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  1. Were she stands ATTM got to gloss the legs and weather the doors
  2. EG found his F4 in the Academy kit 12994 thinking and found the decals Scat II/III in 1/48 for the P-38 and Scat VII for a TF-51 seems to be inter-war plane?
  3. Thks EG and now a tidbit for Craig.The pilot of White 15 was a LT Semyon Ivanovich Rogovol who accrue 5 victories in this plane all against the formidable FW-190.He was assigned to the 64Guards Fighter Regiment(GIAP),4 Guards Fighter Division (GIAD),2nd Baltic Front,Autumn 1944.The plane was presented to LT Rogovol by sailors of Amur River Flotilla in the Far East. I did a search of his career but the only little nugget I found was all the kills were FW-190's a well developed a/c in 1944/45.
  4. Nice write-up EG the man was the original Maverick even when he went to Vietnam he was still looking/playing the part.
  5. There may be some in the instructions Craig I like doing stuff for eye appeal now I was thinking that the silver stars may mean something in production line series?Theirs been one guy and his name eludes me now who served WWII,Korea and Vietnam was a colonel of a FG that I would like to do a plane from each conflict he flew in his markings.Boles? Robin Olds
  6. They do OC and appreciate you looking in already started the P-51 engine bay is ready for paint tomorrow.
  7. Some pics with the decals added.I have added another 3/4 coats of future over the decals for I now have to add silver stars over the white ones and when I tried that last night the silver would not slide hint let them slide on the future.
  8. I have got some paint and she has been glossed.The color of the blue was a bit to conjure up not many manufactures make it and the chip was darker than RLM78 but this dark? I for the second time used blue tac and did not care for the results it came out light in some areas and fine in others and then it left a grease line in some of the light grey.So,I had to go back and freehand every dk grey line and then retouch the lt.grey lines were the grease mark remained so then I just free-handed the blue.I should of just free-handed the whole plane like usual would of saved me about and hour the Badger Renegade airbrush is quite capable and up to the job.The freehand was done @25psi and the mixture consistency of whole milk.
  9. Like'n that new flashhider from Eduard Niceee Nice as to the gaps"it is what it is" "Trumpter" but I still like building their kits and your attack was the right approach.Never done a Mig but you got me think'in but a Mig 3 first though.
  10. I like to use silver or white Dan in this case was left over can see imperfections easily.
  11. Well got some white on the spinner as a backdrop for the red and went on the hunt for seams found some in the tail ,behind the pit and the left wing all quick.I am thinking of going closed canopy on this something about the shape lends itself to that direction? That's all for a couple day methinks back to the treadmill tomorrow bright and early.
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