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  1. My Cruiser has some Snake parts but noticed that too late :D. So you might find some ideas there. Lets call mine hybrid Snuizer
  2. Havent updated for a month but work hasnt been stopped. Still working on cannons. Yesterday received last blocks for tackle. Did first line and i love the added detail. Just winder how to get rope “more loose” so it would look more natural. Also i will probably tie it up - transport state. Also deadeyes almost done. Last fixing when ropes are attached to get right line. This was sort of an headache as i cant close the “chainplates”. Also tried soldering deadeye iron bands-sry but cant do it so used epoxy to close it. About closing cahinplates-read that others also
  3. Some update. Added one little detail to guns. Probably will not do tackle that is fixed to deck. Small double blocks from Cornwall ordered. Will take weeks until guns are done. After that to chainplates and then to shrouds and ratlines.
  4. Dry fit with breech line. Length is 3x cannon as i remembered it from somewhere. Rope is about 1mm and found it from my real first kit from 10y ago. Seems to fit nicely. Small problem also as i dont have small double blocks. Luckily outhaul tackle can be placed after as its with hooks. Probably have to order those. Lesson learned-when ordering stuff then look more forward and do your research so you order only once.
  5. Understand that but maybe i dont see the real advantage-im newbie here Few examples maybe? Everyone is saying its super machine, maybe i need one also
  6. Off topic a bit but for what you generally use mf70 for?
  7. Tnx for the kind words but far away from professional . Maybe next step from total beginner - maybe...time will show.
  8. All iron bands installed but need paint. First started with CA but it got messy so turned to one Gorilla one i had and predrilled holes and filled them with glue - much better outcome. Extra ring for breech rope i got from hobby jelwery store. its 4mm but made is smaller. Also needs paint. Picture here is first i did to see how it will look. To be honest im happy. Now i get a rush to improve it even more but is it worth it this time - dont know. Maybe add pin to the wooden block below cannon? And like always with my stuff it needs some paint repairs. Last pictures
  9. I saw topic here where i found this chart. It should be 4 inches and thats about 1,5mm in 1:64 scale if i understand correctly.
  10. Cannon are getting there so i couldnt resist and put those on a deck. Truly amazing feeling to see big leap forward. Im having little trouble with iron band as they are so small but i need to bend them. Also kit dosent have 1,5mm breech rope that i need so guess have to order some...
  11. I noticed just now(stupid of me) that kit probably does not have thicker rope that goes behind cannon. What size did you use there and if its no secrect whose you use?
  12. And the cannons have wheels... Also decided to paint that steel rod black and fake ends also balck woth circle dots. What would be optimal ring size that goes to eyelet and rooe from back of the cannon runs trough that? Smallest circle infound from hobby shop is 4mm but it too big in my opinion, should be 2-3mm. Great find few days ago. My local handycraft, painting etc shop had great brushes with cheap prices so i got a bunch. 3 times cheaper than cheapest in hobby shop....
  13. Getting somewhere with cannons. I cant imagine if i should do 50.... its really timeconsuming. Hooks have been shippe so hopefully will finish cannons and place them in few weeks.
  14. As i ordered extra hooks i decided to try to do them as you and as they are supposed to be. Tnx for the helping hand again.
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