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  1. Good progress. Try running the rope trough beeswax so it does not get hairy (or diluted white glue). I found beeswax in "ecological" products shop where they sell a lot of different stuff (food, chemicals etc).
  2. I want to share my super experience with Hobbyzone Poland. Little more than month ago i wrote to Hobbyzone Poland and asked about professional build slip and when it would be available. They said that they are working on it but if after a month its still not available i should write them again and they will organize it for me. I told them that i will, even offered to gather up people to make bigger order - they kindly refused and said it special for me. So month passed, slip still not available and i sent them email. Same day i got response that “promise is a promise “ a
  3. Slight update. First planks going in. Somehow keel got bend in stern area. I guess i just have to live with it.....
  4. Small update. Last heavy sanding before planking. Managed to brake stern frames....so rough but practical reinforcements there. Ugly as hell but works. Got positive Covid test today so MAYBE i will get planking going in few days and have good progress as i have to stay at home a while. Lets see.
  5. Confederacy has always catched my eye together with USF Essex. I started with Essex but ran into so many troubles that i put it asaide until i make up my mind what to do with it. My Cruiser isnt done yet as running rigging is still to be done but i needed some wood dust on my work bench... So here it is: USF Confederacy by Chuck Passaro and Model Shipways. There are many superb build with box reviews so i skip that. So far it has been really good build with my own mistakes: bulkheads wrong ways so ribs are other side etc. But nothing major-those deviations le
  6. Super job Chris! And now, what will you develop for us next until we are building Sphinx? Edit. And i guess James will do the manual? James please prioritizeas people are waiting .
  7. Offers “help” when everyone else is at sleep expect me at shipyard...
  8. Technically correct-received today. Some AL angles from work perfectly 90 degrees to help support the build. Now i can give Lego Duplos back to son-ik not kidding .
  9. Hi Can anyone suggest 5-15mm thick min 300mm wide and 500+mm long hardwood panel producer/seller in EU for alder, maple and cherry? wood should be solid and not plywood or glulam panels. As a side hobby i engrave photos on wood and anodized AL with laser but impossible to find supplier for those woods in Estonia. Some examples of outcomes also on wood and anodized AL.
  10. I just bought flux beambox and im happy with that. its 50w co2 and cuts 6mm ply easily with one pass. There are cheap chinese lasers on the market that need a lot of learning etc. with western ones you can basically start cutting in 30-60min after receiving the laser. To trace the lines you have to draw it in cad like program first. my suggestion is to use maybe laser service provider and designer to cut that. They can scan it, redraw and then laser cut.
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