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  1. I actually think it’s 3:1. I had noticed this giant inflatable hand laying in a corner of his shop under a tarp once. Now I finally know what that was for. Kurt
  2. Boy, that camera is your friend!! I’ve never seen a model look so clean and perfect. Not a smudge or scatch anywhere. Please tell me there’s a big pile of regects laying all over the floor. I don’t think a full sized boat would be able to look that fine. Kurt
  3. Rich, That turned out very well. Kurt
  4. Kurt Johnson

    Copper Leaf

    To be honest with you, I was wondering about also going a paper route. I was also considering just painting, with painting some plates subtlety different. The thought of things just falling off, doesn’t appeal to me. Although I might not be around to see it. Copper foil seems too darn bright! The aircraft guys come up with some really convincing finishes depicting individual metal plates. I don’t see why we can’t do it even better. Kurt
  5. Looking through Dick Blick artist supplies on internet I came across a product called Copper Leaf, which is the same as Gold Leaf but Copper (duh). I never knew it existed. Actually never gave it a thought. Has anyone used this in ship modeling? It comes in 5 1/2 inch square sheets.
  6. The plastic! That takes me back to my college days. But Brooklyn, not Jersey. That was when the world made some kind of sense!
  7. Looking real nice, Rich. I have always liked the Kate Cory. The camera can kinda brutal, but it always looks better in real life. Can’t wait to see how the whaleboats turn out. Kurt
  8. I'm looking forward to the kit. It will be interesting trying the yellow cedar. Kurt
  9. She’s coming along great. Your stuff always looks so darn neat and clean, even under close ups ( or are you photoshoping everything). It’s interesting to see the subtle differences evolving in your builds like the supports by the transom and stem on the build board. It’s gonna be fun when it’s ready for us. Kurt
  10. I would think they would have used clenched nails, with copper roves or clench rings on the real thing but, not nuts. Those could be made with a punch, and thin copper sheet if you actually wanted to. Not part of the kit of course. Kurt
  11. That tape brace is brilliant! Kurt
  12. You certainly perfected your finish technique, that’s wonderful! It has a certain warmth to it, and ties everthing together.

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