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Ole Judichær and Danish Naval Ship Construction and Design in the late 17th Century

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For those interested in Danish shipbuilding, the following Master's Thesis may be of interest.


Massimiliano Ditta. 2014. “Ole Judichær and Danish Naval Ship Construction and Design in the Late 17th Century: A  Preliminary Analysis of the Model of the 54-Gun Prinz Wilhelm in the Collection of the Royal Danish Naval Museum.” Master’s Thesis. Maritime Archaeology Programme, University of Southern Denmark. https://www.academia.edu/6915299/Ole_Judich%C3%A6r_and_Danish_Naval_Ship_Construction_and_Design_in_the_late_17th_Century_A_preliminary_analysis_of_the_model_of_the_54-gun_Prinz_Wilhelm_in_the_collection_of_the_Royal_Danish_Naval_Museum.

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Interesting article. Lots of Dutch ship building involved in Denmark in those days.


If you search the rest of that site one comes across all kinds of naval articles.


I looked at the links on image processing/CAD software he uses and 'Photosynth is a very advanced app. that I can use in my landscape design. I presently have an app on an old Mac from the late 80's that does the trick as well but it is a wire frame.



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Marc -


I have found Academia.edu to be a fantastic resource for a wide array of published and unpublished information.  I may go there to access a single paper I was looking for and find myself following numerous tangents and other trails to even more that I may not have known I was seeking! 


I am not familiar with RHINO or Photosynth, but definitely will be checking both out. 

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