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  1. Fantastic work Doris. Always a pleasure looking at your progress pictures. Cheers,
  2. Hello Nils, I also caught up with your magnificent build. As a succor for details myself I really like all the things you are adding to this working boat. It makes it realistic and alive. Cheers,
  3. Nenad, when the ship is completed there will be so much "stuff" to look at that these few minor imperfections will not be noticeable. Continue on and don't fret about it, I think you have done a most outstanding job. Cheers,
  4. Caught up on your Sapphire build Patrick. She's REALLY looking fantastic and getting all dressed up with comfy furniture. Nice work! Cheers,
  5. Hi folks, A minor update. Our friend Kevin Denlay brought to my attention that I have forgotten to install the shields on all four Bofor anti aircraft guns. Needless to say that was a surprise. I normally snip all components from the PE for an assembly and mark the drawing as they go on. Somehow old age disease must have crept in and voila, no shields. So, I must proceed with correcting my error and finally, really finish the model and install the missing shields. Not easy to do while at sea and during the battle going on but it must be done. Don't tell my father though otherwise he'll bob me one on the head. I need to free up some time and it wont be tomorrow though. First I need to make a drawing for the correct shape and show it to Kevin for his okay. The shield is curved on the top end. I must work with the Bofors installed which makes it a little more interesting. So, stay tuned for the next phase and hopefully final phase of this build. Cheers,
  6. Hey Nils, yes, thanks and I found your Zeeboot build. Will try to follow. Nice job! @Kevin, re stern photo, yes, understand completely about having pride of workmanship. Now it being the only record of that stern portion available, me "breaking my word" seems to be a blessing - - in light with the removal of the wreck. That particular photo has done more for me then you or anyone can fathom. This is based on the one on one conversation I had with a Kapitein ter Zee rated officer I had when serving in the KL (Royal Air Force), 1954 - 1955. I guess I have mentioned it somewhere in this build log. I'll get back with you at your personal e-mail address. Cheers
  7. Nice going Nenad, you sure are getting the hang of it, making tine parts. Cheers,
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