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  1. That is great news, and MSW applauds you for doing so. If you can get any waverers you know who post there to understand this in more detail, and the implications, maybe you could convince them also? Piracy is crippling the creative output of people in our industry. Over at the 🤡 clownworld of SoS, they are actively promoting and cheerleading our hobby's demise. There are actually legal implications for it. They really are dunderheads too...they try to blank the argument using the terrible analogy of a model of HMS Victory, for example. Chief clown thinks that, and has posted to this effect, that because a model of HMS Victory exists, every kit that follows it must in some way be a copy of the previous. He simply doesn't believe that companies will design their own models from the ground-up, using their own engineering design traits, reference and research whilst also following a legitimate copy of a ship plan. In his eyes, all these model components must be interchangeable......keel, bulkheads, bulwarks, etc. If he truly believes his own argument, then that says a lot about him.
  2. Backups have been tested in the past, so we know they work. We have both on-site and off-site backups. Our host is also a well-established and extremely reputable host that is also home to numerous large corporations. We are located in a major datacenter in Chicago.
  3. We have numerous backups. The new server will make that even more bulletproof.
  4. Hi all, Model Ship World will be undergoing a server migration before the end of November. This is due to the current system not fully supporting the requirements of the new core CentOS software. This software isn't site-related, but instead controls how our sever operates. Currently, we only have limited time on the software we have, before it becomes legacy and non-supported. It's imperative that this change is made. These changes to both hardware and software will ensure MSW operates in a robust way for a long time, and also maintains our current level of security for our server against external elements. At the moment, we have no time schedule for this, other than 'before month end'. When the server is migrated, there will be minimal downtime here, and the end result will probably be that the DNS will need to migrate again. In layman's terms, this means that the site will start to come online again in waves, globally, over the space of a few ours. We'll let you know more as and when/if we find out. Thanks, Jim
  5. I'd love to be regimented enough to log my time on projects, but the results would probably frighten me 😆 Nice to see an old kit having some life breathed into it.
  6. Interesting to see the slight differences between this and the Amati/Victory Models release, such as the use of ply instead of MDF. That deck planking looks super.
  7. Your method of construction with the angled timbers looks just like how these were built!
  8. I very much like the look of this one, so I'll be following 🤗 Watching for tips for when I begin my Victory!
  9. The first prototype was built by Chris, and he was doing this as a full time job and Amati employee. For me.....I work full time in education, so my building time will be evenings, weekends and holidays, but I do promise that I will move as quickly as I can so long as I don't compromise quality.
  10. Amati have so far printed the plans for me and had the PE and wood parts made. They are awaiting the return of high-pressure castings for the various fittings/cannon etc. and then this will be on its way to me. I'm thinking between 2 and 4 weeks at the moment. Some delays did creep in, but they now look sorted. From there, I have about 18 months to build the hull to completion as the masting is via drawing. I still think this is around 2yrs from release. There will be a build log here as soon as I get everything in the workshop.
  11. I think I built my first models with the following: steel rule cork sanding block and sandpaper scalpel knife 12" steel rule fine tweezers pin pusher steel set square jeweller's files toffee hammer long nose pliers small clamps pin vice and assorted small drill bits Amati plank nipper Hope that helps.
  12. Import duty from US is high, and for something of this value, it would be crippling. Importing from the USA to the U.K. is staggeringly expensive, not to mention the actual postage of something large and heavy (plus we pay import fees that are partially calculated on shipping), hence the reason I gave a local seller. I’ve paid £60 once on duty for a parcel costing half of that. It’s shocking. You’d easily look at adding a good £200 plus in duty alone.
  13. You ordering soon? Can't wait to see this one! I know Cornwall Model Boats are currently have it in stock, and it's not (relatively) too far from you 😉
  14. Thanks for the correction. I definitely stand corrected on that. 😅
  15. You are right. Products have various revisions, and I think the number on the kit review below (Catalogue # 1300/04) means it's the 4th revision. As this kit came directly from Amati in Turin, to me last June, it's safe to presume that is the latest revision. To be honest, any changes are usually very minor, but there's a possibility that it originally had wooden gun carriages instead of the cast things in there now. It's no biggie to fix that though. As these are high value items for shops to stock, you can assume that anything they have in won't have been sat on the shelf for too long either. I wouldn't worry too much about kit revisions at this stage when it comes to Vanguard.

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