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  1. Today I began to thin the counter. It’s now about 1/8 of an inch thick. When I got to the point that I could see light from a flashlight through it I let a coating of thin CA soak into the cross grain. I shouldn’t have to worry about it crumbling as I get it down to its final thickness. I’m going to leave it as is for now and start to work my way around the sides of the hull thinning things down. Kurt
  2. Pete, Thanks for the imput. I hope you resume your Newsboy soon. Kurt
  3. Pete, I looked in both the Crother books the Clipper book and the Packet book and they have the same illustration of the hawse timbers as you do on your model. I don’t see why they couldn’t cover them with a ceiling. I think it gives a much cleaner look. Decisions... Kurt
  4. Peter, I don’t know if you can make it out in this photo of a photo, but Ronnberg had placed a ceiling in the bow region back to the area just behind the windlass. I’ll have to look in Crother’s books to see how he has the area. I’ve got a ways to go before I have to decide. Kurt
  5. The keel is now in place and setting up. Then the obligatory pinning ( a compulsion ). Then I guess fine tuning the hull again. Then to start thinning the bulwark interior. Ronnberg has the forward part much thicker than the plans because the cant frames extended up to the rail for strength. Makes sense to me so I guess thats what I’ll go with. Kurt
  6. Kurt Johnson

    Knew Concepts fret saw

    I have the Grobet jeweler’s saw and the no way compare. You have much more control with the Knew Concept. Kurt
  7. The stem is now in place. It has been pegged with brass rod and a “bung” of boxwood inserted. The scarf for the keel has been cut. The keel is nextto be placed. So far so good. Kurt
  8. Kurt Johnson

    Knew Concepts fret saw

    Yeah. It’s the best! I posted about it a few months ago. Just search knew concept ( I don’t know how to link it to your thread). I don’t have the space for my power tools at the moment. I used to really suck when using a coping saw or jewelers saw. With the Knew Concept it’s easier than a scroll saw. Its super light and well balanced, and easy to tension correctly. It is pricey, but it is a great tool. There is a fatter aftermarket handle for it that really is way too expensive. I may wrap the handle it comes with sticky tape like you would use on a hockey stick. Kurt
  9. I keep chipping away as I get the chance. The sternpost is in place and I’m currently working on the stem. The stem and keel like the sternpost are boxwood.The inside area has been fitted to the bow shape of the hull and now I know its safe to shape the outside surface. The scarfs are both pinned with two 1/32” boxwood dowels. Once the stem and keel are in place I can finetune the hull shape where it meets them. Kurt
  10. Thanks Peter, I’m looking forward to when you resume your Newsboy. Kurt
  11. Today I had some time to tweak the counter some more. Everything matches up pretty close to the buttock lines. I guess the next step is to fit the stern post so I can blend things together. The sternpost will be made out of boxwood. I also made the bow area a little finer. I have a copy of Crother’s American-built Packets and Freighters of the 1850s which should help in keeping things period appropriate. Kurt
  12. I had some time to begin to rough out the counter area. Little by little.... Kurt
  13. Thanks wefalck, That's a starting point and makes a lot of sense. Kurt
  14. There are so many people at MSW that have intimate knowledge of so many different things. Anyone have a specific knowledge of paper as a medium (media?). My question is about the most likely best type of paper to use for my experiment. I did a quick search about paper modeling, but most seems to be about using card stock as a material. I want to model in 1/64 scale. The paper should I think be a hot press type to have a smooth surface. The initial coat of paint would be airbrushed acrylic, so it would be fairly dry I think when it contacts the paper. This is the look I would like to achieve. Kurt

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