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Viewing space on hull work for display

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As many of us go through our build, we plan on planking a portion of the hull or decking and leaving some open area so as to see inside the ship. Would you be kind enough to share with me, and the group, your philosophy or thoughts as you go through this process?

For instance, I have a thing for the anchor works, and would like to show off that; where as I'm not as concerned with the Captian's cabin.

I look forward towards your thoughts on this subject of what to leave in and what to leave out.......



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Hi Larry


As has been said many times before-You are the Captain and it's your ship to build as you want.

I am finishing up my build on a MSW's Union Picket Boat-which can be seen on our building groups blog site- woodenshipclass.blogspot.com  .I was going to paint the hull black like the real one was but have decieded to leave most of the side  opposite of the spar torpedo unpainted to show how the planking was done.

I used this build to practice on my planking and it came out very nice looking. So I do not want to totaly cover up all of the work with black paint,just like doing an Admiralty type build showing off the frames.

So if there is an area that you realy excell in-show it off,if only for yourself. Most people who do not build do not have any idea how much work and effort goes into what all of us do in building models.

From picking a subject,research for the building,time,money and work and hard learned skills to achieve the finished model.

It is nice to be able to see what you have worked so hard to build. And not have but only a small part showing for display upon finishing a model.



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Hi Larry--


As Keith says its up to you, but what I've found is that the two big factors are (1) structural integrity to avoid warping or instability and (2) what you can realistically do in the space you will have available.  The planking provides a lot of support and if you start taking it away the load is carried by decks and keels which, if you are bashing a kit, may not be designed to take those stresses and you'll have to do some retrofitting.  Best of luck.






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