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  1. A bit to clean Mike but when you have over 200 unbuilt kits sometimes well production comes to mind every now and then I play hence the reason I am not real good at dirtying things up.
  2. This is were I sit ATTM the tracks are a bit of a PIA and still look to loose with this one while the other looks better??both have 98 links?I am at a stage were some knowledge from ya'll is needed.......the tools on the deck what color?The instructions have me installing them at this point did they just shoot the whole tank camo?
  3. It is the E-4 Mike kit fits like a dream. Oh Mike get the mask got mine of ebay I think $12 Eduard no longer making them.
  4. Oh how my Brother would luv to see these he was a biker from the age 11 or 12 doing dirt bikes.The guy rode Triumphs,BMW,Harleys,Honda,Yamaha and the last was an Indian methinks.You have fun with that luv.
  5. So Mike got any mechanics yet?With all those panels off would make for a neat Dio and with plastic card readily available a quick build under the flight deck might not be all that difficult.She is coming along real Nice!!
  6. I used MR Hobby glue just a little thicker than Tamiya so it does not lock up the tracks as much still a PIA.I did one Tamy and one Hobby the Hobby came out better.
  7. Have fun with the tracks Craig just finished mine last night.
  8. Phil would the loop be better in the front than the back of the poles?it might look like a knot as much just an obs.Kevin
  9. After step #5 complete.The tracks had a small learning curve for someone who has never played with individual links less glue is better CA not so great.I liked the idea of the working suspension esp. if someone was doing a diorama.The kit does fit like a dream kinda like the Tamy of tanks without the cost so much.That's it for now assembling tracks a little at a time so when the time comes I am ready.............
  10. Backer luv the walk around site it's bookmarked did they use RLM02 for the interior of the tanks?
  11. Denis the idea is to get me ready for the Pride of Baltimore which I have the hull ready for planking just a scary-dee cat Russ was impressed with my idea for the stays and making them line up right.
  12. That's it OC on the back the the suspension base guards and yes it was pretty far down the list
  13. I have read the book and quite interesting just had to pull that leg!😄
  14. Hey hey P-51's never got captured but that slower Spit of those Brits now that I might could conc................
  15. It's a first for me to I spent 20 minutes putting on what I thought best may of been some 16 allen head nuts(?) on the underside maybe Backer can clear that up? I will take a pic of the region.The Tiger has the whole interior it could be next on the bench but I have also started the assault once again on the Revell 1/56 Civil War Blockade Runner using His Models blocks.
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