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  1. I glued the templates from the plans on to poster board and cut them out. They will be used to shape the hull. At first I used a scissors to cut out the templates, but I didn’t think my fingers would last. I switched over to my hobby knife and things went a lot better. Having a supply of sharp blades helped. l then used the deck template to mark out the stations on the deck, draw them in and label them. Now, I am working on removing the remains of the “carving lugs” from the bow and stern. I’m using a course round file and sandpape
  2. @schooner Unfortunately, they got so efficient with it, they fished themselves out of work and all the canneries in Maine shut down.
  3. Here is an image of the kit contents: I have been spending time gathering items needed for my build and familiarizing myself with the instructions. This build looks to be, for me, way more challenging than the Red Baron. I plan to take my time. I am still learning to work with wood and the tools that I am acquiring. Starting out I am shaping and smoothing the deck surface. I am including a picture below of the sardine carrier Jacob Pike. I took the image this summer while stopping in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. The Jacob Pike is current
  4. I am getting ready to start my second build. I’ve chosen to build the sardine carrier Pauline by Bluejacket Shipcrafters. I hope you will indulge me as I start with a brief history of sardine carriers.* Having spent a lot of time traveling up and down the coast of Maine between Portland and Mount Desert Island, both by car and boat, I have come across a variety of ships and boats. As I have noted before, I have always been drawn to working boats/ships. The Pauline, among other sardine carriers, has a unique spot in Maine’s maritime history. The areas along Maine’s convo
  5. Hi Al, I was up at the shop yesterday and Nic showed me the hull blanks for the Savanna. I'm excited to see the progress and the new kits. You guys have a wonderful shop going on in Searsport.
  6. Sewing is definitely a skill. You did well. I can’t wait to see the final pictures. I’m glad you enjoyed the build. I enjoyed following along.
  7. Hi Tim, I just finished going through your build here. Outstanding! Really? This was only your second build? Stunning job! How do you like the Midwest kits?
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