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  1. Zdravstvuyte Andrey! I followed your build on the other site and recently found your youtube channel. thankfully im already studying russian so this should be helpful in many ways. Glad to see your skill show up on this site also! Looking forwards to seeing more. Regards, Peter
  2. Hi Mark, Unfortunately i haven't been able to do any kind of modelling recently let alone work on this model. I'm planning to start again if i can plan my situation a bit better, but i haven't done much more on this model. As for the bowsprit, depends on what kind of trouble you're having, might be able to help. Otherwise, have you seen Dmitry Shevelev's build of this ship on shipmodeling.ru?
  3. Hello guys, sorry for not update in my log for so long. New changes in life have had me stop working on this for at least a while and new ideas. I've had to stop as a new job doesn't leave me much time and also a change in living quarters leaves me not much space and isn't very ideal especially if im making lots of noise, so im putting this log on hold for a while until i figure something out. Another possible reason for stopping is so i can use what stock i have of wood for a future build, potentially looking to buy chris watton HMS victory and doing some interesting work on that,
  4. Yep! happened twice already but seeing as the frames wont be seen makes it a bit easier to just fix it and carry on but of course accuracy is key. hopefully the last time!
  5. another small update, problems and planking. So there i was sanding down the protruding gun port linings. When bam! Frame collapses. Reason was obvious, sanding down too hard and not enough support... But.. somewhat fixable, even still looking back i probably would of made a lot of changes but so far its good enough. The other side how ever is looking good, planking with lime which will later be painted is quite nice, gives a nice smooth finish and even though being softer still a challenge to bend some of the thicker pieces. the right side will be more a challenge as i'll be using both
  6. Hello cnemo! Keel length in 1/48 is 90cm total length is 101cm not rigged Rigged is 140cm, hope this helps!
  7. Thank you kind people for the comments! Time for a Little update, Considering all the time i have until i start my new job i haven't got much done, being my first scratch build everything is a bit off here and there and some problems that needed fixing and thinking through but i think once i get to the planking everything will atleast LOOK much cleaner. Having some problems with the stern making everything accurate, same with the gun ports(there is a problem in the centre hull which can be seen in one of the last pictures, this has been fixed). I think i've finally got the stern sorted so fa
  8. Finally all the frames are added, not perfect but its done. Ready for the beams and stern to be added, not sure how to go about making the stern yet as i will make it out of something harder than lime. (for some reason these images are never uploaded in high quality) Next time on POB La Belle Poule! Beams added Small deck added Starting LED wiring!
  9. thank you druxey! i've always wondered of the graphite way but wasn't sure if i could make it accurate or not, but im sure its possible to make it accurate. But the rubber cement method is interesting, i will look more into this thank you.
  10. hate to keep the log quiet so here's a small update, slow builder so i've only built 7 frames or 28 each since the last update.. only 24 (6) more to go....... in the centre the parts for holding the small nuts in place look flimsy and weak but will later be reinforced with some infill. The stern is probably as detailed as the frame will ever get. Cant say the build so far is perfect but im happy with the results, from previous builds cant believe im actually going to say - looking forward to planking - im sure i'll regret those words! Progress so far! Looking for some tips and ideas, glu
  11. lovely build yancovitch and lovely colours, nice to see a painted ship and new techniques too.
  12. Well weeks have gone past since my last update and nothing since for a good reason.. Many problems were found when i noticed the frames weren't align which would obviously cause many problems, i expected little inconsistencies when builing my first scratch but nothing as bad as that, so ofcourse i've had to start again which isn't as bad a problem as i thought. Tempted to restart the whole post but i think i'll just add these few pictures and next time post a big update. Starting again was the best idea because now the ship is more accurate and reliable for future building, simple changes h
  13. more work to show but not had much time to alot due to work, hopefully during the christmas time and after i'll be making progress. So far i've build a simple jig to hold while i add the frames and keep the keel straight when i fill in the gaps of the frames which will be done at a later stage. after that ive added on two pieces at the front to make it easier when adding planks, forgive me i've not yet delved into the ship jargon to know all the exact words for things! shaped using a chisel which was fun, never used one before but i also had help using a very sharp carving knife.... Same was
  14. lol odd that i've decided to work completely the other way round then. despite being my first scratch build, it'll hopefully be the first ship that i'll think worth finishing, i wont be rushing it like ive done before, though i look forward to starting on other more complicated ships.
  15. the thing also with pear is that i find it hard to acquire, only seen a few places that do it and not even at the sizes i need which will test my abilities and my pocket! Im not 100% sure how i'll go about making the lanterns, i've never worked with resin before but sounds like a good idea, still a far way away from that so there'll be plenty of time to sharpen up.
  16. Just to get something new on this page i thought i'd show some things while still waiting for more timber. First are Micro SMD Leds, im hoping i can figure some led lanterns on this ship. Smallest leds i've ever seen, 1mm x 0.50mm with 0.1 copper wire. Probably going to buy more as there'll be around 37 in total. Next is simply some pear i've got from ebay of all places sent from russia, im still an amateur so seeing brilliant high quality pear has a nice feeling to it, glad i've chosen this to work with.
  17. Next step is cutting the bulkheads rough, there are 16 though i only have enough lime at the moment for about 8. plans glued to the sheet with a simple thin layer of wood glue. I did plan to cut the frames at an angle to make it simpler to shape but after using a scroll saw again i dont think that would be a good idea.... so back to the simple file!
  18. To the best of my ability yes but the best equipment i have for that is photoshop, but it doesn't actually take that long to draw them all up i just hope i've done it correctly
  19. Im certainly looking forward to putting work into this ship, kit bashing was certainly frustrating to the point of giving up! and the timbers are certainly expensive which is why i'll be waiting for some stock of lime to come back rather than paying an extra £5, unfortunately i never managed to acquire much before it ran out. Frolichs version of this ship is probably what inspired me to take on this ship the most along with Mr shevelevs and others, i'll certainly look into getting that book, thanks for the heads up!
  20. Hello everyone and welcome to my first scratch build, although i've been planning to build this for a while now this will most likely be a slow build. First came to me when looking through the russian sites that this seems like a pretty good ship to start on, i plan for loads of detail so there was no point in making it any smaller in scale, inspired by dafi and his hms victory build i'll hope to add figures and all sorts but not too much to over crowd it. I'll also be attempting to add micro LEDS to this build. The ship will be built mainly with pear and some boxwood with frames of lime.
  21. i thought about getting this, should be interesting to watch you build it, have fun!
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