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  1. pencil drill

    I picked one of these up today. I also ordered a A-M50 micro chuck from Foredom ($6.70). This a 4 jaw chuck that is for # 70 - 80 bits. Should come in handy for treenailing. Kurt
  2. Revenue Cutter Cheerful 1806

    The Cheerful keeps popping up with all these sensational builds. They all seem to come out perfectly. Not something you see very often. No one seems to have bashed her yet into something else (that I've seen). Looks like Chuck has come up with a real masterpiece with her. It must give him a real sense of satisfaction, like a songwriter or composer turning out a "classic" to see his creation done by others. I recently dug out mine, after a year and a half sitting in the closet. For the life of me I can't recall why I stopped working on her. Usually its because something wasn't going the way I wanted but everything was and is going fine. I wonder what the percentage is of completed Cheerfuls compared to other models? Kurt
  3. I thought it might be a flue of sorts to add to updraft.
  4. What is the purpose of the flairing at the base of the funnel? Many pictures show it, but not all. I thought it was a flue of some sorts to create an updraft. Kurt
  5. Steve Thanks, I actually was doubtful I would get a response to my question. That is just what I've been looking for. Now I can say it was a practice during the time frame so it is a reasonable possibility for my boat. Question though, the smaller U shaped planking, is that on the roof of the wheel house or in it? Does those plans show the base of the stack, where it enters the superstructure? Thanks again, Kurt
  6. I am building a model steam tugboat from around the 1890’s -1900 period based on the Model Shipways “Taurus” which is a composite of several tugs. I am wondering if the decking in general practice would be nibbled at waterway, or would be curved following the waterway like a yatch might. I have looked at MANY photos, but almost none of the views show the deck. Later time period pics I have found show a metal deck or painted deck. I have found one image of a tug being restored and the decking was curved short planks but had been painted over. Anybody have any idea what might have been the most likely practice at that time? I don’t want to paint the deck. I already know I can’t get a definitive answer, but I would like to hear some thoughts. Thanks. Kurt
  7. Metal work resourcnes

    Thanks Mark, that looks like a very helpful resource. Kurt
  8. Metal work resourcnes

    I was able to get a used copy of Model Engineering from Amazon for $10, so I’ll give that a try. Kurt
  9. Looking through many of these fine builds reminds me that metal working in my weakest area. I kind of feel very comfortable working with wood, it's a material I think I understand reasonably well. Metal not so much. Does anyone know of any good metal work resources? I did manage to obtain a copy of a 1963 Unimat manual from Ozark tool manuals which is pretty good. Anyone have any suggestions. Kurt
  10. This is real trivia, but does anyone have any idea what color the Boston Steam Tugboat was, or the Ross company boats in general? Kurt
  11. John Paul Jones: The Song

    I never heard this one either. The only songs of his I can recall was Sink the Bismarck and the Battle of New Orleans. I was in 1st grade I think and all the kids were singing them. Thanks, Kurt
  12. Mike, I don’t think I would ever leave that room. It’s shaping up nicely. Kurt
  13. Thickness sander

    Glad to hear it. It sucks though. Hope the rest of the hurricane season leaves us all alone. I still have people near me not recovered from Sandy fully, and that's 5 years ago. There are at least 4 homes nearby that are finally getting jacked up on higher foundations now. Kurt
  14. Thickness sander

    Thanks all! So far I am very happy with it. Kurt