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  1. Thanks so much Chuck, Rusty, Thomas and the "likes". Chuck, while it may be hot for golf, it beats staying in the house all day. Rusty, I can only hope that my quarter galleries turn out anywhere near as good as yours. Bob
  2. Thomas, I just realized that in my time away from modeling, I had had not seen your Syren in a long time. It looks absolutely great. It seems, however, that you, like me, have not used the virus lockdown time for modeling. Bob
  3. It seems like an eternity since I last posted any progress -- in fact, it has been five months. Multiple factors combined to bring this about. First, I was unhappy with the way that the lower planking was progressing and couldn't decide how to proceed, so I just stopped. Then came the virus situation. You would have thought that being trapped at home for months would have spurred a surge of modeling work, but it had the exact opposite result. A sort of malaise settled in, where I didn't want to do much other than binge watch numerous TV series that I had never seen before. At first, I thought that I was alone in feeling like that, but it seems to me now that there have been numerous other MSW members whose modeling and posting have similarly dropped off in recent months. This might provide an interesting discussion topic on the site. In any event, this has been a long way to say that I have just finished the lower hull planking after a recent surge in modeling desire and activity. The good news is that it is done and doesn't look too bad if you don't look too closely. The bad news is that it doesn't stand up to close scrutiny, and I'm still no happier with it than I was five months ago. I'm now ready to move on to the next phase of the project with the hope that my new burst of enthusiasm will continue. Bring on the stern and quarter galleries. Bob
  4. So sorry to hear of Danny's passing. Condolences to his family. Bob
  5. I'm afraid, Old Fart , that I have have no current knowledge of the MS Essex kit, nor any knowledge at all about the Occre kit .Under no circumstances would I consider the MS Essex appropriate as a first build. I think you would do far better with either the Medway longboat or the Cheerful, both from Syren. Bob
  6. Thanks so much Alan. Let's just say that aging eyes and arthritic hands guaranty that I won't attempt another like it again. Bob
  7. I can only join with all the others who have expressed their respect and admiration for all you have done and to offer my prayers, as well. Bob
  8. Thanks for the concern Rich. It's taking a lot of time to do the lower planking. I will post when the port side is done. Another couple of weeks probably. Bob
  9. Thanks so much Bob. Judging by your work so far, the rigging should be great. Bob
  10. bob, I am looking to built an Essex with masts and rigging but model shipways kit does not include plans or material. where did you have to go to find rigging details, thanks wayne

    1. rafine


      Wayne, I used the masting and rigging plans in the AOTS book on the Essex, supplemented by Lees rigging book.



    2. wayne mcmullin

      wayne mcmullin

      thanks, my local library getting me a copy

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