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  1. Hey Denis she's coming along Nicely Sir! I have been using that elastic thread in .010" diameter does not sag but you can still over stress the yards I found out on the Yahagi still working the curve. Kevin
  2. Looking good in for the build have thought of this one myself.I am building a Hase kit also and loved those supports for the hull watch out for the Hase PE while it tends to be good is very fragile and delicate.It must be a common trait in many men keep the hands busy some kind of creative process I myself like to make some furniture.My favorite wood ATTM is Sapele and I have some Philippine Mahogany for a new computer station. Kevin
  3. Sorry for the late reply Mike and I have read some of the ships carried them for specific operations but I do not have any other info than what was supplied and no mention of anything special on the stacks or have I seen it in other builds.The build continues to move forward though a little slower due to pain in the upper back I hope to get some facet injections next week if the insurance gives it a go left work one day pain was beyond anything I have had in 18 months or so.So,I have just a little more railing to do on the aft deck area,position some a/c part parts around the hanger deck and a few more men here and there.Pics........
  4. Just some pics of the work the last few days.The only piece still not glued down yet is the crane house and I made a pulley and hook and plan to rig it still also.Good night and thks for the interest Kevin
  5. Thanks Yves!I am liking her to it's going to be a clean build but she sure looks like a lady ready for the show.I got all the AA's on the rear deck,painted the hose reels the same color as the hull and have started clearing the wood base.The time I spent on the other side of the shop doing the base I planed down some more 5/4 red oak to 1" getting ready to build the back of a new modeling cabinet.Pics tomorrow night I hope. Kevin
  6. I I called a local attorney and offered $100 to call the guy and scare the crap out of him. 4 days later I had a check for $1,800. A $100 Lawyer in Cali? you broke the Bank glad you got it done Kevin
  7. Thks for looking in fellas got a bit done today first day off in seven looking for that holiday (October).The planes are just about done got some single AA's to line the front deck,AA towers on the side installed,extra floats installed between AA tower and funnel and a bunch of little bits on the rear deck.Excuse the mess on the desk but more work tomorrow I will let the pictures do the talking. Kevin
  8. It's a very small update on the build (lots of work) I have been working on the P/E of the planes and the launches time comsuming but believe it will be beneficial in the long run little things.The P/E company supplied templates so as to get the launches set up correctly in there cradles and planes came with the cables for floats and props which I twisted in the appropriate direction for some pitch.Thks for all the likes fellas and interest! Kevin
  9. I got quite a bit done today got all the funnels/air ducts put in place added the front antenna everything is glued down except the aft crane house.I still have alot of little bits to add but they have been sprayed and are drying ATTM.I am beginning to think I may not go down the road of a wash I like the way she looks now I also have started on the planes floats are on should be painted by Sunday I hope. Kevin
  10. And you are one leg up up with a GF who likes to build Hooray!!Welcome,plenty of knowledgeable people to answer the questions here. Kevin
  11. So I got the L/side of cabinet one assembled today about 4/5hrs of work could of shaved off an hour but I cut one of the panels 1/32' shy.I remember that I had some 3/4'W oak veneer and I wala ironed that that sucker on to the end to take up the gap.I p/u two more boards which should get me well into cabinet #2.The panels themselves float.

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