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  1. I think that's because there's also an Alert by Trident, Mamoli, Krick, and Shipyard. You'd be better with a photo of kit and contents too for a potential buyer.
  2. Got a lovely little surprise in post today from the USA. Chuck sent over his boxwood version of the 1:48 Winchelsea double capstan, some castings for the same project, and some replacement blocks for the Granado cross section. The capstan looks superb and comes with black filament for the nails. Here's the capstan parts:
  3. A quick end of week update before I delve into the bow area and then onto the stern/decor. This last couple of days been finishing the rudder and fitting it, adding the pintle/gudgeon straps, the horse shoe/fishplates to the keel....and the channels. All channel parts are first drilled with a 0.5mm drill bit in pre-cut laser slots and then painted black (after masking joint edge). Cut-off brass pins are then CA'd into the holes. Corresponding laser holes in the sides of the hull are then used to locate these when glued into position. Once fitted, the channel knees are a
  4. I thought I'd do another quick update as I've managed to put a little colour on things. Before paint, all the areas which would be under colour were first brushed with a little polyurethane varnish to prevent the paint soaking into the timber and looking grainy. For paint, I've used Humbrol 25 Flat Blue and Vallejo Flat Red. These are just brushed on by hand. I've purposely gone a little into the rail area so I know there won't be any areas I need to later touch up. You will still notice some areas where the channels will be fitted. I just want a solid wood - wood connection with n
  5. Remember, only staff can see it. To me, I can see your membership number, so you set it correctly.
  6. Ok, done. You also have a button in your profile which you should activate if you are an NRG member. There's a field to put your membership number into also. Only staff will be able to see the number. If members here can switch that button on and add their number, I can also add the badge as I see your number online. It makes things easier for staff.
  7. Ah yes! The masking tape is on the keel whilst I sanded back the filler on the hull underside. It was just to protect those surfaces. Once I was happy with the hull planks, I removed the tape from the keel and sprayed the whole underside. I use Ronseal natural acrylic wood filler on the undersides, diluted. I also added about 50% Titebond Original to the mix as it's easy to sand, more so other Titebond glues.
  8. Morning! I was hoping to have more to show you, but finishing off the hull underside to get a nice even and homogenous surface really is a labour of love. Nonetheless, here's my work so far. The main wales are now fitted to the model, after a 30 minute soak in hot water for the forward half. Positioning this is very easy as it simply follows the line of the lower outside pattern parts that were fitted earlier, and covering the first two laters of later cut planks. The wales are pinned in position whilst they dry. This is left overnight as pear can expand quite a lot when soaked.
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