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  1. 😎 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Hello everyone! 😎 Since the Goddess who inspires us to create "took a vacation" and "left my workshop", my YouTube channel continues to talk about machines
  3. Dear forum users! Happy New Year 2021! Let him be better than the one leaving! Health and good luck to all of us! 😉 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Hey. The films are not new ... But, for order - it is necessary! --------------------------------------------------------------
  5. 😎 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. What you liked is good! Thanks! And the process is not particularly time consuming, it just seemed so. 😉 Thanks for your feedback! 😎
  7. 😎... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Hey. I don't know if the European community of ship modelers is familiar with the screen (pirated) copy of a movie that has not yet been released :-) For reasons that take a long time to explain, I had to do the same. I counted ; which is better than "tearing a page out of the book"
  9. 😎 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Hello! The name of the film is 3 actions: MAC dowel in glue, PUMP him into the deck and ... NIP it with wire cutters! More or less like this. 😉
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