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  1. I too haven't said much in the thread, but been watching consistently since, oh, 2009? And been mashing that Like button since they added it. You're one of my inspirations on this forum, thank you for sharing to the benefit of us all.
  2. My elementary school library had "The Captain from Connecticut" by C.S.Forrester and it was through that book that I discovered Hornblower. I've read it many time through, the last few times in chronological order. My little boat of over 40 years, is named Lydia. O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin series was good, but never grabbed me the same way. I hated Bolitho who just happened to be at every major naval engagement in history in a pivotal role, even if they were a thousand miles apart on the same day, except maybe Salamis or Midway. Another series I found by chance at a yard sale, a
  3. What you see set is all the sail the model's getting. The real boat might set stuns'ls, a fisherman, and a ringtail (never set during my time aboard), beyond that, but controlling that stuff remotely is more than I could manage to figure out.
  4. I knew Jeffery Footner, worked on his house in Fells Point, and we discussed Constellation a lot over beers at the Whistling Oyster or John Stevens. I don't know why, but he NEEDED Constellation to be the frigate. He did a lot of good research for his book, but in the book he tried to bend it to fit his agenda. Some of the data had been debunked long ago, but still got regurgitated as evidence. They say you can't talk politics or religion with people, with Jeff, you didn't talk about Constellation. Another fella that NEEDS Constellation to be the frigate has This Page claiming that a
  5. Keep in mind the AL kit's hull is taken from the lines of the sloop-of-war which is longer and slightly wider than the frigate's. The kit is basically a model of the fantasy frigate Baltimore was trying to achieve from 1956-1998. The sail plan they presented had little to do with the frigate as they were trying to get away with using the sloop's spars they had on hand. The bottom line is it doesn't matter what spar dimensions are used on this kit as nothing about it has anything to do with the 1797 frigate anyway, best bet is to use what the kit supplies.
  6. Long ago, before they had PE specifically for this model, I was still working out how to make the gantries on the forward mast when the movers attacked.
  7. Designed and printed a few items, some small bullseyes, improved stanchions, shells for blocks, and a few failed attempts at other items. My latest try at the pivot gun wasn't great, but it was the best so far. The front of the slide and the cascabel didn't come out right, but I can reprint just those portions and glue them on to make this print usable. It was printed with a different resin that's a "smokey black" translucent color, and is supposed to be structurally stronger.
  8. It's been a while, but I'm making another attempt at printing the pivot guns. I separated the gun/carriage from the slide and taking a shot at printing the slide alone. This is a second attempt, the first already failed, so I beefed up the supports and I got a bottle of new resin that's supposed to be stronger. The picture shows the model with it's supports that's sent to the printer, and it's printing as I type this. I should know in an hour or two if it's failed again, other wise it'll take about 10 hours to print completely.
  9. For those following my other logs, you're aware I got a 3D printer and have made a couple of items for those models, and I'm working on further 3D model parts to print. This model too, will get something from the resin vat, though I can't think of many things at the moment. Her swivel guns come to mind right-off, maybe drums for the windlass, and crew figures, and her 4 carriage guns, of course.
  10. By-the-way, A German fellow (I think) did an RC Enterprize a few years back. I don't know what scale it is, I think it's 1:48. Here's a video he posted some years ago, and I haven't seen anything from him in some years now. That's an on-board camera on top of the boats, he's posted that video as well.
  11. There shouldn't be a difference really, not with the anchor. This thing, for instance, is about as big at the printer can handle, and it has a couple of flaws at the base because in a couple of places the suction of the last printed layer almost overcame the adhesion to the build plate, so there's a place that appears to be de-laminating right where the little patio attaches to the tower in the picture. Otherwise it came out beautifully. (click it to see it larger) On things that don't have a flat face to attach to the build plate, you need those supports to hold them and
  12. After making the anchor I went on to make the boarding steps which will be about 2cm wide With that success, I set up to print an anchor overnight... That didn't turn out so well. Again, the supports didn't hold and in pulling loose, the fluke end of the anchor didn't print right. I'll get this support thing sorted eventually.
  13. Experience with Constellation's yard bracing got me thinking that that wasn't the most efficient method I could go with. With the winch drums horizontal, even with the sliding servos and springs to maintain tension, some slack still develops and slack can lead to lines tangling, or slipping off their drum. To deal with that the drums have very wide flanges and guides to keep the lines in their place. When I got to trying to control Constellation's courses I could find no way to do it using her horizontal winch drums that wasn't more complicated than it was worth. With the winch
  14. Too tired from the checker-board pattern at work this week (off, on, off, on, etc) to clean up the last failed print and try again, I opted to make another 3D model, the anchors. Well, 1 model, but the ship gets 4 of them. The shackles I'll make from brass.
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