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  1. Your Sloop looks simply fantastic, Brian! ... ... and your are truly a rigging master! Do you have already a idea, what your next build will be? Anyway, looking forward to more from your shipyard ... All the best, Mike
  2. Hi Jond I like your Racing Sloop - that hull looks very good - looking forward to any new log! Best regards, Mike
  3. It is a great pleasure to know you back on pilot's workshop! - all the more as this workshop is so very inspiring concerning my own work - thanks Michael! All the best, Mike
  4. Patrick, Nils – thank you guys! ... ... and thanks everyone who visiting and tracking this workshop. Always greatly appreciated! Below you will find the next intermediate stage after sanding. All the best, Mike
  5. @Dimitris, @Marc Thank you very much your faithful and cherished companion! @Captain Al Thanks for your visit and welcome on board. Thank you also for such a nice feedback - very much appreciated! I also think that Baba 20 and Pacific Seacraft 25 are both interesting modern CA-adaptations - they both were unknown to me, but I've done instantly some researches on the Internet. What is so fascinating to me about double ender? Of course, the legendary seaworthiness, what is a highly design integral fact of this boats but also their prototypical appearance - it seems as they were drawn by children - a kind of Noah's Ark. It would be a pleasure to see a scratch build of one of your mentioned boats ... All the best, Mike
  6. Wow! There is really something going on on your Deck - greatly done, Dimitris! All the best, Mike
  7. Hi Mark Now, one can already see the ingenious design - absolut beautiful lines, love it! ... ... and you are doing a superb job with the planking! All the best, Mike
  8. ... first I have yet milled the longitudinal joints. To this, I have modified a protective cap and abused it as a milling attachment . The milling guide is temporarily fixed with double faced adhesive tape ... ... and finally the first nails! All the best, Mike
  9. Hi Hartmut, Patrick, Lawrence and all other visitors. Thanks for visiting the shipyard and all your great feedbacks with such estimated comments! Currently the activity in the shipyard is heavily slowed down - the duties of everyday life are so many ... Anyway I could start with nailing the deck. My work was first to research the legalities of the specific manner of nailing. Finally I could derive a consistent pattern with the help of pictures of the "Colin Archer" (RS1) - "Stavanger's" nails are hard to locate on the nearly black deck. Til soon, Mike
  10. Your build comes along superb! ... ... concerning the Kitchen, that sounds great, Paul! - I'm already hungry ... All the best, Mike
  11. Hi everyone ... @Michael Thank you for your constructive feedback. It forces me to reconsider certain things. Of course you're right about your concerns of wooden grain structure. Gluing of similar segments to get a uniform blank would be the correct solution. This seems to me somewhat disturbing, because by professional reasons I have very internalized static and dynamic properties of wood and usually these properties are always present to me. In this case, I have considered the subject too little from this point of view. It is well aware that there is no such a simple ring in the original, but there are individual wedges. Since I've provided to cover the mast bed with canvas, I looked at this item only as a model technical substructure - hence such a ring as one piece. After all, he is from oak, so I've to check if it holds enough under stress or not ... ... Michael, you see, there are discussions going on. @Jan-Willem Thank you for a such great testimony and appreciation. Yes, you probably noticed that correctly, this worksop has accumulated a veritable machine park - I'm myself sometimes something between amazed and scared - but someway it commits to stay at work. ... thanks all of you for feedback, comments and likes. Always greatly appreciated! Best regards, Mike

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