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  1. Finished my first yard today-im proud. Couldnt wait for the others so had to install it also-really makes a difference on ship. Ends of a yard look little like mess with knots but hey...still first one. Again instructions are not so clear-pictures show one thing, drawings others. Also pictures dont show small wooden pieces but drawings do.I looked at the books i bought and i think i installed the middle blocks front of mast into correct location-again pictures and drawings arent the same. Also dont understand how yards should be painted. Occre has really few pictures and they are not the same also. Finally decided to make them all black and white. Run into small problem also-mizze mast ran to that wooden structure. Thought a bit how it could be sorted out-decision was done basis on what i would do in reality. They would never move any structure so i sanded it a bit. Almost looks that it was meant to be like this. Regarding instructions i really hope Hms Cruiser is much better at that point.
  2. Got bowsprit done. Tomorrow will check once again if all pieces are there. Woodwork for main mast yards is done. Now its the fitting and rigging. Also worked on some other small details that are missing from the hull. Question-do you varnish all pieces before glueing together or not? Example masts-you put it all together with ropes etc and then varnish? What about deck fittings? For me it seems its better to varnish small pieces but then theres issie with glueing or might be. Varnished masts and bowsprit with ropes so lets see how that turned out.... One more question-how to get that hariness away from ropes?
  3. More deck equipment installed. Occre plans are missing location of lot of equipment, therefore i had to wild guess the location from their photos. Also started with yards. Reason for that is to get one mast done soon to keep motivating myself with ship taking real shape.
  4. Yes thats the Cruiser - waiting for sanding....translation....good weather to do it on the balcony.
  5. I still cant belive the level of detail in your build. That level is my goal now that i probably will never reach. I call a vote. Who is with me that Bob would remove”Novice build” from the topic :)?
  6. Today worked on deck details and installed some. Dont know right names but wooden frame and crane like things. 4 got installed, 6 are ready but need installing. My thoughts were on work during the build so i dont see any efficency today. Outcame was allmost nothing for 3 hours. I still hve some brass details missing from keel. Just dont feel like i want to do it know, dont know reason why. But i will keep that in mind so i dont build her up that i have difficulties installing those. Last picture is my storage place for workshop assigned by Admiral herself. I pack and repack every time unless its weekend. Really need to het own hose and have my dream room library with fireplace and 200 years of office table and small corner for ship building. One addition-Occres instructions are really bad. That wooden frame does not have no dimensions how columns should be located. And there isnt location on deck plan. This is just one example. There is constant problem with lack of info. Even though there are pictures, there are many blinds spots that you really have to guess what should be there. I googled torreor and printed out as many pictures of build with photos of blind spots. I really hope that Hms cruiser has good drawings.
  7. Hi Hope this is right place to make a topic. Last year i bought my father a birthday oresent from anique shop. Any ideas what ship it might be?
  8. Good suggestion on the chain plates. I will follow your lead there. Have seen that making some small adjustments by buying better fittings will make a big difference. Robert your 2nd planking look really good!
  9. Tnx. Correct remark on bowsprit-it was 1am whnni was doing that.’
  10. Nice progress. Nownit really looks like a ship-thats a good feeling when you het there. After 2nd planking you will start treating like a baby cause its so beautiful and smooth-you just slightly move your hand over it and feel proud as hell for the first build. I constatly rannto Admiral also to show her my work If i may then one suggestion-it looks like it might need more sanding... Regarding glue-use pva. Instarted with superglue but result was terrible. Pva and piece of cloth to remove extra glue works like a charm. At bow and stern use some little amount of super glue to keep it positioned. Just a suggestion from experience. Keep up with good work! Any eues on second build yet?
  11. Small progress-fasle deck glued. Some additional balsa pieces applied, will add more before sanding. I do not darw to start sanding yet. Last time whole room was full of dust. Waiting nice weather to do it on balcony-Admirals idea.
  12. Progress... Havent installed anything to deck due painting. Progress in details is good so soon there should be many little things added to the deck. Even Admiral is pleased with progress but not with me staying at workshop allmost every day-soni guess its Netflix and chill tomorrow. I have totally forgotton myself to the ship world. Some problems: 1) Bowsprit does not sit on keel. Probably have to sand it to correct position. Like i said lesson learned. 2) Ropes on bowsprit are not posotioned like on pictures but are exactly like on drawings- lets call it Occre messy instructions again. No adjustments there. 3) i hve a hole in beck under bowsprit-Will order a barrel there or aome other addition to cover it. 4) painting does not have so good straight lines but lets call it common to that era-they didnt have lasers and autocad Lessons for me so far: 1) dry fit mast and bow at early stage 2) varnish small details before installing them Progress: 1) main mast allmost done. No issues there. 2) fore mast allmost done 3) bowsprit allmost done 4) lot of deck fitting done-allmost all painted Also started doing some deadeyes. Different drawings and books have different solutions. I like how mine is. Tried Master Korabel solution also but that knot makes it so fat and it does not look natural. Is my way correct?
  13. Detail of your build is amazing! What stain dit you use to het that light grey look? Brown stain is mahagony? Do you apply it with brush or with piece of cloth?

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