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Santa Maria found???

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Is anyone else following this story? last week it seems that undersea explorer Barry Clifford has discovered a wreckage off of the coast at Haiti that he claims is the famed Santa Maria. Its in the correct location, so maybe this is so. He initially found the wreck in 2003, finding a cannon which research showed is a typical 15th century Spanish cannon. He never put 2 and 2 together then until he dove again last week.


But, according to biographer Laurence Bergreen, after 500 years of currents, storms and shifting landscapes the location would surely have shifted and the wood would have eroded. Its also known that with the wreck being in such shallow water it has been scavenged for years, plus when she was scuttled there was enough time to get men and possessions off of her.


So what do you think? I am of the opinion that it may be her. I don't think the currents in 15ft of water , close to shore , next to a reef would be strong enough to reposition a ship all that far away from the original location. I am hoping that further excavation will reveal some buried artifacts to prove the find. time will tell and hopefully it will be soon

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