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Corel Sloup


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I can't seem to find out much info at all on the Corel sloup kit.

Can anybody tell me more, like POB or POF ? Decent instructions? Materials?

The Corel site doesn't tell me much. I think it's a cool looking little fishing boat I'd like to build, but I'd like to know more before plunking down the cash.

        Corel Sloup





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Hi Tim:


I've built the Corel Sloop - it is plank-on-bulkhead. It's relatively large scale allows for a lot of detailing, though since it was my first pob build I stuck to building it out of the box. The wood that came with the kit was very nice, the plans were nice and clear and as long as you don't mind using plans instead of instructions you'll have fun making this one. Last I checked it was on sale through Model Expo for a really good price 60-something if memory serves....


Anyway, I think you'll enjoy building it. Here's a shot of mine - the only one I have apparently......




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It is currently under construction at the shipyard here.


Info from Hamilton totally matches my impression.  Instructions are very basic, wood and plans are excellent.


There are a lot of curves in the hull and there is no plank cutting plan (as comes with the Pinky).


Wish I had used bigger filler blocks......had to use a lot of wood filler and sandpaper after first planking and am now starting on second layer.


Note that premade sails are included!


The Sloup builds up into a nice big model.

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I had started building this model once before, had the hull planked and painted and part of the decking when disaster struck.  Sort of like humpty dumpty.  It was a rather violent end, as after the second planking, the hull could be used as a lethal weapon.  There are lots of photos of these boats on line and again, I plan on making a lot of changes. The boat is about 12" long and 4.5" wide.

Also, the wood that comes with Corel models is always nice. 


Dee Dee



(Update:  I'm almost done with my build, here are some photos.)















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