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  1. Thanks guys. I'm sure that I've used that "green banana" line myself. Matt, great minds must think alike. I came to the same thought just before reading your post, and I've started on that focs'l work. Bob
  2. Thanks so much Hamilton. Thanks Chuck for the update. I haven’t done the lids yet and probably won't for a while, as I find them an attractive nuisance that draws body parts to them during other work. With regard to pace of work, as I told Frank, at 82, I’m afraid that I can’t afford to slow down. Bob
  3. Thanks so much Frank and Vlad for the generous comments and thanks also to the "likes". Frank, when you get to be my age, there's no time to waste. Bob
  4. Thanks so much Glenn and Chuck for the comments and thanks also to the "likes". Chuck, any timetable on chapter nine? Bob
  5. Work is now complete on chapter eight. This included the making and mounting of the aft riding bitts, mounting of the previously made stove, mounting of the partial bulkhead, mounting of the remaining focs'l deck beams with their hanging and lodging knees, the mizzen mast partner, and making and installation of the carlings and ledges for both the focs'l and quarterdeck, and the mounting of the cat tails. A lot of tasks done, but mostly straightforwardThe last attached photo shows the overall current state of completion. further work will await Chuck's completion of chapter nine and release of it's parts. Bob
  6. I've completed the stove. This little gem is a tribute to Chuck's skill, both in design and production. Even a very old guy like me would have trouble screwing it up. A fun item. I tried some weathering, but liked it better without, so repainted over it. Bob
  7. Thanks so much Don and Jean-Paul for the nice comments and thanks also to the "likes". Bob
  8. I am now in the midst of the chapter eight work. In summary, I added the foremast coat, the bowsprit step, the manger boards, the forward riding bitts, the Y bitt, the forward six deck beams and their hanging and lodging knees and the the fore mast partner and its carlings. Most of the work was straightforward, but some of the fitting of the parts (such as the manger boards) is quite fiddly. I should add that I moved the notches for the forward deck beams, as called out by Chuck , and in accordance with the templates ,which were used constantly and were essential. I will now build the stove and complete the remainder of the chapter eight work. Bob
  9. Thanks so much Rusty and Glenn for the nice comments. I look forward to the resumption of your work, Rusty and the beginning of your's, Glenn. Bob
  10. Thanks so much Don, Ryland and Thomas for the generous comments and thanks also to the "likes". All of your interest is greatly appreciated. Bob
  11. I'm finally back from New Jersey, where we ironically ran into a hurricane. Nearly six weeks away didn't change my mind about redoing the forward pump handles, so that was the first thing that I did upon returning. Next, I did the aft handles. After those, the elm pumps were next. I was having trouble creating slots in the laser cut brackets for the handles, so I chose to make up my own by laminating three pieces of 1/32" strip and shaping that assembly appropriately. To complete the chapter seven work, I added the remaining deck beams and their knees. Now, I will wait for Chuck's return and the release of the chapter eight parts and the stove. Bob
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