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  1. Dirk, it is hard for me to even comprehend rigging work this good. Spectacular. Bob
  2. Thanks so much Bob, Nils and the "likes". I'll finish up in a few months. Bob
  3. Thanks so much Nunnehi, Geoff, Art, Jeff, Grant and Dave for the nice comments, and thanks also to the "likes". Grant, worse than the feeling of frustration was the feeling of utter stupidity. Art, I've been working on Chuck's Winchelsea. Bob
  4. As anticipated, we returned to New Jersey for Thanksgiving. While there, I got a great deal of the rigging done. I probably would have finished, but for discovering that I was 1 deadeye short (probably lost in transport between Jersey and Florida at some point). That means that completion will have to wait for our next trip north, which isn't likely to be until late spring or even summer. In the meantime, I also have to get 1 deadeye. In any event, the attached photos show the model in it's almost completed state, lacking 1 shroud, final tying off of some lines and rope coils. Bob
  5. Chuck, I am finding the horizontal filler pieces at the bottom of the lower counter to be very confusing. I cannot find them on the plans at all, and they are shown only on a couple of pictures in Chapter two with no explanation about them. Could you please provide some guidance? Thanks. Bob
  6. Looks great Rusty. If you've enjoyed the exterior fairing, wait until you get to the interior-- even more fun. Bob
  7. Thanks so much Dirk, Jean-Paul and the "likes". Always appreciated. Bob
  8. Before doing the bollard timbers, I started fairing the interior of the bulwarks, as suggested by Chuck. As much of a pain as the hull exterior was to fair, the interior seems even worse. Using chisels, a Dremel sanding drum and sandpaper, I started at the bow and continued back about halfway, before deciding that was enough for now. I then moved on to the bollard timbers. It is fortunate that Chuck has provided a number of extra blanks in the laser package, as I needed all of them. Even then, my work was hardly perfect. Little errors would occur and be exposed immediately by photography. What you will see are the best that I came up with. Bob Bob
  9. Thanks so much Rusty, Matt and the "likes". Much appreciated. Bob
  10. I completed the basic framing this week by doing the stern framing, the quarter gallery framing, the stern planking filler, the quarter deck sheer strip and the laser cut hance pieces. Although the planking filler wasn't mentioned at this point, it seemed an appropriate time to add it. The laser cut window guide pieces certainly made the stern framing construction easier. I was not happy or satisfied with the shaping and fairing at the counter and under the stern framing, but decided to leave it until I get to the counter planking, when the correct shaping become should more apparent, and I can make adjustments accordingly. Now, it's time to tackle those tricky looking bollard timbers. Bob
  11. Thanks so much Joe. I wouldn't worry about getting left in the dust. I'm more likely to get lost in my own sawdust. Bob
  12. Thanks so much Chuck, Rusty, Mike and the "likes". Good tip Mike. Bob
  13. Moving along. I've done the gunport framing and faired the upper hull area again. The only tricky part of the framing was making sure that the lower sill pieces followed the line that was set earlier by the batten. The ports were set, as suggested by Chuck, using spacers for both vertical and horizontal dimensions. Sawing out the bulkheads went fairly smoothly. After completion of the framing it was time to sand the exterior fair again. I've done so much sanding on this hull, I feel like I have sandpaper attached permanently to my hands. Now, it's on to the stern framing. Bob

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