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Corel Ranger

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Has anyone done this build and would it be a good second build, first POB build and is this an everyday price or a discounted price, I have only purchased one kit from model expo but if this is a good second build and a good starter for first time with POB I would like to get it while its on sale



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That is a good price. I think mine was $75. Thus far it has been a good intro to POB. A couple of things to be wary of - the plans and instructions list different scales, and there are a couple of tables I couldn't find in the instructions. The instructions are pretty good, with plenty of drawings. I made a couple of mistakes early which is making the first planking more difficult than it should be.

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I'm currently building Ranger. It would be an OK 2nd POB kit..  The only negative I 'v seen is the casting quality of the metal parts. It's not very good.  I've had to drill out the holes in the cross trees and mast fittings and do ALOT of filing....


The rudder gungeons are VERY fragile and do not bend to the curvature of the aft hull as shown in the drawings  .. So be VERY CAREFUL...

Also, one of the metal anchor "T's (?) "  was missing so I had to scratch two new ones...

I've just started the rigging

The rigging looks complex  but patience will win out...

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