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  1. Metal work resourcnes

    I was able to get a used copy of Model Engineering from Amazon for $10, so I’ll give that a try. Kurt
  2. Looking through many of these fine builds reminds me that metal working in my weakest area. I kind of feel very comfortable working with wood, it's a material I think I understand reasonably well. Metal not so much. Does anyone know of any good metal work resources? I did manage to obtain a copy of a 1963 Unimat manual from Ozark tool manuals which is pretty good. Anyone have any suggestions. Kurt
  3. This is real trivia, but does anyone have any idea what color the Boston Steam Tugboat was, or the Ross company boats in general? Kurt
  4. John Paul Jones: The Song

    I never heard this one either. The only songs of his I can recall was Sink the Bismarck and the Battle of New Orleans. I was in 1st grade I think and all the kids were singing them. Thanks, Kurt
  5. Mike, I don’t think I would ever leave that room. It’s shaping up nicely. Kurt
  6. Thickness sander

    Glad to hear it. It sucks though. Hope the rest of the hurricane season leaves us all alone. I still have people near me not recovered from Sandy fully, and that's 5 years ago. There are at least 4 homes nearby that are finally getting jacked up on higher foundations now. Kurt
  7. Thickness sander

    Thanks all! So far I am very happy with it. Kurt
  8. Thickness sander

    I got a chance to use the sander and it was a real pleasure. Much, much quieter than I expected. Right on the money with accuracy!
  9. Thickness sander

    I know this sounds dumb, because it is, but when you say flip the piece over, do you mean turn it around 180 degrees and feed the other end into the machine trimming just one surface? Or flip the surfaces over bottom side up and trim from both surfaces? Kurt
  10. Thickness sander

    As an aside, I wonder how Jim made out during the storm?
  11. Thickness sander

    Join in. It always amazes me how some threads seem interesting and die with one response and others seem to take off. I know it's just a matter of doing it and getting the feel of the process, but I won't have the opportunity for a couple of days. I was wondering if anyone had any pearls to share in the meantime. I read the 2 x 4 trick a while back. I guess it doesn't matter going with or against the grain unless you want the last pass with the grain? Enquiring minds want to know. Kurt
  12. I finally have a Byrnes thickness sander, but I haven't had a chance to play with it yet. With woods such as basswood and boxwood (I know quite different) what would be the average reasonable amount to take off per swipe to get to your finished dimension? 1/64, 1/32, 1/16,?? Kurt
  13. after a hurricane, has anybody modeled shipwrecks?

    There have been a few Bismarcks done also, and I believe the Edmund Fitzgerald too. Kurt
  14. White flag

    Thanks Mark, That's pretty much the conclusion I came to. Somewhere I read that for smaller ships it wasn't definite and that's where my question arose. Now I have to decide on the pendant. I know that's 90 percent white, but on some it shows the beginning portion has some decoration, possibly a fleur-de-lis. Kurt
  15. White flag

    The Cerf is ten years prior French Revolution, but an unpainted or ochre hull does sound nicer.