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  1. now building the cat schip.


  2. Hello Ab, nowedays I am more to find on the Modelbouwer.nl Ithink I have all your books and I enyou then all. Build the Haring bus and now building the catschip. I'll find the drawing fine to work with, however its a leak thy are not on CD as the other modells. Thanks for giving us this peasure to build these models Greatings Cees
  3. It has been a while but Th schip of "Willem Barentz" is now compleet . The only thing I need to make is a glas box for it. I wish everyone nice holyday's and a good building year in 2017 Greetings Cees
  4. Hello all, It took some time but the building is slow going on. The frontmast is now ready ,I'll hope you like it gr Cees
  5. Hello all, It took some time and a little help from a dutch forum. But I have finished the Blinde a sail in front of the ship I'll hope you all like it. It was a hell of a job to make the sail by hand and I still have some more to do Greetings to all of you cees
  6. Thanks Igor, You made a wounderfull model and made also a great story how to do this. I have read your story with pleasure and learned a lott from you Greetings Cees
  7. sorry PietI did not know the englisch word Mady you can help greatings Cees
  8. Thanks for the compliments. Now the crows nest in the "bezaanmast "is ready en the mast is placed . I'll hope you all like it greatings
  9. The main mast is now in its place. So Iám going to start with the last mast "bezaan mast". This has a basket of rope and will be a great challence for the next weeks I'll hope you all like the progres so far gr cees
  10. to enjoy live with family and friends and making shipmodels

  11. Thanks All for the like's Now I have madethe main mast and also here het "kraaiennest" craws nest??. I have placed the mast on the ship and started with the rigging after making the ropes on mij rope walk, so next month I wil be verry busy. gr cees
  12. Thanks carl The linnen I use FFF Aalst and also from Barbour's from lisburn in N Ireland I use serveral numbers the finest is 110 and the thikest is 30. And i'm making my ropes om a ropewalk gr cees
  13. :10_1_10:Just before the end of the year the front mast is standing and i'm working on the ropes of it. The ropes I'll make of linnen . What you see is made of number 60 and that turned 3 times. For everyone a nice ending of the year and a good start of this new modeling year in 2016.
  14. Piet, Helemaal Top geweldig model wordt het Great job it is going to be a wanderfull model Greetings Cees
  15. beautiful beautiful beautiful I know on this scale you can make more details but this is so great and so nice thanks for showing us gr cees
  16. thanks for the support they are all great but I used the tip of Mark by using tworings of thin wood glued together the ring is now 0,8 mm thick and I think it looks oke . So the first mast is standing now and I started with the rigging. I hope the next foto the dead eyes are standing. greetings cees
  17. I need some Help In the crow's nest i need a ring of wood 19 mm and 1 mm thik and 1 mm high I tride it from appel wood but this is falling appart( verry frustrating) Is there anyone with a idear? Please Greeting Cees
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