sale for $100 a couple months back.
  11. You could use a power hand planer if you're just doing those short lengths. Makita makes a very nice tool. Harbor Freight would be cheaper yet,and don't forget the garage/estate sales for a good deal.
  12. "If it wasn't for electricity we'd all be watching TV in the dark." George Gobel remember him?
  13. That poem is spot on. Its the human condition from time to time.
  14. I looked at Sauers catalog for veneers. You may have either Zebrawood,my first choice,or Macassar ebony. Pretty stuff.
  15. These are true miniature aircraft, not "just" models.
  16. I used to cut the tops off and tack them to the walls of my shop. Unfortunately after 15 years in this same shop, I have no more wall space.
  17. Cut a little wide and use a disc sander to true up the angles.
  18. Excellent set of pictures. Inspirational.
  19. That looks like it will work fine. I bought a pack of N-95s about 3 weeks ago. Good thing I did too as I've been power carving basswood which is really dusty. Also I gave two to some friends who have been cleaning out an old house and a shop that were mouse infested. You can geet the Hanta virus from mouse waste. Anyway good on your wife. I see mostly women doing this around the country where they can get the material. Bill
  20. Nice little Titanic build there. I built a 53 inch R/C Titanic back in the 90s. I sailed it one or two times then took the radio gear out as it was not a very stable ship,despite 8= pounds of ballast in her. As I built it for a friend I don't have it anymore. The plans were from France I believe.
  21. Glad to see that you're back in the game.
  22. My opinion is if you personally did the computer drafting and transferred it to your printer with all the interim procedures included then it is an authentic model or models. Also true if you 3D printed detail parts for a model that you built of other materials. If you are doing this for contests then all of what you've done must be stated. My opinion.
  23. Somebody say leeches? Made this box a few days back and it needed something.
  24. I'm sorry to hear this news Dan. You HAVE been an inspiration to the rest of us.
  25. Watching sheep shering will be a great experience. Keep in mind that while it may seem a rough way to handle animals its far more inhumane to NOT shear them. be sure to try not to fall asleep.

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