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  1. After a long night in the workshop, I come into the bedroom, pull back my covers, and discover this........... He is Arlo, and he loves to be a pillow hog. He's worse than my old Labrador.
  2. Mark, I would support your decision to shelve this project. We all know that we use this hobby to help us during times of duress. There had been a project I had worked on in troubled times, and when things got better, whenever I looked at that project, it brought back bad memories, so like you, I had to put it away. It was for the best. Time to start a new project to help you remember these times that are seeming to get better. Scott
  3. Great work Rob and I'm glad the arm is doing better. All detail and research on the stunsail booms is very interesting. Scott
  4. Great Folk piece of ...............! Really, it's probably worth a few dollars to a folk art collector, but five grand?
  5. Man Rob, I hope things get better, they do say that working the areas that hurt helps with recovery, so maybe trying to work on the GR will speed up your healing.
  6. Try your local auto parts store and ask for a flexible mechanical parts retriever. They come in two types, one is magnetic, the other has a set of claws you work with your thumb. Some even have lights. I have one that is 1/4" in diameter that I have used many time in retrieving stuff I dropped into tight, enclosed areas.
  7. The crimping tubes are great. I learned of them when rigging the control wires on a 1/32 WW1 biplane. Saved me a lot of pain and frustration.
  8. Welcome back Vivian and congrats on the marriage. I'm excited to see how these sails turn out. They are looking very nice. Scott
  9. Hi Rob, My mother, who got me into ship modeling, bought a Scientific Sea Witch back around 1976 and never built it. I now have it and really think it would be a good candidate to try some small scale scratch building. It computes to 1/158th. I just need to get two other projects completed and then I can start the Sea Witch. Scott
  10. Hi Rob, Your documentation of your rigging process is going to be invaluable for me since I am interested in working in the smaller scale. Everything is looking very refined. Scott
  11. My buddy retired from the Navy a few years ago, said he feeling old is when all the ships you served on have been decommissioned and feeling ancient if one becomes a museum.
  12. I agree about priming under just about any paint. I build a lot in 1/700 and use acrylics. I will do a light base coat primer, usually Krylon flat white or Tamiya gray primer, then will either brush or airbrush light coats of thinned base color. It's important to keep the coats light and thinned because it's so easy to get the paint thickness to appear out of scale and cover up details. Priming does a number of positive things; it brings out any blemishes that can be corrected, it gives a good biting surface for the paint to adhere to, and it allows you to adjust your base color hue from light to dark.
  13. Your idea using cardboard and making a cover is making me wonder why I didn't think of that. I have a 1/96 Constitution on my workshop shelf that is 98% complete and waiting for funds to build a case for it. I will put our idea to work this weekend.

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