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  1. Outstanding! I still haven't opened the box on my planned Snake build, but I've been following your outstanding work, and a number of others, for many months--and staring at the picture on the box lid--all the time wondering just how much confidence a crew would have to have in their captain, to set sail without a ship's boat (or three) on board, just in case. Looking forward to seeing how you shoe-horn it in.
  2. Picture and wording are pretty clear, but I agree with Gregory that this may affect how the planked hull takes a finish. I"m probably the least experienced ship modeller on this forum, but for what it's worth, I think in your place I would skip this step if the the pliability of the material allows. If you intend a natural finish for the completed model, that will probably give you a more pleasing result. David
  3. In James H 's excellent review of this kit, he mentions that in addition to the Italian language 8-page basic instruction manual for this model, Amati includes a separate sheet with English annotation, keyed by number to the illustrated manual. Could you give us a photo of both the illustrated step and the accompanying English instructions for this 50 -50 solution? I don't recall any of the other build logs for this kit mentioning this kind of plank preparation--that may just indicate that my memory is as bad as my wife tells me it is , or perhaps Amati has come up with an improvement for wo
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