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  1. Rigging for Dummies

    I found my copy of zu Mondfeld and it looks like it will do the trick! Thanks. Kurt
  2. Rigging for Dummies

    That’s what I thought. I think I’m reasonably mechanically inclined. I’m looking for an understanding of why something is done, so I know that something I model would make sense and would actually be able to do the job intended. It would just give me a much greater sense of accomplishment, then just recreating something that I haven’t the slightest idea how it works or what it does. Kurt
  3. Rigging for Dummies

    I’ll try that. Thanks. I actually have a copy buried somewhere. I’m trying to figure why certain rigging the way it was or what it does not how it was rigged. Kurt
  4. Rigging for Dummies

    Is there a modern book of the explanation of rigging and it mechanics, sort of an Rigging for Dummies or Period Ship Rigging for ye Very Mentally Challanged? Biddlecomb is kind of a chore. Some thing like this is gonna do that. I’d like to get a very basic understanding and then read Biddlecomb. Kurt
  5. Withdrawal

    I was around.
  6. Withdrawal

    I guess I have to seriously cut back on MSW. After 2 1/2 days without, I had the shakes and sweats. Checking the site every 5 minutes. I don’t want to go through that again soon. Kurt Happy New Year everyone!
  7. Wood Project Source?

    I had placed an order more than 2 months ago and no response up until this point. I sure miss Jeff and Hobbymill. Maybe MSW should ask if they could withdraw being listed as sponsors, if they are not currently active in their business for what ever reason. Kurt
  8. Jack Aubery

    I had always hoped they would have. I watched the movie so many times. Kurt
  9. Jack Aubery

  10. Jack Aubery

    Thanks but that’s not my work, I wish it was. That was just to show how it could look. I haven’t painted a figure I about 12 years. When I saw that example I had to get the bust. I hope when it’s my turn to paint some of the old abilities can be revived. Thanks anyway, and a very Merry Christmas to you and your’s. Kurt
  11. Jack Aubery

    I keep screwing up. I didn’t want the pictures in the middle of the text or the last 2 images at all. As was trying to undo things and fix it I sent it.Sorry. Kurt
  12. Jack Aubery

    I came across something I had to have. Young Miatures produces a 1/10 scale resin bust of Lucky Jack Aubrey. The bust itself is 3 inches tall (7.6 cm). The likeness is fantastic. Military Miniatures was my main hobby in the ‘70s and ‘80s, and I haven’t painted since then. I used too use artist oils. Anyway I had too have it. Gonna give it a try in ‘18. Kurt There is also a nice French Grenadier of the Imperial Guard that’s calling my name.
  13. pencil drill

    The never ending story. All it took was a well placed tap with a 32 oz pall-peen hammer. Seriously, if the battery cap was too tight the neg contact doesn’t sit right. Not sure why, but it works.Kurt
  14. pencil drill

    Okay the jokes on me. It doesn’t work. I had never bothered to turn it on before. Nadda. Tried 3 sets of new batteries. Has anybody pull it apart yet? 🤬 Kurt
  15. pencil drill

    Sorry couldn’t figure how to remove the duplicate image.

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