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Mixing ratio for red ochre and yellow ochre paint?

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I'm getting ready to start assembling and painting the gun carriages for my Revell Connie and would like to know what a good mix ratio would be for an accurate color of red ochre. Also, is it a mix of red/brown or red/black? The same goes for yellow ochre for when I am ready to paint my Niagara once I begin construction. Thanks, mateys!

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Yellow Ochre is about the same as brown mustard, not yellow cheese.

Red Ochre is in the red brick range.

Mind, both of these are ground natural pigments and depend entirely on the source.

Go to an artists' supply shop and check out their colors.  There may be color charts you can take with you.


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For the red ochre I would add yellow in addition to black to a basic insignia red commonly available in model paints. If you just go black it will go to much to the blue side. I've used some of the various RR colors such as CP Yellow form (now discontinued) Polly Scale. Look at the Badger Modelflex line of paints, they have the RR colors. 

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Golden Acrylics makes a water soluable Yellow Ochre in a 2 oz tube. I believe Liquitex also makes a water soluable Yellow Ochre. Not sure about Red Ochre tho. I found mine in a Michaels craft store. Any Art Supply store should carry both brands.


I've used both brands on wood and they work fine.

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