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  1. Ahoy there shipmates, long time no meeow. Let me say a merry meeow to all. Now let me regale you with a cats tale. Recently me and my old bosun landed in blighty. He and his shipmates went to a Chinese restaurant and I like a cat went through the bins outside. But here's the tale - Whilst outside I heard the following conversation. As the waiter was serving i hear the bosun say - Bosun - "Sir, you appear more Japanese than Chinese, why are you working here?" Waiter - "very well spotted sir, I am indeed Japanese". Bosun - "Then why on earth are you working here?" Waiter - "Very good question sir, infact during ww2 I was a kamikaze pilot and my code name was chow mein, hence I work here. Bosun - "I'm sorry but weren't kamikaze pilots meant to die? Waiter -Very true, but lucky for me I was chicken chow mein.
  2. The Arch Bishop of France is showing the Pope around Notre Damme one day pointing out its tower and belll. All of a sudden Quasimodo runs out, head butts the belll face first and falls to the floor dead 100 feet below. The Pope asks the archbishop "do you know this person?" The Archbishop answers "not really, but his face rings a bell".
  3. I love you humans! Only a week ago I was in a pub lounging as a cat does in a human bar and witnessed human interaction. There was a bloke with his wife and after ten pints of beer he suddenly said "I love you so much and I could never live without you" The wife said "is that you talking or is that the beer talking"? The bloke said "I'm not talking to you love, I'm talking to the beer!"
  4. Ahoy shipmates! Long time much sea. I've been aboard or abroad for the last four or five thousand years or so as you will know, in that time I have picked up much gallows humour. Last time I was in Blighty I was sitting on the pub bar when the barmaid shouted "does anyone know CPR? I shouted back "I know every letter of the alphabet love". The whole ships company laughed. Well all except for one bloke.
  5. Welcome welcome ship mate. You and most of the ships crew won't know me but I've been knocking about silently for thousands of years keeping ships and their crews clean and safe. Welcome aboard shipmate and don't forget the catnip.
  6. So being a ships cat I get bored sometimes after a heavy days murdering of rodents and keeping me shipmates happy with a bit of purring and meowing. Now and again I like to visit me other ship born mates and hear their stories, the goats are a bit boring but the ducks are great. My old mate Quack the duck (known him a month, heard he's going in the pot) told me a great story the other day about a visit he made to a pub in old blighty London. Quack the Duck walks into a pub and asks - "Got any bread mate?" Barman - "No" Duck - Got any bread mate? Barman - No! Duck - Got any bread mate? Barman - No! Duck - Got any bread mate? Barman - No! Duck - Got any bread mate? Barman - No! Duck - Got any bread mate? Barman - No! ... If you ask me again I'll nail your beak to the bar! Duck - Got any nails mate? Barman - No! Duck - Good! Duck - Got any bread mate? Ooops gotta go, I think the bosuns just thrown himself overboard! Tell us an old joke please, I need something to share with Quack the duck before he goes. Poor Quack.
  7. On this day 1664 Samuel Pepys (Navy board) knowing very little of ships or ship construction applies himself to learning one of the things that would one day enable him to professionalise the Royal Navy. 12th. March 1664 ...Mr. Stacy with some company of pretty women, I took him aside to a room by ourselves, and there talked with him about the several sorts of tarrs, and so by and by parted, and I walked home and there late at the office, and so home to supper and to bed. One year later he's concerned with the corruption and mismanagement in the Navy... 12th. March 1665 ...By and by comes in my Lord, and he and I to talke of many things in the Navy, one from another, in general, to see how the greatest things are committed to very ordinary men, as to parts and experience, to do; among others, my Lord Barkeley. And two years later we see the affects of the mishandling of the Navy which Pepys so much wished to change graphically demonstrated. 12th. March 1667 ...This day a poor seaman, almost starved for want of food, lay in our yard a-dying. I sent him half-a-crown, and we ordered his ticket to be paid.
  8. An absolute masterpiece. It really wouldn't suprise me if this beautiful bone ship fired bone cannon balls with bone gunpowder at its completion. Good enough to grace any museum anywhere in the world imho.
  9. Doubtless you've read it but I'll post the link just incase someone would like to peruse this interesting journal. Abel Janszoon Tasman's Journal http://gutenberg.net.au/ebooks06/0600571h.html
  10. Incredible stuff! If you're sending out Christmas cards next year I'll have an HMS Victory in 1/72 scale please. I showed a mate Tarjacks bone ship yesterday and he was stunned. When I tell him your ship is made out of paper and card I'm not sure he'll believe me. It's truly refreshing to see such artistry still practiced in this age of gadgets and instant fulfillment. Amazing! Best Wishes, TSC.
  11. An amazing build, I absolutely marvel at your work everytime I come up from the hold. (Mouse clearance, important cat business). It's a complete delight to see this masterpiece in progress. Best wishes for the future. TSC
  12. July 14th 1770 - James Cook is repairing Endeavour and makes the first accurate recorded description of the kangaroo.
  13. Learnt a ton from this build. Clear, concise and precise descriptions with a wealth of knowledge usually bought not given. Thanks. Absolutely awesome, a thoroughly compelling read. Thanks again. Charlie TSC.
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