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  1. They have some nice plans I built a Garrett Hack Huntboard from them that came out very Nice indeed! Kevin
  2. I use to be in that line of thinking Alan in the past mainly that they were to thick and they were in the beginning but they are paper thin now.I have used the Pontos in the past are quite nice and save a tone of time to the painting.I painted one ship the Graf Spee using three different color all a variant of the original spray original(1) on the whole decking area make color (2) from (1) now the PIA part cut thin strips of tape (100/200) that represent planks and randomly place on the deck spray (2).The next step make (3) from (2) rinse and repeat part II.I then peeled up all the strips and sprayed (1) ever so thin a mist over the whole deck to blend.
  3. No I haven't but CD you just answered my question I saw on a video the other day when a fella used them on an FW-190 they looked like paint I just tried to find the video someone posted on MSW.I was in one thread and redirected me to another but cannot find the original thread.I got the panel glued in place and the bottom fell out had to put the kit down for the evening Oh! I fixed four different frigg'in pieces I broke like it happen all in under five minutes...just walk away Kevin! CD I think the guy goes by Plastismo youtube?
  4. It's been a slow and cumbersome week lost a couple of days work in the office when I lost all power to the S.Wall I am not an electrician by no means but when I built the shop I wired it except the fuse panel.I was kind of suspicious when the neutral had 125V read up in some forums and figured I lost a line nut on the neutral and found it took two days.The pit is getting close waiting on some HGW belts from the land of Aussie and some new props so only have to dress out the co-pilots side of things and the belts and the office is finished.The bomb bay will be up next in the line of things. Kevin I see the self adhesive on the copilots side has come loose again GLUE this time!!
  5. That is the next vehicle I have been looking at kinda like the touring model but the price might not be in play.We have an 05 Escape been a great vehicle I don't sell alot of parts for those either and just a bit more for the CRV both are so low it's negligible.Yeah that's my job been doing automotive better part of 40yrs about 7 yrs as a machinist rebuilding back in the 80's rest retail.You now know the story why I like to work with wood "No Metal for Me" hands have seen enough of that abuse. Kevin
  6. I did the same in the shop for slotted and hex bits for the drill easy peasy Kevin
  7. I have been looking up lately myself with a pair of binoculars the AF and Navy have been doing a lot of testing in the area of late with missiles.I saw one cover the whole length of the horizon(as far as your eyes can see) in 3-4 minutes all white no tail of course. Kevin
  8. So why not spray the plane with future to the correct sheen of the decals so it's all even when the decal is applied on the plane then they look painted on.Once that is all dry hit it with more coat of future to seal the work and it further flows the decals into looking like they were painted on.I then hit with MM flat or semi-gloss(Japanese).I like that yellow!! Kevin
  9. Now CD you can use SG to put the canopy in place without fear of fog if you wish or if you use regular glue scrape the edge since it won't penetrate acrylic.
  10. Oh do it CD it will cover up light fog from sanding that engine setup reminds me of a Mossie. Kevin
  11. My mother and I went to that movie at the theaters probably the last one we saw together She remembered alot of the events that occurred in the movie coming from Dad .I think it was a compilation of events that in all the 8th AF to give the viewers an idea of the dangers these guys faced day in and day out they did have the highest mortality rate at one point. Kevin

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