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  1. Michael, Thanks for the video. I looks like there a number of videos to enjoy, Kurt
  2. Michael, I think that lantern is so cool! One of my favorite possessions is a much simpler kerosene bow lantern from a boat my grandfather had owned. It is much simpler in design. The front has a red and green lens that has a shield separating them that prevents seeing both colors at the same time unless from directly in front. There is absolutely no way I could make model of it, and I wish I could. I wouldn’t have to build the rest of the boat. That would be enough! I love things from that time period. Every item is the product of true craftsmen. For a number of years I rented a Skiff House converted to a cottage on one of the Thosand Islands on the US side of the St Lawrence River. The beams in boat house all had hand beading on them. In boathouse! I can look at your work, over and over again. Kurt
  3. Bob, If possible I would replace any of the vintage fittings with Britannia ones from Bluejacket or AJ Fisher or scratch build them. I would hate to see them “flower” in several years. Kurt
  4. Hi Jay, I just noticed your comment. Unfortunately everything came to halt about 2 1/2 months ago due to things that have priority getting in the way of modeling. I am hoping to get back to her in a month or so. You can’t go wrong following Pete Jaquith’s builds, he is our resident expert on real life ship construction. If you can get a copy of William Crother’s American-built Clipper Ship book it is a gold mine of information on how the originals where actually built, loads of drawings in detail. I would love to build the Flying Fish, but its too large for my current situation. Look at Ed Tosti’s Young America build too, lots of good stuff there. Good Luck, Kurt
  5. Michael, If I lived anywhere near you instead of 2500 miles away, you’d never be able to get me to go home. I’m not sure which I like the most, your model building skills or your tools ( which of course you had to go and make yourself!). The Renaissance man. I’m sure you write symphonies and correct Einstein’s equations just for whimsy. You are my role model IF and when I should ever grow up. Its just all so nice. Kurt
  6. Frank, Nice to see your work again. Kurt
  7. Kurt Johnson

    Some Very Fine Craftsman's Ship

    Keith, It’s always a pleasure to see a master craftsman at work in any field. It’s also humbling. If you stumble upon anything else please post it. Maybe the powers that be can create a section of the forum just for Masters of any craft. There’s always something that can be applied to our hobby in some way. Kurt
  8. Kurt Johnson

    Some Very Fine Craftsman's Ship

    Keith, That guys amazing, he makes it look so easy! I love watching stuff like that. I got a kick out of how he sliced the nut into 3 pieces like it was nothing. I noticed he has a number of videos. His name is Pablo Cimadevila, from . Spain and that ring is selling for $9,399.60. I guess the odd amount is from converting the price to dollars. Kurt
  9. Frank, That’s great news! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Kurt
  10. Mike, Comes pretty close to the ceiling! It really is beautiful work. I can look at it for hours. Kurt
  11. I have to spend more time getting the pictures to come out better.
  12. I really have had next to no time for modeling at the moment. I have most of framing for the deck done, and just have to tweak the chamber. I made the aft deck house coaming out of boxwood. The joints are half lapped and pinned with brass wire. Slow going! Kurt
  13. Ed, I guess that means that we have to savor what is left of this build. Don’t rush by any means, go nice and slow. Kurt
  14. Ed, So what lies in the future as far as builds go? Kurt
  15. Hi Ed, Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one. Just wondering, at what percentage do you think she’s completed as of now? Or is that something you don’t contemplate? Kurt

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