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  1. Here's another update. I am finished with the pilot house and stairs. I added the doors, lights, compass binnacle, wheel, engine controls, window frames, stairs, shelves, chart table and the antennas. The instructions suggested that I paint the antennas silver, but all the images I have of the original Pauline show them as white. So, that is how I painted them. The door on the starboard side is attached in the open position. The pilot house was challenging for my skill level, but I am happy with my results. It's not perfect, but most of the wooden work boats that I have
  2. @alross2 Thanks Al! I'm finding the challenge both rewarding and sometimes frustrating. But, afterall, it's my second build and I'm learning a lot!
  3. The instructions and BlueJacket say that the pilot house is a complicated build and that I should take my time. At least for me, this turned out to be true. Many of the laser cut pieces are very delicate, so I did spend some time repairing pieces that I broke. That being said, I'm pretty happy with my progress so far. I still have several steps left before the pilot house is complete. I added a sheet, spread and pillow to the captain's cabin. Since, the vessel was launched in 1948, I added a picture of Marilyn Monroe from 1948. Here are some oth
  4. I think drawing blood with a hobby knife must be a right of passage. I cut myself on my Red Baron build too.
  5. @FriedClams Thanks so much for the kind words and encouragement, Gary! They mean a lot coming from you and they are appreciated.
  6. Didn't want you all to think I was idle. 😂 I am working on building out all the deck structures. Currently working on the pilot house; priming and sanding before construction. In the following image you can see the forward hatch, companion way, hatch covers, pilot house deck and the pieces I'm sanding and priming.
  7. Absolutely one of my favorites! It's beautiful!!!
  8. Paul, You did an amazing job! I’ve always loved this boat. I’m working my way up to building this kit some day.
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