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  1. After what seems like forever, I've finally finished making up the guns. I'm seeing eyebolts and ringbolts in my dreams. Now it's on to the gun rigging. Bob
  2. Wow, Mustafa, what fantastic work. I had lost track for a while, but I'm really glad to have caught up. Bob
  3. Thanks so much Thomas, Rusty and the "likes". Appreciated, as always. Rusty, I'm less eager about doing the tackles, and i'm hoping that Chuck still rigs one gun so that i can get a look and also get the rope and block sizes. Bob
  4. Having gotten the guns, carriages and jig from Chuck, I started work on them. Chuck had mentioned how tedious this repetitive work can be. How true that is. I did the first eight and then decided that I had to do something else or go crazy. I chose to do the lower capstan. I will probably do the upper capstan after doing the next eight guns. As you can see, I went with natural gun carriages, but a red capstan. It just seemed "right " to me. It is my intention to rig the guns with breach ropes and side tackles after I finish making them all. I also added the knee above the hawse ho
  5. Thanks so much Greg, Fred and the "likes". Like every modeler, I mostly see the faults in what I do. More importantly, Winnie is a truly fun build that I look forward to working on every day. Bob
  6. Thanks so much Frank and Ryland for the kind comments and also to the "likes". Bob
  7. I have now done the work on the head, using the laser cut parts, the printed friezes and the molded resin parts. Even with the laser cut parts, this is no walk in the park. Truthfully, it was very difficult. It is one of those tasks that you're just happy to be done with. Among the most troublesome areas for me were the hawse holes and getting the friezes to sit well. In any event, I'm now going to do the guns. Bob
  8. Thanks guys for the generous comments and the "likes". Always appreciated. As to the eyebolts: I must admit that the smallest (used for the ringbolts) are commercial. There is no way that I could make them. The larger ones are time -consuming , but can be done. Bob
  9. Thanks so much Tom. I have progress to report, but not what I said it would be. I didn't like how I was doing the port lids, so I switched to the ladders and then some other things. The ladder kits are great and make up nicely. After mounting them, I did the bulwark cleats and staghorns. Having done those, I decided to do the bulwark eyebolts for the cannon tackle. I left out those that will be drilled and mounted through the knees. Having done those eyebolts, I then decided to make up and add the deck ringbolts, which the plans show in two different sizes, as well as the eyebolts
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