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  1. Congrats B.E. on a masterful piece of work. Always a pleasure to follow along, and looking forward to the next. Bob
  2. Moving along. I've assembled and fitted all of the frames, and glued the keel in place. As others have noted, the cutting of the parts and the ease of fit is remarkable. A light touch of sandpaper here and there was all that was necessary to ensure perfect fit and alignment. I'm now beginning the fairing process, which may take a little longer, because of the delicate parts and structure. Bob
  3. An amazing looking collection Mark. I usually have about 10 in the house at any given time, but my wife and I have worked out a "one in, one out" plan under which I have to give one away, before I can start a new one. Bob
  4. Thanks so much guys for the comments and the "likes". You're too kind, given my inability to perform a relatively simple task. We're staying at my daughter's place in Short Hills. Our present plan is to be there for all of August and some part of September. Chuck, I would love to come to a meeting and/or a workshop, if any will take place while I'm there. Rusty, it would be great if we could meet there. Bob
  5. I have chosen the Medway longboat as one of two projects that I am going to start now. The other is the brigantine Lexington, a semi-scratch build based on plans by Clayton Feldman and a mini-kit from The Lumberyard. It is my current intention to begin the longboat now, but suspend work when I get the Lexington project started (Chuck's delivery time is considerably shorter than The Lumberyard). I will then take the longboat to New Jersey, where we will be spending a portion of the summer, and possibly early fall, and hopefully complete it there. So far, I have completed the keel assembly and transom, and am starting on the frames. I'm embarrassed to have to admit that I butchered one of the overlap joints on the keel and have to use the simplified joint version. Not a good start. Bob
  6. A really beautiful model Rusty. You set a very high bar for the rest of us. Bob
  7. Thanks so much Chrismeyer and Vossiewulf. Good luck on your build Chrismeyer, and you should start a build log. A very helpful way to ask questions and get feedback. Vossiewulf, after considering a lot of options, including plastic airplanes etc., I've now committed to two new projects, Chuck's Medway longboat, and a semi-scratch brigantine Lexington, starting with a Lumberyard mini-kit. Bob
  8. Dear Mr. Rafine,
    I just started my Essex build, and plan to configure it to show the lower decks at BH’s 6 , 10 and 15.
    The instruction book speaks of using substitute BH’s with drop for this.
    Am I missing these in my kit,?, are these to be
    “ manufactured”,?
    I would appreciate your expertise.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. rafine




      Just as a suggestion, you should be using Private Messaging for this.


      As to your question, my kit was one of the early ones and the only bulkheads were the unmodified ones which required me to cut out the drops. I have been told that later kits had substitute bulkheads, but if you have an earlier kit, like mine, you will have to do the modification on the supplied bulkheads. You should be able to get the measurements for the drops from the plans.



  9. Thanks so much Sjors, Martin, Denis and the "likes". Bob
  10. Thanks so much again for the kind comments and good wishes. No more full rigged three masters Christian. The Medway longboat is a possibility Grant. Bob
  11. Many, many thanks to all of you for the very generous comments, the kind words about my health , and the "likes". It is this kind of response that makes MSW a gathering of friends, rather than just a modeling website. I can't express the depth of my appreciation. At my age (approaching 80), it is hard not to temper optimism about future health with a dose of reality, but I am optimistic. As to future modeling efforts, I had been hoping that Chuck's Winnie would be ready at this point to provide me with what would likely be my last major project. Since this isn't the case, I need to go to Plan B. Unfortunately, I still don't have one. I'm open to suggestions. Bob

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