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  1. I have this in my stash bought it for the same reason to revisit childhood and my Dad he had a short stint in SAC mother hated it from what I heard.
  2. On the Spit they are Denis still healing nose looks like raw meat just being patient.It's been slow the last week(two storms in the gulf) painted the canopy,redid the yellow boots and started to lay down some clear for the "Lima Challenger" to go down.
  3. Yeah that's why he liked it it was like 30/40's in N Japan and Guam was blue water and upper 70's
  4. I think Ken my son has Italy or Germany on his list he still in Japan with the 35FW he goes to Alaska for TDY like six weeks(?) and then to Guam(deploy?) he liked Guam last time.
  5. The next and maybe the last for a bit go back to work Thursday a MK V Spit in 1/24 Lima Challenger. If of any interest for some the build log alot went into the pit and engine https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/threads/1-24-mk-v-spitfire.28726/
  6. Thks Mike ! I got the Mossie today and Hannah approves.I want to do her in the American scheme methinks. The aircraft on display is a British-built B. Mk. 35 manufactured in 1946 (later converted for towing targets) and is similar to the P.R. Mk. XVIs used by the USAAF. It was flown to the museum in February 1985. This Mosquito, serial RS709, has been restored to a Mk. XVI configuration and painted as NS519, a weather reconnaissance aircraft of the 653rd Bombardment Squadron based in England in 1944-1945.
  7. I got this in the mail today and inspector said it was safe and not edible.
  8. Yeah hand paint then use the toothpich around the frame to cleanup the paint outside of the lines scraping to say the wood is softer than the plastic so no damage to the canopy.I usually give the paint about 30-60 minutes of dry time and while the paint is still soft and start scraping or get mask.
  9. I finally did also must of been the following of Versailles Treaty(the only country to) everybody esp Japan were cheating like crazy by the mid-30's.
  10. RA I hand painted two of the planes canopies I am finishing now the Hurri and the 205 use a toothpick around the frames to get straight lines.
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