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  1. I prefer Box which is impossible to find any more. Years ago I used Cherry for frames on the Fair American (Lauckstreet kit) and the color has deepened to a beautiful brown. Maury
  2. I just watched a video of the Auriou factory making rasps BY HAND. Amazing. Maury
  3. I can't believe it's been two months since I posted last. I've been working off and on towards finishing the rigging. Jib halyards, main and fore sheets plus some minor things left to go. Pictures later. Maury
  4. We used this site before for great scale hooks. He has them back in stock. Three sizes. (I have no interest in this site). http://www.propblur.com/store/p114/RiggingHooks20.html Maury
  5. Druxey, "Pouring medium" is what Janet had in her studio that looks / acts like "Matte Medium" but a bit more glossy. Working on the sheer poles. Chapelle describes them as 1" iron rods, served and wired to the outside of the shrouds. I cut some very thin (.025") box strips, rounded the edges and served them. They are tough to get / hold in place while lashing to the shrouds. The ends of the lanyards get in the way. Speaking of lanyards, they have been tightened up. After they reeve through the deadeyes, the working end is brought up to the throat of the shroud
  6. Lots of experiments with different cloth, silkspan, etc for the mast coats. I think this was a beige "Land" cloth (I think from a Hawaiian shirt. Cutting to shape many times to get it to fit to the mast on top and cover the wedges on the bottom. I saturated a small piece of cloth with "Pouring Medium" on a board, let it dry and cut to shape (Big "C"). Tweezers and a brush with more Medium to get it to fit. Texture looks like canvas. Maury
  7. Billt, I have a MicroMark mill with all sorts of accessories. If you want a bigger mill than the Sherline, send me a PM. It weighs a lot so shipping might be a cost issue. I'm in Ft Worth so give it a thought. Maury
  8. Bob, your comment.. has convinced me it is fully running rigging. Common sense prevails! Thanks, Maury
  9. Bob, I thought the topping lift might be a special case (similar to pendants which seem to be tarred down to the point of a tackle being attached). Maury
  10. Thanks all. Allan, in this case, gun tackle/ topping lift tackle = a couple of blocks attached at the lower end of the topping lift to get some mechanical advantage in lifting the end of the boom. See pic. of Emma C. Berry plan attached. btw, scale here is 1:32. Maury
  11. Would it be considered Standing rigging (Dark color) with a gun tackle at he end or running rigging all the way up to the mast head? (light brown)? Maury
  12. John, Quite helpful. Thanks Maury
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