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  1. Ahh. Good point! Come to think of it, they’re not even wearing their masks!
  2. Thanks Keith. As for “being confined to barracks going on for a while yet’, sadly I think you’re right. Who knows when this dreadful mess is going to end. I’m certainly missing being able to hug my son and daughter (and their respective spouses). I just guess we have to do what we have to do. Cheers Patrick
  3. Hi Pat Yep. I really like that and...as I can attest too, Mark is absolutely right about zoom and macro shots. The small details can be quite confronting when viewed, but, as you’ve said, you can’t really see the close-up details from a normal distance, so all’s good. Cheers Patrick
  4. Haha! I think, if truth be told, we all are! Thanks again, Mark! Cheers Patrick
  5. Hi folks. A quick update on the ‘illegal party‘ that’s been going on in Sapphire over the past week. Much to the owner’s consternation, the Construction Boss has invited even more of his mates on board. Have a look!!! Disclaimer: no teeny tiny people were harmed during this photo shoot😏😏😏! Cheers Patrick
  6. Hi Joseph Exquisite work, for sure! If you’re able to, can you pls show us how you made those railings? Thanks in advance Patrick
  7. Thanks Mark. Yep, the party’s started early...I don’t think they were adhering to the new social-distancing rules, though! Have a great week. Cheers Patrick
  8. Hi Gary Thanks! Yep...sub-atomic is a good way to think about it. I must admit that the teeny tiny stuff really does my head in, sometimes, but it's all great fun nonetheless. The figures are slightly bigger than the correct scale because it was the best I could do. In actual fact, they're about 8 mm high (on average). Thanks for the compliments and stay safe. Cheers Patrick
  9. Hi folks. Well...against Sapphire’s future owner’s wishes, the Construction Boss of the shipyard snuck his friends on-board the boat today. ”How dare you! Look at them‘, said the owner in disgust. ‘They’re just lounging around, feet up on the new outdoor lounges. No respect for other people’s property. Hmmm! One would think they own the place!” Needless to say, the Construction Boss is not in the good books at the moment! I hope you like these photos. Pls be gentle on me, as these are the first time I’ve ever made figures for a boat. They’re pretty crude, but at least I tried! Thanks Patrick
  10. Hi Gary Oh Lordy, lord, lord! I just caught up with your boat, Gary. She’s just glorious. A stunning example of skill, craftsmanship, weathering and atmosphere. All the best! Cheers Patrick
  11. Hi Marcus Wow! I’ve just caught up with your Build Log and I’m not disappointed. That’s one really heck of a job you’re doing. A brave re-do of the framing, has paid off handsomely. She definitely has a very shapely and curvy hull, that’s for sure. All the best and stay safe and healthy. Cheers Patrick
  12. Hi Pat Damn! Your boat’s coming along beautifully and all the effort that you’re putting into each individual part is going to pay handsome dividends when it’s all finished. A case in particular is the round skylights that are simply glorious to look at. A true model of precision in their own right. Stay safe and healthy. Cheers Patrick
  13. Hi Keith Before I shower you with the praise that you most definitely DESERVE...there’s a conversation that’s going on in my head. It goes something like this: ”Me: Keith...if I click my fingers twice, is it true that by some form of scientific Magic, that a small sprinkling of your skills and talent are going to rub off on me...???’ Pretty please?’ ”You: Dream on Patrick, dream on”....Hehehe Seriously though, Keith, I’m always in awe of what you do. All the best and stay safe. Cheers Patrick
  14. Hi Phil It’s always a pleasure to watch your boats coming together and this one is no exception. The Victory is about as complex as they get (I should know as I muddled my way through my own miniature version a few years ago), and I salute you for tackling this model. From what I can see, your boat’s coming along brilliantly. Congrats on getting this far and I look forward to following along. Cheers and stay healthy! Patrick
  15. Hi folks I managed to take some better photos (well, hopefully anyway) of Sapphire last night. Here goes. Cheers Patrick
  16. I know, right!!!!! I’ve even heard that I’m going to win the jackpot next week...oh wait...!
  17. Many thanks, Keith! Yep...I’ve had a long break from MSW due to technical issues earlier on, but hopefully that’s all over now. I’m going to catch up on everyone’s Build Logs over the next few days. I hope you and your family and well and virus-free. Cheers Patrick
  18. Hi Frank Thanks for your compliments. I hope that your new house will bring you lots of happiness and that you continue to stay well and virus-free! Enjoy your Easter. Cheers Patrick
  19. Many thanks Phil! I hope you have a great Easter! Enjoy. Cheers Patrick
  20. Hi Hipex Sadly, Bob left us (deceased) a while ago. A true loss to MSW as he was always helpful and encouraging with his advice. Thanks Patrick
  21. Hi everyone and a Happy Easter!!! It’s been a while since I’ve updated this Build Log, but Sapphire’s really coming along nicely. Here’s some photos of where things are at so far. All the best and stay healthy! Cheers. Patrick
  22. Hi folks! Genesis is finally finished. All of her decks and superstructure are fully removable, thereby enabling the interior accommodation to be viewed. I hope you like her!

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