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  1. Really nice. If my Terror would have been half that nice i might even finish it but its not. What plans you have for your next builds?
  2. I know its not actual waht you recevied today but still... So first tryouts with that laser, received today Ship photo intook from google Hms Vanguard(nonintention of selling that etc, just for personal practice).
  3. Decided to invest a bit into DIY business with Admiral. Beambox pro from Flux. Lets see how that turns out. I hope to maybe do my own gun carriages also with engraving if future kits dont provide good enough parts and other stuff like that. Maybe even deck planking with teeenails.
  4. She is beautiful. I see huge boost in wuality from Terror-keep it up and you will be scrathbuilding soon
  5. She is beautiful! Nice work! How long is the hull? How are the instructions and drawings for Diana? For Cruiser its quite challenging. mast and yard drawings are missing a lot of blocks and many pieces that are not numbered what it should exactly be (of course still manageable). Vahur
  6. Really nice, same stage as my Polotsk for now. My 10y old daughter is also interested in building one with me but we are doing some smaller projects first as she needs to understand that it will take minimum a year to make. She usually gets bored after few hours so small training needed
  7. Small update. Stays allmost done. Wasnt able to finish last ones as k ots seizing is drying. Tomorrow i plan to finish those. Next its to yards, half of them are done as wood wise but no blocks. In general im pleased. Some blocks here and there to add on shrouds etc that also needs to be done.
  8. Doing little research i found that there should be also a book and planset from same author. Does someone maybe have that? 32 gun Frigate Uss Essex building a plank of frame model.
  9. Hi Does someone maybe have The 32-gun Frigate Essex Anatomy of the Ship that they dont need any more with reasnoble price? I would prefer 2005 year print. Also a question does someone know if they sell (legitimate) Aeropiccola Essex plans somewhere? If any member has them as leftover then i might be interested also. Im located in EU.
  10. Make sure to wax those with candle otherwise it wont work well-know from experience
  11. I did their other train. Love what they have developed. I moves on tracks etc of you assemble it accordingly. Im sure you will love it.
  12. Tnx Keith! Camera is the crulest i agree I have compared my Cruiser to Terror and probably i wont finish that as they are lightyears away each other with regards of quality. With Cruiser i know what i will do better next time but i just dont like the Terror wuality at all . Probably will give that away for someone to stand somewhere - everyone thinks thats super also (none of the tied to shipbuilding ). Have also thought about next build. I took advantage of Model Expo sales in start of this year ( dont want to talk about this ) and i think Essex might be next but
  13. Tnx! Funny how photos reveal mistakes made that you didnt notice before. In real also the model isnt so dusty
  14. Stays are getting there. Few still to be done but most are prepared with seizing. Holiday vacation has given me some good hours on build almost every evening. Funny: i was afraid of rigging but now i somehow love it. Its like the ship becomes alive. Big help from Thunder and Snake builds explains some questionable places and also books help alot. Allready doing some modifications on rigging that CC drawings dont show exaxtly how to do. An other note-i know my seizing isnt historically 100% correct-will do that better next time .
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