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Are these banned manufactures?


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Ran across a couple of interesting looking kits from a couple of Chinese companies and wondered if these are banned.  I checked the list and could not find them on it.  Mayi Model and Yuan Qing Models.  Found a website for the first one but it was entirely in Chinese and did not have any pictures.  Drew a complete blank on the other.

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I would also say stick with known sources. I used to deal with a company that makes specialized pumps and they had to deal with counterfeit / copy stuff and what I learned from them and from other sources (I know some folks from China)   there are a lot of places where you tell them what you want and they will make it.   and it will often be hard to tell from the real thing in some cases and be horribly bad in other cases.

there are plenty of folks there looking to "make a buck" as the saying goes.

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Please do not post any links to suspect companies in the forum.  We don't want to give these guys any extra face time.  If you have doubts about a company, send a PM to any of the moderating staff first, and we'll check it out.  Unfortunately, if it's a Chinese firm, the odds are high it will be pirated goods.

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