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Hi everyone,

I'm at the step to install the bulwarks on my ship, they get wide at the stern and need to be bent and twisted to fit around the deck, since they're made of plywood do all the techniques of bending wood hull planks apply or is there a better way to bend and twist around a pretty tight curve. This is my first build and so far I am really enjoying the hobby. Any tips that would help would be appreciated.




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Have to be careful with plywood.  It doesn't bend in two planes at the same time like regular wood will.  Soaking or steaming is not usually a good idea as the plys tend to delaminate when they get wet.  I would think the best way would be to make a jig that approximates the curve you need and clamp the plywood to that until it assumes the correct curve.  Haven't tried that with plywood but it works well with wood strips.

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You could replace the plywood with regular wood -

Or use wood veneer and laminate you own plywood in place on the model.  The veneer should bend easily and glued up in place - hold the shape if clamped tightly while the TiteBond dries (glueing the layers together).  WoodCraft has 3 sq ft packs of beech, cherry and maple (unbacked) for ~$10.  These varieties are closed pore and tight grained. The thickness of the veneer is not listed.

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