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Decals or Carved Frieze work for Royal Caroline or other decorated ships

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Trying to find decorations and Frieze's for my Roayl Caroline Panart build for the areas and decorations that the kit doesn't have.


Are there any decals or frieze's that are made up in strips for use in the craft hobby's? Or in jewlery? That You can use on ship builds?


Thats ahead of time for your help. I do have the Frieze downloads that Chuck had here for the pinnace model.



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The only painting that I have seen that MAY show the frieze work accurately is the John Clevely painting at NMM.  To get a clear digital copy you would have to pay for a copy of the painting unless you can find it elsewhere.  My experience with their digital copies is five out of five stars and may be the only way to go.  Then again, the painting may not be as detailed as you need, nor accurate.


To produce a top quality frieze, Volume II of The Fully Framed Model gives a detailed description on producing your own frieze paintings.



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