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Shirley-Ann Stern Trawler by Sir Blue Henry - RADIO 1/12 Scale wooden plank on Bulkhead

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Well. I vastly overestimated how much time is left over when you have a new baby in the house. 2015 has flown by. My son is now 13 months old and maybe - just maybe - the Shirley-Ann can start getting attention.


I spent a bit of time this past weekend fixing cracks and damage in the hull of my Victoria steamboat (not built by me) and hope to have it sailing in a couple of weeks (just to get the feeling back :) and then lets see about getting some slow progress on the Trawler.


Sir Blue Henry

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Oh - and in the meantime have come to realise that the hull will definitely need a full fibreglassing on the outside, there is just no way id wanting to be facing the repair of any accidental damage or water damage. I originally did want to be able to see the planking - but tough luck. I have in the meantime got pretty good at working with fiberglass and resin - which is a big help!

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One of the decisions I have to make - which has also slowed down the process is the following. Do i fix the desk permanently, and only allow access belowdecks via the smallish access areas as provided for in the plans (which is very limiting and certainly never allows for anything meaningful to be done regarding major work on the inside of the hull - which may never be required?) or do i make the deck removable which will leave inevitable gaps etc etc


Leaning strongly towards fixing the deck as it should be and be positive that nothing will need to be done belowdecks once complete.


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