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Pinky Pilot Schooner "Dove" - right pilot's flag of 1875?

Small Stuff

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Hello friends,


here my project of the Dove...


A beauty by her lines and rigging, 




...and a ship well documented and of a good size for a scale 1/2=ft 


Lpp: 42' - 11'' = 1' 9.6'' 
B moulded: 13' - 0'' = 6.6' 
D.: 6' - 2'' 


So I'll get a model about some 900 mm Loa and without stand nearly as high as long -  at a beam of some 170 mm. A big model but a flate-able :P  one




in "The American Fishing Schooner" of Howard I. Chapelle you can find three very good plates of the Canadian pilot schooner "Dove". Biult in 1875 by Sylvester S. Baltzer in Preaux. Nova Scotia. She was owened by Cptn. James George a pilot.
She was Canadian - proofed by the text in the index of H.I. Chapelle's book ( p.686). "Dove, Canadian pinky".


But what is the right flag to her?


So my question is the to the flag - 




blue or





red canadian ensign?


But this article confusede my completly:




Or does this article deals with the flag used on a ship to show they are under pilots order on the bridge?

My english is not good enough for this...  :blush:


Thanks for your help,



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Hi Small Stuff.

I need some help,  I see your project in Jan of 2015 indicated you were about to or indeed have built the Pinky schooner 'Dove'.

Here is my story; 

My brother's friend was clearing out his garage and came across a model sailing ship in a bad state of disrepair.

My brother asked for the ship and his friend gave it to him, he in turn called me up and could I look at the vessel and perhaps re-rig it. I said yes, I'll give it a go. I checked out the model it is about two foot overall and it was a Pinky schooner pilot ship ( thanks to your query about which flag you should show). I have rigged a few WW1 aircraft, but this a different ball game!. I would like to do this for my bro, You ask why doesn't he do it?  He has the patience of a flea...no chance

So any chance of some help in the rigging of this craft? I have figured some but others just baffle me. If you know how I can learn the art of rigging sailing ships I would be most grateful. If you want any pics of the vessel just tell me where and when.


(good landings are good - when you can walk away from them!)

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Wonderful ship.  Lines, construction and rigging plans are available from the Smithsonian Institute and also from ModelShipBuilder.


When I was a kid back in the dark ages of the last century there was a pinky yacht named Styx in the Ali Wai yacht harbor in Honolulu.  Lovely, long black schooner.  Your post set me to wondering if it was a copy of the original Dove.

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Thanks grsjax for your input. I'm not sure about visiting The Smithsonian as I am in the UK but will certainly head over to ModelShipBuilder.

It's the info on the rigging that I need.  There are quite  few Pinky schooners as most of them were built in Maine and Essex in the USA.

As you probably know the Dove was built in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Again thanks for the informationj.



(good landings are good - when you can walk away from them!)

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