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  1. Thanks so much Glenn, Matt, Derek and the "likes". My methods and sequence are what I have come to be comfortable with over a long period of time. I don't claim them to be the best or only way to do things and I know from discussions on this site and elsewhere that there are others who disagree, particularly about rigging from the mizzen forward. My only concern is with the best methods for me. If they work for others, all the better. Like you, I learned the hard way that it is easier for me to rig shrouds and stays before upper mast sections are in place. Bob
  2. I have now begun work on the masting and rigging. The first work was to construct and mount the lower masts. This involved shaping the mast heads, adding the cheeks, making up and mounting the platform assemblies, doing the wooldings, adding deadeyes and blocks, and mounting the completed assemblies. Blocks attached to the head will not be done until after the lower shrouds and stays are in place. Over the years, I have settled on my own sequence of steps in the rigging process. I will proceed by doing the lower shrouds and stays before constructing and mounting the upper mast sections. The
  3. Thanks so much Erik. Jim, I used a combination of medium CA on certain parts and Micro Krystal Klear, not technically a glue, on the thin decorative pieces attached to the sides of the hull and the head. Bob
  4. I've now completed work on the hull. This include the quarter deck and aft rails, the quarterdeck ladders, the bow timberheads and completion of work on the head. The head is always fussy work, even if the parts are well designed and made, and I found this one no exception. The surprise to me was the difficulty that I encountered with the aft rails Perhaps due to my own clumsiness, they proved to be quite fragile and hard to fit into the mortises. My other problem was entirely of my own making. When I had done the quarterdeck bulkhead, I had added finishing pieces at the end of the deck, wit
  5. Thanks so much Derek, Bob and the "likes". I've now completed the main deck furniture and fittings. These included the hatch coamings and gratings; the galley chimney; the main bitts; the gallows; the windlass and belfry; the pumps; the bowsprit bitts and the guns. This work was quite straight forward, using the excellent laser cut and PE parts. The guns presented the only issue-- whether or not to rig them . After experimenting with the tackle, I chose to go with breech ropes only. Now it's on to finish the remaining hull items, including the head, which I continue to
  6. Really nice work John. It brings back a lot of very old memories. I built the kit about fifty years ago. Your's looks much better than what I remember of mine. Bob
  7. Looks great Rusty. I too tried to rig the gun tackles and didn't like the result. I'm going with the breach rope only. Bob
  8. Thanks so much Rusty, OC, Glenn, Ron and Matt for the generous comments and thanks also to the "likes. Rusty, I'm going to do the breach ropes for sure. The tackle are now a 50-50 proposition. Ron, trust me that when you get old, some things just get harder to do. I'm just very grateful that I can still do them. Matt, i'm still pleasantly surprised each time I get to a new part, to see just how well done this kit is. Bob ".
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