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  1. Nils, I'm surprised you are looking for portholes. Couldn't you just chose a brass rod of appropriate size, heat the end and turn it over? With your metal working skills, that seems like an easy route to take. Larry
  2. I just ordered Bismarch by Revell at 1/350. I will follow your build with interest. What wooden deck product are you using??? Larry
  3. What a coincidence; I just ordered Bismarck at 1/350 scale. As you said, there are a tremendous number of after market add on's at this scale. I look forward to your progress. Larry
  4. Just to let you guys know that I have not forgotten about your offers to help. But things have changed. By chance I ran into an offer on eBay for Alabama by Revell at 1/96. I got her and she arrived today. Not quite sure what I will do with her construction, but that will work out.... Thanks again for your offers of help and, if I may, another great example of the type of people on this site. Larry
  5. Hi Nils, Yes the spoke shave is similar to a plane. However, IMO, it's much more efficient. With cross grain you can just turn the s/s around and push it the other way; or you can skew the blade angle, say 45 degrees; take a little or a lot of wood off. The s/s actually 'shaves' off the wood, smooth cut. Once you get the hang of it you do not need to sand. I must have a dozen of them, different sizes and bottom shapes. Come to think of it, it's more like scraping...maybe... What ever you decide to do, please don't stop. Larry
  6. Nils, May I offer a suggestion; instead of sanding the hull, why not try a spoke shave. It would save a lot of time and dust.... That is the way I fair all my planking. Beautiful ship, thanks for sharing with us. Larry
  7. I cut all wood pieces by hand and hardly ever use a knife or sandpaper. I would rather use a scraper. Now scraping can also mean planing or using a spoke shave; as well as a single edge razor blade. It's much easier to level a surface with a scraper than with sandpaper.... Hope this helps, Larry
  8. Actually it's not an ironclad. She's a three mast fully rigged ship, with steam power and a pull away prop system. She also had one of the first breach loading rifle guns on deck with a rail system for movement. That is what I like about her. She put an explosive round into Kersearge's stern area that failed to explode. If it had, history might have been different. Larry
  9. Thanks guys for the offers to help. I have downloaded the program and the PDF of the manual. Give me a little time to play around with it. Before I retired, I used to install computerized accounting systems, so we will see how much of the tech stuff I can remember. Thanks again, Larry
  10. What I want to do is to scan in a set of plans I have for the CSS Alabama. Use 'some' program to adjust the image to my scale; slice it up for 'room an space'; and print out the individual frame patterns. I am sure this is nothing new and probably what most people would want to do. Can you tell me if DelftShip can get me somewhat close to that????? Thanks, Larry
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