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paint set for HMS Sherbourne

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I am considering purchasing the Caldercraft HMS Sherbourne cutter kit as my second go at a wooden ship model, and was wondering about thepaint set that goes with this model. In particular, the yellow ochre paint; is it a bright yellow, or does it have more of a slight orange tinge to it ( which I would think would be closer in keeping to the Nelson chequer, which I would like to paint her in...)? Thanks for any advice you can give me.


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The paint that is sold by Caldercraft/Jokita is Admiralty Paint. It is acrylic and has very good coverage. The colours are supposedly accurate for 18th century ships. The yellow ochre is NOT bright yellow. I would best describe it as mustard. I have painted some on a slip of paper below. Total accuracy online is difficult to achieve because it very much depends on the screen you are viewing, but you get the idea. I have used it on my Caldercraft 'Supply' if you want to check it out, go to my gallery link below.






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