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  1. Hi folks! I hope you’re all well. Pls allow me to show you the latest update of my scratch-built miniature model, Splendid (1:500). During the past few weeks, I’ve spent more time building the individual cabin walls and bulkheads for the internal accommodation across Splendid’s five decks as well as more preliminary work on her two decked engine room. More work’s still required, of course, but…she’s getting there, folks; she’s getting there…! Have a great week. Cheers Patrick
  2. Hehehehe Pat All puns are gratefully accepted! Many thanks and have a great weekend 😀 Cheers Patrick
  3. Many thanks, Mark. This is my second round of surgery for kidney stones (the first was 6 years ago). I can still vividly remember the Nurse saying that she had given birth to kids as well as kidney stones. The kidney stones were far more painful!!!! I’m glad that you’re over yours. Thanks Patrick
  4. Thanks and as a fellow stone sufferer (LOL), you have my sympathies!!!! I’m glad that you are over them. Cheers Patrick.
  5. Hi folks! I haven’t been able to do much on Splendid lately as I’ve had some ruddy kidney stones removed. All good now, so far (fingers crossed). Anyhow, here’s the latest. I’ve cut out all of Splendid’s five decks and started to add the cabin walls, etc. There’s still a long way to go, but some progress is better than no progress at all, I guess. Cheers Patrick
  6. Nice job, Bill! I always have an extra dose of respect for SIB builders. The magic just never seems to wear off. well done. Cheers Patrick
  7. Hi Josh Well done and I’m glad that your MIL liked it! I too, was getting a bit anxious after reading your post relating to the disaster, but, as is always the case, Murphy’s Law is always just around the corner. I’m glad that you got the problems solved. I also liked the fact that you positioned the boat towards one end of the bottle, as opposed to the centre of the bottle. It makes the viewer think that it’s got a long journey under sail ahead of it. Nice job all around. Cheers Patrick
  8. Thanks Josh! I’m just going to check out your Parsifal now! All the best. Patrick
  9. Hi Keith Just catching up at long last. Oh..My..Gawd!!!! No words, Keith. Simply no words can sufficiently describe your work. It’s THAT good. Cheers Patrick
  10. Sorry to hear about your Mum, Mehmet. Pls accept my sincere condolences to your and your family. Your model looks great so far and will be a wonderful tribute to your mother. Cheers Patrick
  11. Hey Vaddoc Re: Your last paragraph about the painting of your beautifully planked hull. Well...our Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison has been alerted and he has scheduled an urgent meeting with your PM to discuss the issue. At this stage, it is hoped that diplomatic action will be enough to avert the heinous action that you intend committing. Should you still continue to pursue the painting of such a beautifully planked hull, I understand that economic sanctions may be invoked as the ‘last resort option’. Oh...who am I kidding, if that’s your wife’s desire, then so be it. It’ll still be one heck of a model no matter what you choose to do!!! Hehehe All the best! Cheers Patrick
  12. Thanks and welcome aboard! I just scrounge around the Net using Mega Yacht Deck Plans as the search criteria. It’s always lots of fun! Cheers Patrick
  13. HI folks Allow me to introduce you to my latest miniature mega-yacht model, “Splendid” (1:500). Splendid is based upon an actual mega-yacht named Nirvana https://www.yachtcharterfleet.com/luxury-charter-yacht-25086/nirvana-layout.htm and as is customary with all of my models, I will attempt to include as much internal detail as I can; with all of the decks made removable in order to view the interior. The following photos show that the general layout of the superstructure has been mocked up in order to give me an idea of how everything will fit together. It’s all still very rough and there’s lots of work to go. I hope that you can continue to join me on Splendid’s construction journey. Thanks Patrick
  14. Hi Vaddoc Just catching up. Geez...for crying out loud!!! How the hell you’re able to build these technically accurate, beautifully constructed models woven together with a touch of magic and oodles of skill, is nothing short of amazing. And...this model is no exception, as witnessed by the perfect planking and framing. Nice job! Cheers Patrick
  15. Hi Gary How are you? Thanks for your comments. It’s great to be back. I haven’t really worked out the scale, but I would think something like 1:350’ish, or something along those lines, I would hope. Thanks again!! Cheers Patrick.
  16. Hi Keith Thanks for your message and yes, I fully agree that this design is most certainly not to everyone’s taste. It is quite polarising and ‘challenging’ to the senses, shall we say? But, I guess even the ugly duckings need someone to like them; which is why I chose to model these types of designs. These modern designs are also a lot more complex to build as they’re so unusual. As for this boat, the spiral staircase really did my head in. You’d think it would be easy, but the fact that it went up multiple decks, meant that I had to get the exact number of steps per deck and in the right spiralled direction....not was easy for an old bugger like me! Heheheh. Many thanks, once again. Cheers Patrick
  17. Thanks Pat. Hopefully all of the nasty technical gremlins I’ve been having with MSW have disappeared. The problem has been that for some reason, my IPAd a nd laptop take ages (meaning many minutes) just to load up one page on MSW. This has meant that even opening up a build log to comment and give a Like has been interminably long. So much so, that I gave up and lost interest. However, I’ve got a new IPad now and things seem to be far quicker. Let’s hope so!!! Enjoy your weekend. Cheers Patrick
  18. Hi Folks! I just thought I’d share my latest miniature model called “Majestic”. My model is based upon an actual boat design known as the Wider 150 (https://boutiqueboats.com.au/vessel/wider-150/). After a long break from building, I’ve recently managed to get back into working on this model. Whilst most of the work lately has concentrated on sanding and painting the hull, as well as adding more interior details such as the bathrooms, pillows on beds and pot plants scattered throughout various parts of the accommodation, I acknowledge that most of it is too small to see and appreciate. What can easily be seen, though, is that I’ve added the ‘water’ to the aft wet dock into which the ship’s tender is moored when underway. I hope you like where things are at so far! Cheers Patrick
  19. Hi Josh! She looks perfectly fine to me. I fact, I reckon anyone who has the guts to do SIBs deserves a medal, particularly when it comes to figuring out all of the riggings lines. I don't think I could even try! Cheers Patrick
  20. Hi Vaddoc. Well...we have a saying here in Australia - “frigging hell”. That, my friend, is an apt description of my reaction as I looked through your photos of the completed model. What an achievement; something that you should be justifiably proud of; especially as you’ve managed to make the rigging work. A triumph of craftsmanship! Cheers Patrick
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