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  1. Tnx. Yes all planks at bow are edge bended-makes life much easier. Just wife isnt happy i use water boiler for that vahur
  2. Not that i havent done anything but planking takes time. Now when milling planks myself i see how good the steipa could really be, sadly i cant change hull planking strips in middle of the build but will definitely use my own for decks. So but…looks rough before sanding but will look nice afterwards. Like said before not the best but satisfied for 1st try with sigle layer. Nicely bening ayc, pear or boxwood would make it much better. Lets see if i can finish planking this year. A and yes….frames somehow i managed to install to other side-make it to stand out of the crowd (nice excuse). Vahur Hobbymill.eu
  3. Hi all, Hope you are doing well as modelling season after summer has really started. New products are listed on web but not all. Check: https://www.hobbymill.eu Some updates: 1) HMS Winchelsea is now offered also as Boxwood version. Listed price 322 EUR 2) Syren Ship Model Companys Cheerful 1806 wood package with milled stripes has been added: - Boxwood version - 170 EUR - Yellow cedar version - 130 EUR 3) American holly has arrived and looks great. It truly is white with almost no visible grain (sry for bad photos). As its not a big amount and each piece is different dimension its offered based on request. If someone is interested in full blanks then feel free to contact me. - Im still waiting feedback on stabilized hornbeam. When i sent in the final order then supplier just disappeared, lets hope i catch him soon. - Light pear (stock running low) supplier went trough his whole lot and came back with no superprime blanks (i respect the honesty when they said this isnt the quality you want). But luckily i found after weeks of searching an other one. I just sent them order and lets hope i get it soon. - Saw blades....yes interesting turn of events.... So its been really hard to find suitable blades even with adapters here in EU. I finally found supplier who makes them by order with clients modifications. I got some pieces with D100 that cut really well. I had problem before with boxwood and hornbeam thicker than 7mm but these worked really well. I will order some 80mm ones also as i think those are even better. At some point when im sure myself that the blades are really good then it will be available for orders also. Only reserve is that you must buy sheets also or be existing client so i dont become supplier for blades. Im still testing if hollow ground (0,2mm less than teeth) helps with cutting or not. Contact me directly here or by email if there are any questions etc. Quoting fellow member "Happy modelling". Vahur Hobbymill.EU hobbymill.eu@gmail.com https://www.hobbymill.eu
  4. Custom milling needs custom equipment. I ordered some blades directly from manufacturer to test out. HSS Dmo5 blades. Lets see how they work out. They also provide blades where kerf list slightly smaller in the middle that should remove common burn marks problem. Maybe available to others also in few months but have to try them out at first . Vahur Hobbymill.EU
  5. American holly, finally arrived. Couldnt help myself and took one board out. Others will accumulate for few days before opening. Looks really nice, indeed white, bends really well. Have to check better/sharper blades i think. First cuts are ok but could be better.
  6. Hi Buy planks of plywood and just start. Every machine is different, same goes for materials. Only way really to learn is trough failure-i have ton of scrap plywood from experementing vahur
  7. All those hold edge good when done properly. Ayc is easist to shape from those 3 i would say. All those spices are offered by Modellers sawmill. Not sure about postage cost in US but maybe they can provide you with some samples if you ask and pay for postage. Its best just to try them i would say. Vahur Hobbymill.EU
  8. Hi Finally found holly supplier who sells from home(US). I just finalized test order of 50 pcs of 1”x2..3”x20….25”. Should arrive in 3-4 weeks…maybe. Will inform when its available to order. Probably i also offer them as blanks also. If someone is already interested you can email me and i will mark down the intrest and reserve needed qty(no deposit required). Heres also photos of few samples of the shelf-i hope my eye is correct and sellers premium is really premium . Vahur Hobbymill.EU
  9. Tnx Helge. But no need to open extra topic. There is “what did you receive today” tooic where members can make a post with photos ehat they have received or you can post at traders/dealers area under hobbymill.eu topic. Vahur
  10. Hi all, Small update as modelling season is coming I have added few new spices (strips and sheets): 1) Hornbeam - nice light color. Still looking for stabilized black, blue, red and yellow. 2) Dark pink Swiss pear - quite few photos added below where dark and light are together. Nice contrast between them 3) Ebony I have also made quite good contact with one possible Holly supplier and probably will make order for smaller batch. Development: I also offer strips with caulking already done. Attached are photos with test done with swiss pear and AYC. Email for quotes and more info. Those are not listed on web yet. Vahur https://www.hobbymill.eu
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