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  1. Here is a link to the project that has taken me away from my ship model for the last few years:
  2. Well, it's been long time since I have posted here. The reason? Not a model, but definitely a build. I strayed away from my ship model to pursue a long time goal of making a violin. Three and a half years later I have finally finished it and gifted it to my daughter. A friend of the family is a professional fiddle player and was in a bluegrass band. His comment after playing it, "Wow!" Maybe now I can dust off my San Felipe.....
  3. Hello everyone. Thank-you all for the kind comments once again! I am still around and checking in once and a while. I would love to get back to the San Felipe soon, but it will still have to wait a little bit. I am currently making a violin for my daughter, which turned out to be a bigger project than expected! Yes, Guy, I do hope to mast and rig her. That's the plan for now, I may change my mind if I can't find a suitable place to display another fully masted and rigged ship!
  4. Hello Sherry,


    Wishing yoy a very happy birthday.  Have a wonderful day.

    Hope everything is well. You are missed.



    Anja & Sjors

  5. Hello Sherry ,long long time no see, wishing you the greatest of days with family and friends ,will raise my glass and toast you ," Happy Birthday"have fun ,eat lots ,(easy on the cake),have a wee nip or two . are you still modeling .kind regards .Edwin

  6. a very happy birthday to you Sherry :)  looks like a great day to spend on your ship >hint< >hint<   enjoy and have a great day!

  7. Thank-you to all for your kind words! We do have quite a wonderful community here at MSW!
  8. I finally thought I would have a chance to get back to the shipyard today, but you know what they say about the best laid plans. Instead I lost my father-in-law today - he was 92. He was truly a kind and great man and will be greatly missed.
  9. Thanks Greg! I made a jig using a couple of pieces of wood to hold the wood still and to ensure that each piece was consistent in size, and then used a scalpel. I'm sorry I never took pictures of that process.
  10. Near my home last evening - 9 inches of snow by the time it was all over!
  11. Thank-you Popeye and ScottRC! Hope to have another update before too long, but those plans don't always go as intended!
  12. Looking great Piet - although I think I'm cross-eyed now from just viewing the photos of the tiny parts.
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