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  1. Hi everyone, Been gone from my project here for long while... My apologies, I have a daughter that Graduated from College with a double Major "Neuroscience and Psychology" she makes me very proud, been a quick trip there helping her with college a ton of 12 hour days to boot! well any way I'm planning to finish the Blue Nose Build here now that I have time, just need to set up my room up again settling in here!
  2. For the past couple days i have been Planking the Bluenose,the planking is coming along pretty good, and pretty even so far. I'm trying to take my time with this because I want this to go on as even as possible. I am planking each side as I go to keep from have a WOW effect (warping of Hull) to the ship as you can see this is going on pretty even on each side
  3. HAHA Erik, I was the same yesterday... So I put the pieces is a small sturdy box in my lunch box and took mine to work to do a little sanding.
  4. I'm a industrial Electrician, working with troubleshooting all these - "computers, robots, CNC machines, to conveyor systems", and anything that deals with electricity. From 24 volts DC to 13800 Volts AC.
  5. yes its a great improvement, but I think Ill have look into the syringe. Tha will work better for tighter spaces too.
  6. Thanks guys, I have been trying to read allot from the forums... and still reading and learning.
  7. and also I have been using weldbond glue in a rather large bottle that seemed to hinder my progress... The nozzle on the top was a too big and I always kept getting more on the project than I needed. So my wife had went out and purchased a small bottle with a longer thinner nozzle. I tell you what it sure help make the glue process allot better and less of a mess. here is a pic of the bottle with glue added to it She was watching for few minutes and replied " you need something better than that big bottle " then she disappeared for about an hour then came in with this bottle!
  8. Today I would like to show you what Nirvana used aid him on His "18th century Long Boat" for his planking and where I used to help me. These are paper clips/binders. What you do is take one and separate the silver finger levers and then add them to the other clip. I found they work really nice!
  9. Today I purchased some more clamps, And I will be using the Black binder clips also purchased today, as Nirvana is using on his "18th century Long Boat" I'll use them to aid in the planking of the Bluenose here. Those of you curious about the "18th Century Long Boat Group Project" please check it out there is allot of talent there, I was learning allot just reading some the build logs. John
  10. Thx for the info. I'll Try to start soon, I'll probably be doing the long boat as I do my Bluenose. Thumbs up on your "Long boat" looking Good!
  11. I'm planning on starting my long boat also, My wife received my kit last week while I was In Robotics School!
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