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  1. Really nice job! Cant imagine 500hours and 2 months…. Hope to see you soon with next build! Check also Models Shipways kits by Model-Expo, they have really good discounts time to time. W
  2. Small update. Planking ongoing. Takes time as every piece is 12,5cm long. Made a mistake with wales position one side and had to take them off with alcohol. Dont have any spare ones so i have to wait until mu Byrnes saw will arrive to make some. Kind of messed up in stern area i think, maybe i will replace some planks with stealers. I looks rough for now but it will look nice when sanded. Have small Proxxon delta sander that will make miracles . For next build i will follow planking guides posted here with dividing widths and starting to tapper each plank etc. As bending wise im good as Chucks tips are superb.
  3. Hi all Received this bad boy today jwbs-15. Waiting Byrnes to ship table saw and thickness sander also. Soon will be offering sheets and stripwood in EU. Products will include also Alaska yellow cedar that im discussing at the moment addtition to other most needed woods(boxwood, cherry, pear etc).
  4. Looks really good. Better than mine as i used a lot of glue to make it stick. The lintels were coming off when sanding so i glued it permanently
  5. Just small update. Have to say that stripwood quality for planking is bad. Is hairy and dimensions vary a lot. But have to just manage somehow.
  6. Started with upper wales. Also did test with beeswax, small area below upper rail. Will probably do lower hull with it. Still trying to find correct mix for golden oak. I have CC stains and paints but their oak stain is more dark brown.
  7. 99% done on upper wales. Decided to sand before moving on and adding wales. Pictures beforeu and after. Uite pleased, cant wait to put on the stain.
  8. So decided to show some progress. Its still planking of upper wales. Only one layer of planking is a great challenge but it also teaches you a lot. Outcome requires nice sanding but im sure it will be good in the end. Plan is to finish all planing and then start with wales etc. Surprising is that ME planks arent the same thickness, not to mention the width that i have to take into accout. Edges of gunports are something i wasnt happy about but with chisel set from Mikhail i could make them much better. Will finish all those after planking. Upper wales planking might be done next week. Boarders have opened a bit so now its possible to go on business trips again. And yes one thing i did is that after planking i noticed its quite soft surface on planing and planks move ,so i added layer of glue inside to make it steady enough. I like the result and will definitely help with sanding.
  9. Superb job. I dont understand how have you finished them so fast.... Im still in middle.. My admiral also talks about sails.....
  10. Got last set from Mihhail that he had ready. Supper happy with them, already tested them for a second with gun-ports to get planking better around it-made huge difference. The U shaped ones are so small, hard to even see which side is open. Vahur
  11. Seems like a great monograph. Maybe not too complicated for beginner? Does it contain rigging info with block sizes etc. Havent ever hold any monograph in my hand...
  12. For planking you may try Titebond quick and thick. Its dries real quick and initial tack is good also. I sort of addicted to it now.
  13. MK have super quality and its fast to build-good choice. I usually put parts in water boiler and then switch it on and leave it there for 15-30 min....wife hasnt said anything yet Keep up nice work.
  14. I just add that there are machines like k40 that are cheap(200-300usd) but have long learning curve. If you have time and like to tweak machines then for start it should be enough. But you you want machine to work as you plug it in and shorter learning curve then they are more expensive.
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