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  1. Now this is semi-gloss black Testors on the nose,IJA Grey on the bottom(MMasters) and IJA Green Tamy XF12 upstairs acrylic chipping.......??it would only be a minimum being fresh paint.
  2. I read that if still in grey they were blotched over but what I found if to be believed was the A/C of Zuikaku carrier. Pearl Harbor Attack, On 7th December 1941 were the standard Army Green over Grey according to Wings Pallete http://wp.scn.ru/en/ww2/b/1035/65/7.. Now could EII-308 of not got a repaint possible but I highly doubt would not be my first encounter with a false paint scheme happened on the Trump Spit "Lima Challenger" with my first scheme that's how I arrived to Lima.Thanks for the input though thought I was alone in here Kevin
  3. I laid down black Alclad primer which is flat and then some Polished Aluminum which it does look like for the reason of the flat black that's all okay.I am about to paint the IJn Light Grey on the bottom and start the camo upstairs.The camo states small blotches of green and brown but not over what? was it silver or grey? any ideas out there?
  4. The wings and tailplanes are attached I had to use some .020 plastic strip on the right wing for the gap filler for both wings.The idea situation would of been two .010 strips but I figure nobody will see a .010 offset of the fuselage all looks good.The bottom were the lower wing meets the fuse I built steps under the fuse so the wing does not sink to much came out better than the Tamy Zero.She is on the fast track and the foil needs to come off the bird.Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!
  5. Thks Denis been working the seams of the fuse this morning and got the tailplanes on all before the turkey hit the oven.The families alternate on were TG and Christmas are held each year TG at my house and it is full 16 for dinner and whoever follows like nephews mainly with there GF and families visit afterwards full day bird hits the oven in 1hr.
  6. Were I am tonight I was going to put some left over belts but you just do not see that much through that small opening.I think in hindsight and future builds I will use a silver or white pencil for the wiring when its molded in like this over painting.I will be more concerned with the outward aesthetic qualities of the build over the interior that one can barely see.Thks for looking
  7. So I asked Wayne if I could post some pics of his work for his painting technique now if I remember he works acrylics @50psi making dots all over the plane.I like the effect when complete it looks weathered in a way that is more natural the guy has won a few competitions.The kit is a Revell 1/32 Me-262 I am not going to kill you on pics but just showing a different way to paint it does take hours to accomplish
  8. I thought I document this build a little 1/48 does not usually lend me to this but it does have some bits inside and being a Nichimo kit.I have already started quite aggressively this evening with the paint and placement of some parts Lots to pic out on the sidewalls.I find Nichimo AC kits in between Hase and Tamy with more pit detail than Hase but not quite fit overall of Hase/Tamy but they build up quite well.I have like four schemes and ordnance's (3) layout to choose from leaning torpedo.
  9. It's AB and a new technique for me I upped to 35psi and started with short strokes on my Badger Renegade with fine tip for the first cover then 2/3 coats got longer strokes(pullback) to lay more thicker paint building up layers.The best painter and possibly model builder I know uses a technique similar but he works at 50psi and acrylics.
  10. Got one out already by Nichimo I think it's a "Kate"?
  11. I built this in the last four days it's a 1982 boxing from Tamiya of the Zero(Hamp) had a price tag of $11 I paid in the late 80's.I lost one of the interior landing gear doors so I opted for the gear up option then to which the stand comes out of the spares box from supermodel.The box art showed more of what my scheme is while Tamy shows a much more sparse camo like a late KI-61 I thought not?A Nice distracting build. Kevin
  12. It gives me about a year of relief they burn the nerves usually it's 4 long needles this time 8 and you are awake.
  13. Old injury OC I have had seven concussions in my life time head bloodied twice and knocked out 3 times father times stays on my **** these days.I have to agree on the Spit just glued the ailerons flat any ideas on the color of the fuel cap?
  14. She continues to move forward really slow between Hurricanes,work and some health issues which are better got eight long needles up and down the spine from T1 to about T9 burned the nerves sleeping again though.
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