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  1. Le Cerf

    Has anyone seen Dusek's Le Cerf in the flesh? His kits are pretty good, and I'm really tempted to get it. Looks like it would be a sweet little build. Kurt
  2. Google is an amazing gift. Just a few years ago we would have not been able to communicate at all. Sometimes things sound a bit awkward but the idea comes across just fine. Kurt
  3. Knew Concepts

    Amazon. It's amazing the control you have. I used to use a Grobet jewelers saw and a regular coping saw but this is so much nicer. I don't seem to break blades like I used too, either. Pricey, but most good tools are. Kurt
  4. Just have to say that the Knew Concepts aluminum coping saw is one of the best tools I've purchased in a long time! I read about it in one of the tool threads here. I could never see how people could cut frame pieces with a hand coping saw, now I can. I use it with a Saw Bird #3 40TPI blade. It's the bomb. Just thought I'd pass it on. Kurt
  5. Figures that I missed that discussion completely. That's really a shame. Annoying too! Thanks Dirk. Kurt
  6. What is the reason that no images can be seen when Photobucket is used in threads? I'm not familiar with it. Kurt
  7. Looks like the forum got a facelift

    As Chuck knows, I was in a panic yesterday, I didn't know the site was down for service yesterday. I thought another big crash or we got hacked by some creeps. I started going into withdrawal. I don't use Facebook, I don't check my emails that often, but I do check MSW multiple times a day. It wasn't pretty. But I think the current layout is. I did like the ship lines in sepia, but the solid pastel backgrounds make actual reading a better experience. Kurt
  8. Model Shipways cannon kit

    You could get one for the barrel and make casings. I'm thinking of remaking the carriage out pear.
  9. macro photography

    My new toy, I got an endoscope. Just have to figure how to use it. Don’t have anything at the apartment to take pics. These are from Stuntflyer Mike’s Mayflower hull. There must be some programs for this stuff. Kurt
  10. Model Shipways cannon kit

    The barrel is 4 1/4 inches so it could be a 9 pounder.
  11. Model Shipways cannon kit

    Maybe I can answer my own question. I know this kit is based on the old Marine Models kit and I found a picture. It’s listed as 1/2 inch (1/24) on the box.
  12. Model Shipways cannon kit

    Does any one know what scale the Model Shipways Naval Smoothbore kit (MS4004) is supposed to be? The website says 1:24, but the box picture says 1:16 scale. I want to pick one up for something quick to do. Kurt
  13. macro photography

    Wow, I just searched cheap endoscope and didn't realize that there are some as cheap as $20, I assumed they would be SUPER expensive thinking of medical instruments. Obviously the quality is there. But the ones that hook up to your phone or computer sound interesting. I'll to look into it (no pun). Kurt
  14. macro photography

    My query was really about point of view with regards to closeup photography of a model as if the viewer was actually in scale with the model standing on the model and looking about (thats a long sentence). Phones take better pictures than phone calls (seems thats what they do worse). But you’re physically not going to be able to get the point of view required. Kurt PS nice knife
  15. macro photography

    Nick, Yeah, That's the kind of thing I was talking about. How cheap is cheap? Nice looking work, I'll have to check out your log. Don, I have one of those lenses for my Iphone, but haven't tried it yet. The problem the phone has to be brought right up to the object, which would almost always be impossible to do once the object was actually on the model. Kurt