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  1. Blackreed

    Stbd Qtr.jpg

    This is very beautiful, what is inside that motor compartment?
  2. Blackreed

    Revell B-17 G

    Okay, so here's a little advice, choose the room you want to take all your pictures in and change the light bulbs, look for the warmest bulbs that don't cost more than your house, this will help add light to your photos, and reduce shadowing. Anyone that can paint with alclad and see the parts in a model airplane, has talents that these pictures are not showing. It has been so hard not to blow up this topic with unusual subject matter. I modeled a birdhouse once.
  3. Blackreed

    First Resawing Adventure

    I think you did awesome, you should never need paint stirs again.
  4. Blackreed

    Revell B-17 G

    And a gundam too
  5. Blackreed

    Acoustic Guitar Build with pictures FINISHED

    Beautiful, is it a kit?
  6. Blackreed

    after a hurricane, has anybody modeled shipwrecks?

    Maybe this awesome topic could help generate a place just for dioramas. i wanted a model of a wreck, or maybe just the challenge. i have even discussed with my buddies just yesterday how we think recreating the damage would be best.
  7. Blackreed

    Revell B-17 G

    Sometimes it's the pictures that don't work out. i enjoy building puzzles, I never get caught up in the genre. That's great subject matter and revell is such a great company. I'll attach one of my favorite revell kits.
  8. Blackreed

    suggestions for drill

    I didn't see any mention as to what the use will be? I use a dremel, for simple abuse, for anything bigger than an 1/8 of an inch or for extensive sanding/grinding I will use the Woodcarver. Even if I am pinning cases or cabinets together, I tend to let the depth of my cut help decide which drill I'm going to use, at this point I'm using a large hand drill.
  9. You know what, while your looking that up, if it's not on speed dial, while you are looking at the jewelry tools look into the picks, like dental picks.
  10. I'm just learning about you all, I am still struggling with the terms. I do understand your tug of war here, and can see it, even with sanding cord the size of dental floss, it would seem to add more obstacles, not for the eight arm man. There is a saw that is used for jewelry making, a lot smaller than a coping saw, but same basic thing, if you were to look into the blades, you should find round blades for this saw, for everything from cleaning, shaping and polishing. From what I see here you are in great shape. Just keep charting the waters.
  11. Blackreed

    For Beginners -- A Cautionary Tale

    As a beginner to boat building, I am finding several things here, the first is that finding a website like this may be the most important thing after making the leap into this hobby. I personally rate every model I build into two categories, difficulty based on the kit and difficulty based on the instructions. I am currently working on 2 boats, the first made by Latina, I have experience with them I knew that my first boat would be easiest based on the quality of wood and the instructions are top notch, the titanic life boat is planked with bass wood, this threw me back, I became determined to accomplish this this way. The second boat is made by Occre, the kit is easy enough, say level 2, the instructions are level 4, it's just pictures. Now the biggest problem I've found in modeling is the terms, these terms make asking questions very difficult, in stagecoaches, water wheels, train cars the terms have been reused so many times over the years that it is very difficult to get advice or answers to the simplest things. I know I am preaching to the quire here, no one could possibly be prepared for what it's like to watch glue and paint dry, there is no instant gratification in this.
  12. Blackreed

    Hello NRG

    Hello all. I have not had the chance yet to review this entire sight, I'm trying to take this ship building experience very seriously. I've already gotten 1 very good lesson, I don't think I will be taking the p-51 up anytime soon. I have no experience in model ship building, I would say that I accidentally took the other advice I learned in looking into 3 ships, lucky for me I was asked to build a life boat from the Titanic, I may have really lucked into doing this correctly. I also while out shopping was able to get ahold of the Golden Hind, and the San Fransisco, both 1/60th. I am very much looking forward to enjoying this site and the efforts of it's members. And the advise of this model builder to every model builder, there are no mistakes, only setbacks, I've glued almost everything possible to my myself. Dan

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