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  1. I can only join with all the others who have expressed their respect and admiration for all you have done and to offer my prayers, as well. Bob
  2. Thanks for the concern Rich. It's taking a lot of time to do the lower planking. I will post when the port side is done. Another couple of weeks probably. Bob
  3. Thanks so much Bob. Judging by your work so far, the rigging should be great. Bob
  4. bob, I am looking to built an Essex with masts and rigging but model shipways kit does not include plans or material. where did you have to go to find rigging details, thanks wayne

    1. rafine


      Wayne, I used the masting and rigging plans in the AOTS book on the Essex, supplemented by Lees rigging book.



    2. wayne mcmullin

      wayne mcmullin

      thanks, my local library getting me a copy

  5. Thanks so much Rusty, Chuck and the "likes". Chuck, I appreciate the "heads up". I think that I will wait to do any tweaking until somewhat later, when I can see more clearly what needs to be done to make everything fit properly. Bob
  6. I just completed the last steps before moving on to the lower hull planking. First, I added the anchor lining using the laser cut parts and strip. Next, I did the fairing cap, using the laser cut hance pieces, strip wood for the quarter deck pieces and for the temporary waist pieces, and pieces cut from cedar sheet for the bow pieces. After all those pieces were in place, I completed the fairing of the inner bulwarks. This was tedious, but not as bad as it might have been , since I had done a good deal of the fairing before. Now, it's time to dig in and line off the lower hull and do the planking, a formidable looking task. Bob
  7. Thanks so much Ben. It only seems fast because I have so much time to spend on her. Bob
  8. Thanks so much Elijah, Art and the "likes". Always room for one more, Art. Bob
  9. Thanks so much Captain Poison, Rusty, OC and the "likes". Always appreciated. Bob
  10. I've now completed the following: the drop planks and the first two strakes below the wales; the second layer of wale planking and painting the wales black; and the black strake above the wales. I began the drop plank installation by following Chuck's two plank tool suggestion to line off the two strakes below the wales.Although the laser cut drop plank was a big help, I still found the fitting process a bit tricky. The second layer of wale planking was straight forward and simply followed the first layer. The forward portion of each strake was sanded down to appear to fit into the rabbet. I painted the upper edge of the top strake and the bottom edge of the bottom strake before gluing them in place, ensuring a clean edge. The wale was painted with multiple coats of Modelmaster engine black acrylic. The black strake was made using 1/64" planking strips and was left unpainted. There are a few miscellaneous tasks left before beginning the lower hull planking. Bob

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