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Pride of Baltimore - question of a rope

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I agree the line in the photo is lacing. however the Pride of Baltimore one was sunk in 1986 when she was blown down in a squall. It has been speculated that if the sail was bent on with less strong stuff, that it would have blown out before it caused the ship to heal over and take on water and sink. Tall Ship Down is an excellent book that contains a detailed account of the sinking AND is written by a captain of the Pride of Baltimore II. This schooner of all schooners would be very careful about how its sails were laced or seized on. I suspect that the use of lacings and seizings was arrived at after very careful consideration of the risks.

I know of two schooner sailing out of New York City that use the crappiest sort of natural fiber recycling twine to lash the sails to the hoops. Good sein twine is available but far too strong. The idea is that the straw colored fuzzy recycling twine, a single strand of which is easily broken by hand, is weak enough to break in a gust of wind strong enough to make the ship heal over dangerously. The lashings are passed many times though and provide enough but not too much strength.

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I'm not familiar with Pride II's set-up, but, there's several lines that might make-off at the jaws:


The lower hoop lacing, needed because of the rake of the mast and because the main lowers as opposed to the fore which brails up.

Gaff peak flag halliard, sometimes two, one each side

The main's out-haul goes through the boom to a block and tackle which makes off here usually, if there isn't a cleat on the boom for it.

Pride 1's main tops'l's tack made off here sometimes.

Topping lifts don't normally make off here, but I've seen it done.



Click a pic to go to that build log

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