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  1. Jesse, It has been a pleasure following your build log over the last five years. You have done a remarkable job and this log will be a valuable reference for others who will build this kit. Scott
  2. Woo hoo Danny, Glad to hear you rode out the wave and getting your keel back under you. Keep holding yourself to the weathergage.
  3. Dan, With all the energy you put into your builds and this site, I had never guessed you were not in good health. Fair winds behind you as you endure this painful journey, and that God may bless and keep you my friend. Scott
  4. Thank you everyone. I plan to post more updates when I start building the shadow box. Scott
  5. Well, maybe I'm not finished. I am experimenting with water techniques (styrofoam, gels, and cotton) and decided to start building a shadow box display for my father's burial flag and Navy certifications and commendations. Here are some recent pics of my progress. Scott
  6. Ditto! Looks like shes been in the Pacific exposed to sun, salt, and countless attempts to retouch and fight the rust by deck apes.
  7. I like your thinking. Blue is such a tricky color when trying to pull it off a photo. Who knows if its due to the Kodachrome, faded from the weather, or how it was mixed and applied. You should go with what your eye tells you. I used the Navy Measure color codes more as a guide than a rule. I also built the Enterprise as she may had appeared at Midway. Talk about trying to figure out the correct gray or blue. It made my head about to explode. But its fun to try to experiment with these colors in order to put life into the model.
  8. Hi Greg, I have been following your work. I just completed the Lexington in 1/700. If I recall, only the Lex and Essex stayed in the overall MS21 sea blue. I can say one thing, I really got to hate all that blue. In 1/700, it was a bugger to keep track of all the small details until I started my washes. I did notice in my research that along the starboard side, the paint seemed to fade to a flat finish that was a lighter shade. This was probably due to all the direct sun exposure on all that surface area. After weathering, I went in with a flat brush and added "touch up" areas to represent there areas may had been touched up while at sea. Anything to break up all that blue. Great work sir, Scott
  9. Eric, Your paintwork is very good. The flat black seems to make everything look more to scale. Shotlocker, I do not know what to say, your rigging at 13 is better than what I can do after forty years. Scott
  10. I have been away for awhile and it seems a lot of great research materials and a wonderful build progress was added Jonathan. I think your jib arrangement will be fine and I thank you for posting the blue prints. The Alabama had such nice lines. Scott
  11. I'm enjoying your build here Jonathan and I am taking notes. I built this kit in 1991 and it got dismasted in a cross-country move. The model is packed up and stored in a closet and I plan to build all new masts and spars and re-rig it. I was in my third year in college and the local Woolworths was closing. I got my Alabama kit for $14 and the Revell America kit for $9. Looking at those ebay prices makes me glad that I didn't throw my wrecked Alabama out. This build log gave me the ambition to pursue and rebuilt it. Scott
  12. After a long night in the workshop, I come into the bedroom, pull back my covers, and discover this........... He is Arlo, and he loves to be a pillow hog. He's worse than my old Labrador.
  13. Mark, I would support your decision to shelve this project. We all know that we use this hobby to help us during times of duress. There had been a project I had worked on in troubled times, and when things got better, whenever I looked at that project, it brought back bad memories, so like you, I had to put it away. It was for the best. Time to start a new project to help you remember these times that are seeming to get better. Scott

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