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  1. I built up each individual frame with chocks, as per plan, then roughly bevelled up to the laser engraving marks on each (external and internal bevel). Each A and B was then glued together and sat into jig on keel (no glue) where I'm currently sanding the interior to smooth it out more. When that's done, I'll remove the double frames and give a proper sanded internal finish and fit 'nails' to the chocks. Then I'll add poly to the side faces of each, then glue to keel and start to fit out the interior. Well...that's my plan. I've never done a POF before.
  2. A QUICK CALL FOR THOSE WHO ASKED FOR THE GROUP PROJECT: Please can you post at least the start of a build log on our group project area? It's lonely out in space! https://modelshipworld.com/forum/168-build-logs-for-the-caf-granado-cross-mid-section/
  3. Another short update. With both halves of the double frames assembled and joining faces cleaned up, an internal bevel was applied using the laser guideline as an indicator. The chocks were also stepped where they lay across a thinner futtock. I only used the bevel lines as a rough guide as the laser markings seemed to be in a slightly different position on some opposite frame parts. I cracked the Titebond out and carefully aligned the double frame parts, using the plastic spacers on the frames that required them. The slight traces of the bevel line remnant
  4. Any pictures which remain at the end of a post are ones that were uploaded and not inserted elsewhere in the post. The system just dumps them at the end instead of not using them.
  5. When you upload the photos, you still need to click in your post where you want a specific photo(s), then click on the uploaded image to insert into that position.
  6. Your IP number will be on that page you see. Please send it to me and I'll fix it.
  7. Ok, just bought a tin of Rustins poly satin which will be with me on Saturday. Looking forward to giving this a try. 👍
  8. Thanks for that. So you use satin? Have you a photo of exactly what you are using? Sounds silly, but I presume you literally just wipe a thin layer over the timber? I have a bottle of this. I presume it's suitable? https://smile.amazon.co.uk/Bartoline-19925070-750ml-Spirit-White/dp/B005EFUSQW/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=bartoline+white+spirit&qid=1614275375&s=diy&sr=1-2 I'll do a search for that topic.
  9. Can anyone help with an alternative to Minwax Wipe-on poly, in the UK? There is some Minwax on Amazon, but I'm loathe to spending around £30 for a tin of something that I don't know is as good. I'm using this for the Granado section and still need to be able to glue once applied. I definitely need 'tried and tested' 🤣 Jim
  10. Nobody said you were excluded. That's your own extrapolation. Maybe the reason you also didn't post here was you couldn't log in for months after successive failed login attempts and lockouts. If you'd contacted via the form, I could've fixed that immediately for you, but never mind. Posting on SOS does not preclude your ability to post here. We have lots of dual members, and no one even suggested you were building/bought a Chinese kit. Where did that come from? Someone only mentioned that SOS is a harbour for those who want to build them. I do agree about
  11. Tonight I managed to finish all the facing surfaces of the 9 double frames, so it's onto internal bevel next before gluing the doubles together and fitting to the keel.
  12. I'm still working away on the frames and have a little more to do on them before I can look at fitting to the keel. In the meantime, I built the acrylic jig. I'm aware that some panels may need to be removed to fit frames in etc. The jig will only really built one way because of length and positions of slots, so don't fear getting anything wrong on this. One tip I do have is to slightly open up the holes in the plastic fixing blocks. I think I used a 3mm drill, but it's simple enough to fathom. Another reason for this is that the blocks seem to be 3D printed (not regul
  13. I've been told that there has been talk with UMM and SprueBrothers, but nothing has come of this. If anyone is interested in being a US distributor, or knows of someone who is, please let me know.
  14. No worries. I'm still waiting from Artscale regarding my query on American distribution.
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