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Billings Danish training ship Danmark kit (review)


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I bought the Billings Danish Training ship Danmark kit off of Ebay for $99.00 a while back. I built the Danmark, which took me about 1200 hours give or take an hour or three. It was a wonderful kit and I would not hesitate to buy it and build it again even at a higher price. The fittings package came with the kit and quite extensive. I can't recall a single issue with the build. The plans are quite good and left little to the imagination. I can't really speak for the directions, because I don't usually use them. The kit came with pre-printed sail material as well.


Here are a few photos of the kit as it arrived to me. 


All in all, it was a pleasure to build, yes, they do use quite a few plastic parts, but if you like to kit bash, that isn't an issue. Now, this kit is an advanced level kit, but with a little help, a novice shouldn't have any real issue with it. 


The finished model is currently sitting in the lobby of a Danish West Indies trading company in Ft. Lauderdale Florida.







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Hi Mike,


Beautiful model!! I have an old Billing Danmark as well which I am now more anxious to build, having seen yours. Like you, I depend on the drawings to guide me through the project. Mr. Billing is short on instructions, which is fine. After all a picture is worth two in the bush, as the saying goes...


Thanks for the photos and inspiration.



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