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How much rigging


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I know im a long way of the main rigging on my Billings Victory but i am starting to think about rigging cannons for the middle deck  . I have decided to use Chucks rope , tan and dark brown plus the 3 and 4 mm hooks.  I may as well order all the rigging etc at the one time.  All the line supplied appears to be white or off white so none of it will be of any use and as regards quantity and size the Billings instructions are as usual vague . My question is this ,  on  1:72 scale Victory does anyone have an idea of approx  quantities and thickness for complete rigging . Of course i don,t want it down to the last metre ,10 would do !! I suppose Chuck would know but just wondered if anyone had worked it out recently . while i,m at it blocks and deadeyes ,again any ideas as to what sizes and quantities are required would be usefull , i really like the look of the pear ones he makes  Thanks in advance , any info will be appreciated 



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It also depends on if the kit plans fully rig the cannon or not and how far you want to go. For the Connie spar deck I used 4 double and 4 single blocks per cannon. The double blocks would be attached to the bulkhead and the singles to the cannon. Since mine was 1:93 scale I will not suggest sizes. 


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Its not the size of the ship, but the bore of the cannon!


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Well that is a lesson learned, mainly to keep my big mouth shut ,or keyboard in this case, untill i do a bit more research and know at least the basics of what im talking about.  I have been through the jotika and billings manuals and worked out that it will take in excess of 1100 metres of rigging for a 1:72 Victory . Can this be correct or am i doing something wrong ???  the vast majority of this ,aprox 1000 metres is 0.5 mm or below ..Approx 230 deadeyes and 660 blocks of various sizes are also required . As you say Bill the kit plans usually only cover the basics so fully rigging cannons etc will be extra again  . This of course changes my plans completely , Im sorry Chuck ,from the reports of your rope there is none better but i could never justify my original intention of rigging completely in handmade rope , im still however considering the heavier rope and blocks ??   I will be in touch soon .

 I  still can,t believe that there could almost a mile of rigging on a model ??

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The former curator of the ship, Peter Goodwin, in his 101 Questions and Answers about HMS Victory (the book has had various titles – mine is entitled 'Countdown to Victory') gives the amount of rigging as 26 miles in total, on the actual ship. I don't know how much that would work out to on the average model.


Goodwin also mentions that there are approximately 768 blocks in the rigging alone, the largest being 26" in length, the smallest 6".


I don't know if you have them, but if you are building a model of the Victory, you will find two books indispensible:


1. 'The Anatomy of Nelson's Ships' by C. Nepean Longridge. Much of the information here is contained in the text, the book originally being published in the late forties I think, with several reprints since. It is really Longridge's account of the building of his 1:48 scale model that was on display in the Science Museum until a short while ago, and which has been discussed before on MSW.  The book is still considered almost as the 'bible' for Victory builders!


2. 'The 100 gun Ship Victory' by John McKay, in the Anatomy of the Ship series. This book, by comparison, has many useful diagrams and a table at the back listing all rigging circumferences, block sizes, etc. It is perhaps a little more 'user friendly' being easier to find the information regarding a particular block or piece of rigging.


Of course how much of the rigging you wish to include is up to you, but I think you will have to compromise!



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What happened to 'if I can do it then so can you' !!!

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