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  1. Mike, Comes pretty close to the ceiling! It really is beautiful work. I can look at it for hours. Kurt
  2. I have to spend more time getting the pictures to come out better.
  3. I really have had next to no time for modeling at the moment. I have most of framing for the deck done, and just have to tweak the chamber. I made the aft deck house coaming out of boxwood. The joints are half lapped and pinned with brass wire. Slow going! Kurt
  4. Ed, I guess that means that we have to savor what is left of this build. Don’t rush by any means, go nice and slow. Kurt
  5. Ed, So what lies in the future as far as builds go? Kurt
  6. Hi Ed, Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one. Just wondering, at what percentage do you think she’s completed as of now? Or is that something you don’t contemplate? Kurt
  7. Rich, That makes a lot of sense. Keep moving things aroud to keep it “fresh”, instead of getting bored and cutting corners just to get it done. You can always go back and tweek things if you find the need to. I like the way things blend together instead of individual pieces just stuck together. Seems very realistic that way. Can’t wait to see her in the flesh again. Don’t eat too much tomorrow!!! Kurt
  8. Lookin good Rich! Moving along bit by bit. Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving. Kurt
  9. Kurt Johnson

    Awesome miniature tools

    I looked through the blog back a few years ( truly amazing ). It looks like he came pretty close to Knew Concepts in 2016 ( or they came pretty close to him! ). My hat’s off to the gentleman for sure. I would give almost anything to see his work in the flesh. Kurt
  10. Kurt Johnson

    Awesome miniature tools

    Mark, No problem at all. I appreciate that you took the time to post the link. I think it physically in their building. I've been looking at that site for years. A lot of talent there. Some of the model cars there are fantastic. Have a nice Thanksgiving. Kurt
  11. Kurt Johnson

    Awesome miniature tools

    Thanks Mark, That’s what I was referring to by the Sherline site, it’s connected to them. There is very rarely anything new on there. Kurt
  12. Kurt Johnson

    Awesome miniature tools

    Is there a forum for work at this caliber? I’m not that interested in Folk Art or Doll House miniatures. I know there was a magazine in the mid 1980s Scale Wood Craft that I had a subscription to that was full of this kind of stuff. The Sherline site has a section on fantastic craftsmen, but that is rarely added to. Kurt
  13. Kurt Johnson

    Awesome miniature tools

    Moab, This is the kind of stuff I just love! I wish I had the ability to do things like that. It always amazes me what some people can make. No 3D printer and his machines don’t appear to be CNC. It just shows what people are capable of creating. I could look at this for hours and probably will. Thanks for posting this. I wonder if he can make a miniature Knew Concept saw? Kurt
  14. Maybe try Zootoyz.jp, it looks like they are a major distributor. They might be able to help in some way. Kurt

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