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  1. I hear ya Lou to true to true.I mentioned elsewhere my parents came from the depression era and my Dad was in WWII the only stories I ever heard were the ones on them having fun in England so it was for those who flew.My Dad taught me alot about honoring your and do the best one can with what you have no matter how small the job was do it right.He passed away when I was 20 in 81 a few months after Gary(olderB),Dad and me sat around drinking some Crown,that night I realized I have not been giving this old Man credit for his wisdom those past years.Mom was overseas traveling ATTM she asked him to go his response was "I've seen enough of the world already" he was a good guy.I tandem these thoughts this with Roger's comment about how the kids miss things as life evolves.Good day fellas thinking a bit to much Kevin
  2. Mike I try to buy about 50/50 now my plastic ships are always online just too cheap that way somehow with Amazon and the postal services you can get 30/50% off getting it from overseas .
  3. She's a sweet heart Jack a little over 3yrs old now and I am invested to the tune of about 5K now.I have invested about 3K in her hind legs in surgeries sister got her as a rescue out of Gainesville shes a Black Mouth Cur about 60lbs not aggressive but protective if that makes sense.I now have to give her allergy shots Kevin
  4. I did a search did not see anything out there so I no longer have a LHS in town and I have to travel to either Mobile,AL or New Orleans,LA today it was Mobile to p/u a few kits and alot of supplies.I think it would be interesting to see what everybody else gets so if you feel so inclined post away.I like the old Nichimo kits and I esp like the bi-plane KI-9 I already have a built 1/32 in the cabinet.Hannah said the cellophane passed the taste test Kevin
  5. That is some interesting wood Julie you may have me on a hunt had to go read about it.I built for my Sister a small table to hold a fairly large vase that had been sitting on the floor for 20+ years out of Leopard Wood and Zebra and the legs of all things Aromatic Cedar they had some nice curves in them.The house she lives in is outside of Gainesville FL built from 1890/1910 all wood floors so it looks the part for the house this is a shot of the top.The octagon was a challenge getting them all the same as you see I find that more and more when multiple pieces are require and the same shape/size build a jig.
  6. A little bit happening just got to do up the auxiliary fuel tanks and we are ready for another coat of clear and some wash.The brake line I made up out of hollow .010 brass tube and wire casing slide over that for the rubber. Kevin
  7. Try these guys next time stateside and very reliable/fast. http://spruebrothers.com/?doing_wp_cron=1536358635.7091009616851806640625
  8. No problem Denis I made the same mistake on a few of the models in the cabinet concerning P-51's Kevin Denis Nose Art makes the plane in my book got HK's 1/32 B-25 started "Meet Mrs Runyun"
  9. Not my build Sir but the builder is highlighted within the text linking to another site and yes he is very good. Kevin
  10. Read it Denis now all up to date once again. Kevin
  11. You are rock'in and roll'in on this one Dave and it looks Really Nice Sir!! Most Excellent Work! Kevin
  12. Some Nice work there Rick and vinyl they is kinda coming back sound better than cd's. Kevin

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