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  1. Chuck, I'm relatively new at wooden model ship building. I'm interested in participating in this group build. Thanks, Craig
  2. Absolutely! only the kit I have is 1/144 scale total length is 43.9cm(17inches). The 1/72 scale version of this ship is the large one. Cheers, Craig
  3. While the port and starboard sections of the hull fit together very nice, a lot of work had to go into the mounting of the stern section. This piece was glued on after the two side sections where assembled. Gluing was not the issue, the issue was the amount of filler and sanding that I had to put into it to hide the seems. Now that it is complete I'm quite happy with how it turned out. A little effort can go along way. One little mishap that I encountered was after gluing the side frames together I noticed that I had missed a small step in the instructions. I forgot to install the pin so the prop can be attached (see attached picture). To fix this I had to pull apart the already glued sections, install the pin and re-apply the glue. All in all it was fairly painless but had I not forgotten the pin I would have been that much further ahead. Overall the sections went together without issue and little filler. I'm going to leave the painting of the hull for now and I'm currently working on the assembly of the aft deck fittings. I will include this in the next update. Cheers - CKNavy
  4. CKNavy

    A new Canadian Member

    Welcome to the forum. Greetings from Ontario Canada! Craig
  5. I have always wanted to build HMCS Snowberry and learn about it's history along the way. I found this version of the ship, it is made by Revell Germany and was created in 2016. From what I can see it is pretty accurate and comes with a lot of detail in the scale. I have found that you can purchase three different sheets of photo etch (PE) for this model but they are fairly expensive. From what I can see the detail with out the PE is still very good, for this reason I'm going to do a out of box build. As soon as I have some progress to show I will be posting an update. I hope everyone enjoys following along with my build Thanks, CK
  6. Doris, I'm quite new to this forum and the art of ship building. I just found your build log and read through every ones posts up to now. I am very interested in following along with your build as what I see so far is amazing. Keep up the good work. CK
  7. CKNavy

    Sanding Sticks

    In some cases I use sanding sponges. They come in many different grits, shapes and sizes. Some are quite thin and can be cut to fit.
  8. CKNavy

    Hello from a rookie

    From one rookie to another. Welcome aboard. I'm currently building the Bluenose II. Smooth Sailing! CK
  9. So I now have the bulwarks on the hull and I have started to install the water ways. Not sure if I'm going to continue with installing the deck boards or finish prepping the hull for paint.
  10. I'm getting very close to painting the hull of my wood ship. Some people say to use a sanding sealer first, and I have seen others just use primer to prep the hull. Does anyone have any tips or tricks they can share to prepare the hull for paint. Thanks, CK
  11. Do you have a close up picture of the finished bow section? Thanks, CK
  12. Nice work! I'm building this right now. I will definitely use some of your information for reference. CK
  13. Changed my mind. Did some more research, I'm going to back track a bit and make another attempt at the bulwarks. This time I'm going to make them out of the remaining deck planks that I have. I will post some pictures once I get started. CK
  14. So I tried making my own bulwarks and started fitting them to the hull. I think I'm doing ok.

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