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  1. That's looking spot on. Those ply bulwarks are easy enough too. You shouldn't have any ripple with them on the bow either. Just get the top of them as close to the tops of the bulkheads as you can.
  2. Pretty much anything is fixable, especially at this stage. Just take your time. Really liking watching you build this one.
  3. Looking nice! Any chance you can still twist those stern planks in a little so they make more contact with the false keel?
  4. Thanks for that. I'll keep this link here, but please can this topic be limited to the software that Rob has posted here. That will keep this topic straightforward.
  5. Nice to see another Duchess coming together. You can tell it's a very solid frame! Yes, there are so many interlocking slots that applying glue afterwards is the safest way and PVA/Titebond have good penetration...and even more so with a little dilution too. I've had to use this method on Victory too because of the sheer size of joint coverage area. By the time I'd be half way through applying, the chances are the glue would be going off, so application afterwards was key.
  6. Thankfully, there's zero reason to do it except for aesthetics for visible edges. Chris Watton did a test on this theory a long time ago and there was no weakness in a joint still carrying char.
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