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  1. I finally found time to work on the decks and hopefully should do some work on the hull.


  2. thanks I see it was in the wrong log but as it was my first one I didn’t know how to alter it.

    1. Ray Beaumont

      Ray Beaumont

      Hi thanks as it was my first one I didn’t know how correct this.

  3. no about ten year’s ago I bought on eBay the old set of castings the Amati kit for big light on the back and wooden figure head. 
    I won’t disclose the price but say the plans I bought afterwards to go with the fittings cost nearly as much.     

    1. md1400cs




      Good indeed. The Amati castings are much more representative of the 1637 example.


      When I recently purchased the complete Amati set (Cornwall in the UK), I was hoping to also get the main lantern bits - Did not come with the set. I have the Amati instructions, it appears as if the lantern is scratch made??

    2. Ray Beaumont

      Ray Beaumont

      hi I was surprised when I looked @ the lantern how it was piece of wood and some wire should be interesting.

  4. hi to add to the confusion I started a build log for the sovereign off the seas by Amati according to the drawing it’s 78 scale but according to the drawings it’s 900 long.?ray

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