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  1. Another month passed by so time for another update. Not much has happened as we were out to the sun for a couple of weeks. As said I continued with the masts, below the 3 masts are the final masts outlined and all.. This was quite some ado to get them in the right angels in both directions... langscheeps and dwarsscheep... (Longship and sideships???) Next step the ezelshoofd and hommer, the pictures speak for itself but there was some mindbraking involved to get what I liked. As the mast were too long form mu turning device I had to invent a workabout...
  2. More than a month ago so maybe time to give an update. Steadily working through the gunport hatches, a tedious and boring job. Fitting all in place.. Working the hatches into place and adding the gunwale parts. 4 But I am happy with the looks. Not too tight and perfect. I like it that way, as I am sure ships in those days weren't neither. Then the insides grounding. And I still like how it came about.. The next steps will be finishing the maingun deck so I added some loose parts that I build earlier for the looks. I guess any builder wants to see how it will look and cant wait to see the whole....?? Also I will be doing the final masts at least first parts, as I have been using too short counterfits. Below the right lenght cuttings ready for working on them. This I will do first as I will be happy to turn from the monotonous work of the gunports. (Please ignore the deformation of the mobile lens.. it gives some strange angles here and there)
  3. In the meantime we have advanced. I build a new clamping/workboard. As there is no longer need to hang the ship upside down and I want free space to work all around the ship. The next steps are working gradually upwards now. I have to finish everything around the main gundeck before I can close the next deck. A test with a 3D printed model of the emblem Filling the gap to be able to add the planking Then the gunport rabbits and hatches Rabbit sanded to follow the hull. And so far for the port side, now on to starboard side.
  4. I finished the rudder. I am really satisfied with it. I will not fasten i yet. Only in a later stage, just to prevent damages.
  5. Hi all, (do not want to be gender specific....;)) I have returned to the hobby again after a full recovery of my hand. Thanks for all the good whishes. Just waiting to get the right hand done, but that will be spring somewhere. not just yet... I have started redoing the rudder as said. I am using mainly the method used by Drazen (Thanks for that!) I think the photo's are mostly self explanatory. Its a slow learning curve but I like it very much although progress is slow. I made the rudded out of seperate parts of wood, taking care of the grain direction as to prevent as much as possible deformation. And I decided to do the hinges also from scratch. Previously I used Amati hinges. I In the background the Amati hinges from the previous rudder. I had a big problem blackening the parts. I left them much too long in the solution and 2 were totally 'eaten' away. I did 4 pieces again. I on purpose made the bolting a little out of line. I like the looking of this. And now up to the counter part. I hope to finish today.
  6. Just a short update. Its been very quiet and I haven't done much. I have had surgery on my hand and that takes more time as expected. I also neglected to take it easy and that put me back again a couple of weeks. Also the motivation is low. The weather is cold and bad and I need to go outside to the shed.So I guess it will be untill next year before I will continue. Don't worry I'll be back :)! Hans
  7. Well its been more then a month, time for an update. I finished both sides with the gunport inserts/rabbits It took me the majority of the past months. Still also some small corrections but I am happy withe results. In between sides I stopped for some diversion to work on the gunport lids and hinges, just as a test. But I am not satisfied. I have to find an easier method to make them in qty. For now the work will stop a couple of weeks for holiday. The next step I decided to do the rudder anew. I made that in an too early stage and I want to improve it and more realistic. I just became more and more unhappy with it.
  8. I am joining in, great techniques to be learned here!! Very nice work indeed. Grtz hans.
  9. Well i am finshed with plancking up to the third whale on both sides now. Both sides had the same flaw with wrongly placed gunports which have been corrected now. Below picture does not show the correction yet but the camera (GSM) also has some distortion and the angel differs from the picture below of the starboard side, so it is not as bad as it seems. In the mean time this side has been corrected as well. Now I started working on the gunports and the rabbets. To make the gunports I made a sanding tool, 2 sides sandpaper only. It works great although slow but accurate. It makes it easy for me to make sure the ports are perpendicular (thanks google). All the rabbets are oversized in lenght, so I will make them fit and than protrude them and sand them to follow the hull. Then I will have them fall back about 1.5mm and sand the inside equal to the inside planks. I will not fasten them until I am ready to move up and start on the upper deck. But before starting the upper deck I have to decide how far I will go. Do I install canons or not, only a wooden model or closed gunports???? havn't made my mind up about that yet. Secondly I still have to come up with a good working method to make the gunport hatches. including the dilution to fall into the rabbet. So all in all a lot to do still. Hans.
  10. Well about time for another uupdate although not very much has happened. The weather has been very good for weeks in a row now so little progress. But Starboard side I finished up to the 3rd whale. I had to do some correction on 2 gunports. Which is the second time but it was still not ok, I simply dont understand why as I checked tripple times before. here the wrong situation: With the 5th port already a part of an insert for the correction. And here after correction. After sanding it is hard to even see the inserts. I used insert pieces to lower the ports instead of replacing a full plank. I was afraid that removing a whole plank would damage too much. Nest steps are the portside planking and the 3rd whale. Rgds Hans.
  11. I had to do some rework on the Forecastle deck which I already knew but now was the time to do it. The running and lines of the frames were not good. After sanding I had so few thickness left I had to thicken the frames. According to the drawings by Blom the top of the railing of the forecastle deck railing should be a straight line but I will kee a slight curve. Here below the portside has been done, the starboard side still needs to be done, which in the meantime has been done as well The next step will be the planking up to what we call 'het rahout' . And here I have a question. Both Blom and Monfeld mention in general terms about the scarfs/joints of the planks. But this is mainly below the wales. I cannot find anything about the planking joints above the second wale. Looking to Winter's photos you also cannot determine, although it looks like straight joints and this might be the more logical as the many interruptions by the gunports. I think I will use straight/flat joints as it makes life easier.. Any comments/thoughts are welcome.....
  12. Well another month passed and some holidays in between and a bad eye infection thatkept me from working on the ship. But we still had some progress. I found a discrepancy on the gunports. Both side the same. So I decided to first correct that and then to fix the stern and the missing frames to the stern. After that I intend to start the hull planking upwards. I know the white line of the (Rahout??) is not correct but its on purpose to get the correct lining for the frames. Once the frames are ok I will return to the correct line. Have a nice weekend all.
  13. Thanks all!!! She is upright again, but I am really having a hard time on deciding how/what/where to continue??? I want to redo the rudder, so for that it might be handier to turn her upside down again... and I also want to make the bow nicer as it has some dents from doing the planking... Fixing the stern and the frames stille missing and then continue the planking upwards before building the next deck..... Gunports... Hard decisions....
  14. Promised to be back when the planking on the portside was finished, I have finished, pffffff. The pictures are going back in time of the last stages. Tomorrow I can sand it all and then turn her up again. Wondering what the next stage will be???? I have noi clue, when she is upside again I will see and decide.
  15. Just been reading in from the start, what a nice build!! and some interesting methods used. I will (however late) join in and take a seat..
  16. Just a very short update to let know that I haven't gone... Haven't done anything since last october. No lust, other projects, holidays, etc etc. So the ship went up the attic untill I found it was time again. And it was! I also decided that I will close the ship and not leave anything open, hence I have to close the plancking on the portside now. Up for another tedious job, but it is no else. I want to get it done so as to turn the ship upright and again and that I can continue the build up again. Just 1 pick of the first planck of this year :)... I will post again when this side is closed as well. Have fun building. Hans.
  17. Well its been some time so here another update. The STB side of the hull planking beneath the first whale has been closed. As said earlier, its a tedious work but I am very happy!! It really starts to look like a ship :). I put the present state into the sun to get some non-TL light pictures. It gives a whole other dimension. During the planking I started to doubt if I should not leave the port side as it is so you could see how it was build, but I decided against it. I did not like the view. So I am up for another tedious part of weeks planking.... This shows while still hanging upside down but just finished. I am happy with the looks of the bow. This picture is from before the first sanding. Also the aft looks good, some points needs some work but overal its satisfying. (and for the sharp eyes, yes I am going to redo the rudder, I already stripped it partly. I did the rudder much too early as I now find out. Same with the bow. In the planking you still damage the keel and the bow. But I already have an idea how I can rework them later..... So it will be for quite some time before you will hear from me again. as there are some holidays on its way and I doubt if I can finish port side planking before end of this year.... we will see...... regards, Hans...
  18. As it has been june since my last update I could not resist. Work progress is steady but slow with the plancking. Specially on the bow part each piece takes a lot of time..... First setting it out on carton, transferring it to wood. First sawing it roughly then sanding it to size. 10-15 minutes in water and clamming it in place. then having it dried (mostly and best overnight) gluing it in place. Which due to some of the forces (curving and tordation) also must take overnight. As I am working on both sides simultaneously, I can do max about 3 to 4 pieces per day. But looking at the result I am satisfied. Forget the small openings, I can rework them later as also I need some overall sanding when finished. It is not as nice and smooth as I could do with for example pearwood, but I am happy with how it looks. I guess that in those they weren't as good looking as we think they might have been. I let the picture speak for themself. The last one is the status per yesterday.
  19. Thanks Nils. I still think its very corse and rough and not so nice and polished as I see some other builds. But then again in those days I guess it was more rough as we feel it should be maybe... rgds Hans
  20. I finished both sides 1st and 2nd whale and inbetween plank and started on the hull planking towards the keel for which I turned the ship unside down again. I foud a nice see through.... I will equally work and continue both sides hullplanking untill ready. I stopped using nails and found a way to secure the planks without nails. I will do the nails later. I found the nails and positions were getting rather disturbed from position. So not nice and regular. By doing them later all at once I can do that nice and regular.
  21. In the mean time I finished all the inserts for the gunports. As to be sure, before I start working on the outside hullplanking and the wales I checked the hull and sanded it a little more to be sure the curves are right. Next steps were the first wale which in all is the second wale. After that I added 10mm hull plank under which the first wale comes. The running of the first wale I mounted deviates (only in the beginning) from the drawing but as it looks good on the ship I let it be. No idea how the difference came to be. I checked the line/curve several times. I will now finish this starboard sides first and second wale and then up to the port side. Over night I clamp wet planks in a very simple but for me effective way. The are a little oversized so I can also sand them into the curvatures. T

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