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  1. She looks great Mustafa. I can't believe how quickly you are going. Bob
  2. I've added the base stem piece and then added the ply bulwark pieces. I'm not a big fan of one piece bulwarks, preferring to frame them, but I chose to go with the kit parts here. They actually went on pretty easily and smoothly, after soaking in hot water and shaping around a former. I've now begun the first lower hull planking. Bob
  3. Thanks for the comments and "likes". Dave, I did dilute the glue, but no science was involved. My method was simply to put some glue ( Titebond) on a piece of styrene, take a brush and dip it in water, then pick up some glue with the wet brush. I'm sure the amount of dilution varied from one brushful to the next. Bob '.
  4. After wrestling with computer issues that were preventing me from posting, I can now document some progress. I have completed hull framing, added the cabin deck and the two sub-decks ,as well as the temporary bulwark cross pieces. Lastly, I have faired the hull. Now, it's on to the bulwark pieces and then the first planking. Bob
  5. My first progress post. I have done the basic hull framing. Here are my initial thoughts: 1) the laser cutting is excellent. The parts come out of the carrier sheets cleanly and easily.; 2) the fit of the framing parts is generally very good, but I did find it best to lightly sand the slots on each part to ease the fitting, while not making a sloppy fit. I used an emory board for this; 3) I followed the recommendation to dry fit all of the parts and then to brush glue onto the finished assembly. This was the first time that I had tried this method and it worked very well. I used diluted Titebo
  6. Suddenly, my "choose files" link has stopped working. Clicking on it does nothing. Is this a site problem, or an issue with my computer? Bob
  7. I received my kit today ( likely one of the first in U.S.). All arrived in good order and looks great. For those not aware from my Winchelsea build, I am in a pause on that project ,and decided that this would be a perfect way to fill whatever time I may have before being able to resume Winchelsea. Having followed James's prototype build, I'm looking forward to getting started on this immediately. I expect to have a first progress post within a few days. Bob
  8. Thanks so much Sjors. Thanks , Rusty. I must have been drunk when I was measuring the plans. You're absolutely right. Bob
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