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Serving machine?

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There are also a number of plans out there if you want to make your own. I know everyone who has one of Alexi's machines loves them, there is a certain amount of satisfaction building your own.


Serving is just wrapping a line with other line. This is done to protect the line against chafing. SO for shrouds, the forward most shroud on many ships was served full length. Another area is where the should pairs wrap the mast, this is also served. There are many areas of line that can be served. However, it is your choice whether to serve the line or not. At some scales, it would be difficult to see.


Chantilly, VA


Its not the size of the ship, but the bore of the cannon!


Current Build: Scratch Build Brig Eagle


Completed Build Log: USS Constitution - Mamoli

Completed Build Gallery: USS Constitution - Mamoli


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