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  1. 16 F here at my house. Feels like the tropics after several nights of -30 F temps.
  2. Here is a pic of my very messy shop! on the left is Model Land, straight ahead is Fly Tying Land, and on the right is Reloading Land.
  3. Should have clarified "Anglo-Saxon" but the Saxon kingdoms did exist during the Viking invasions (many of which were conquered and reorganized as a consequence). Thanks for the tip.
  4. Does anyone know where one might find information, plans, kits, etc. for ships that the Saxons would have used during the Viking invasions of England? I'm a fan of Bernard Cornwell's series of novels about this time in history (The Saxon Chronicles) and would love to find a ship from that time to build.
  5. So, there is a bevy of "new" bonding agents like Bondic that use a resin that is cured when it come into contact with UV light. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with these agents and how they work for our little niche of the modeling world. http://www.bondicusa.com/collections/shop?gclid=Cj0KEQiA7rmzBRDezri2r6bz1qYBEiQAg-YEtoLDOIq1-3Y9fm93hG9N8A3Yi3eNQAbMlv-6m1Zt5s4aAkwo8P8HAQ
  6. I have only one word for this build: WOW! I aspire to be able to do such fine work. I feel unworthy!
  7. Started working on the forecastle. Adding covering boards and railings. Also added timber and knights heads and started shaping stern filler blocks. Am going to start planking the deck under the forecastle next before I lose access. All seems to be going well but I am finding the instruction booklet to be mostly useless. For instance, there is no mention of the size of deck planks so one has to measure based on the plans, which is fine, unless you're a complete noob and have no idea what you're doing!
  8. I started this build four or five years ago. We moved across country and haven't lived in a place I could set up shop until recently so am now outfitting a new shop while I restart this project. Many pieces on the bulkheads broke in the move so I basically started by glueing all those back together. I also just added the aft filler blocks and am roughing them in.
  9. I was thinking of it as a substitute for a small table saw. I already have a decent scroll saw.
  10. I was wondering if anyone was using this saw. The bladerunner x2. It looks like a jig saw/table saw hybrid. If you use it what are your thoughts? https://m.rockwelltools.com/product/RK7323-BladeRunner-X2-Portable-Tabletop-Saw.html

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