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    1690 - 1840 boats
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    Metal craft
    Dimensioning materials
    General handcraft tools
    Carving : learning
    CADCAM + cad
    Historic conservation, research...
    Ship plans converting to line drawings
    General interest in how things are put together and people who built or had to do with there construction
    Material technology
    Comparing other countries technological advances
    Politics that shaped ship and their naval strategies

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  1. Superb model and full credit to your workmanship and professional finish to every part ..... my brain says wind blows from the side or back of the ship to move it forward - so the cook might get smoky or am I nuts?
  2. Hi guys - there is a German web page ….. extremely interesting concerning paper model making also building similar (HMS Mercury or HMS Alert?). I have today received HMS Wolf from model Shipyard (basic kit). I am based in Lviv, Ukraine now. I strongly advise buying the full kit. These kits are for the advanced modeler, please forget the simple picture on box. They require a different skill / thought process. YouTube can show a few "How to" but most of it is classified as is working with wood. I throw down the challenge to all these experts - please try and publish. You need to have stock of c
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