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  1. Dan was the Grand Daddy of card modeling and a Gent to boot.
  2. Like the results Jorgen esp.like the subtle weathering! Kevin
  3. It must be the train thingy I like these old cars if that's the right term nostalgic methinks. Kevin
  4. Looking the part thus far.I have been using lacquer paints all my life shame they are on the way out by most companies.Will poke a head in occasionally Kevin
  5. The wood work is done on this one just need to screw the top down and varnish it to which I think the varnish in 7/10 days see if the color mello's out some as the oil dries.I did take this photo with a stormy yellow sky at sunset so may of added to reddish color looks brown inside?but it will be a nice new aid when grilling out for trays and such .I often read out here in the morning while drinking coffee under the oaks it's peaceful I do miss all the big family gatherings for cookouts lost to many relatives in the last five years.I'll be getting back to the Mossie one day next on the list is
  6. It's Spring and the wood work moves to the forefront it's a project that has been on the mind for a while a new outdoor table for the backyard to go under the oaks w/two new chairs.This one is made of Sapele and Philippine Mahogany to which the base is all mortise/tenon and she came out pretty square 43 7/8" one diagonal and 44" the other 99.8% and she sits flat.I use a citrus oil out of Vicksburg MS that is most excellent and really brings the grain/color out of the woods let it dry for a bit 3/4 days ready for varnish.The varnish I will be using will be marine in this case since this will li
  7. Sounds like Guberment all sounds interesting will be popping in Craig/Lou Kevin
  8. Thks Dan.I have it on good advice from the fella in Canada working on the restoration of a Mossie up there straps area grey-green so they were completed last night and the wing finished and fitted to the fuse just not glued up yet.The engines ......how far do I go? Kevin
  9. Not alot to show just sub-assemblies I also have the engines painted black only ATTM.The straps on the tanks black/silver?This is one tight fitting kit so much almost scares you and you have to look at the instructions more than twice been lucky to back out more than once.Have you ever heard the story of the Dragon instructions for the Scharnhorst..............?
  10. Got this in an email "The boy on Omaha Beach" moving
  11. I did not see were else this would be appropriate so clutter this one up but it is pretty coll a Type VII sub 1/48 with forward firing tubes RC take a look.
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