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  1. Hi I am looking for clarification on how the spacing for the square frames is determined from NMM plans. Generally the space between the main frames seems to be a fixed distance but the intermediate frames are not shown on the sheep and profile plans. Documentation references appear to imply an even spacing is used between each of the frames (room and space). However on any NMM frame disposition plans I've seen the spacing between intermediate frames is often variable. When doing a scratch build based on NMM plans, how do you determine the placement for these intermediate frames. Should the disposition of frame plan always be followed and if it isn't available use an even spacing or am I missing something? Also are the frame lines shown on the sheer and profile plans the position of the fore or aft face of the relative frame or, as seems to be indicated on the disposition plans, the centre of the space between that frame and its neighbour? As an example the NMM disposition plan for HMS Cygnet (one of the sawn class ships) shows the main frame lines centred in the space between two frames and the space between intermediate frames with a range of various distances. Feedback greatly appreciated. Garry
  2. Great idea, incredibly easy (and cheap) to make but very useful. Thanks
  3. I'm also looking forward to the Revenge when it's released, the photos that were posted looked really great. Chris had also mentioned his wife was looking to restart their 'Online-Hobbies' retail site but it still seems to be down. Would be great to know if they still plan to restart it.
  4. Working in IT myself I can fully understand that unexpected results do occur and can take some time to fix. I'm incredibly grateful to the admins for the great job they do to keep this site running. However if I could make one suggestion? Seen as we now have a functioning site back up and running, could any future config changes no matter how risk free they seem, be reserved for planned outages that are scheduled (and notified) a few days in advance? This is standard practice in the workplace to avoid upsetting users and would go a long way to avoiding giving new (and old) users the impression the site is unreliable!