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  1. Hey, The plans are take from John McKay's book "Anatomy of a Ship Bounty es Bethia" In addition I'm using a copy of the original plans from the NMM. Cheers, Daniel
  2. After treating the surface with 5 layers of the salt-vinegar solution and reducing it agin and again here is the final result 🙂 Now I have to treat the rudder as well. I also thinking about a protection band along the waterline made by "elm" battens but I'm not sure if this was common practice on such small vessels. Marquardt hasn't mentioned it in his book and on his plans of the Port Jackson Schooner. Due to the tropic conditions, especially in the North of Australia it might make sense to protect the copper on the waterline. But I can be totally wrong.
  3. Good morning, After one night in the boil-in-bag the chemical reaction of the salt-vinegar solution with the copper is impressive and the sheathing got a strong greenish coating. Actually, it is too much for my taste and I have to reduced it (with acetone again?). Now it looks like a ship towed in the harbour standing still in water as seen on HMS Trincomalee and USS Constitution. However, I doubt that a sailing vessel afloat would have such a deep greenish coat on the surface of the copper. Due to the permanent friction of the water it actually would like more dull brownish, partially pinkish. Next stepp will be to reduce the coat and just leaving the greenish effect in the angels and on the edges of the plates and nails. Progress' coming soon. Daniel
  4. Hello out there, During the course of last week I had the chance to fix the issue with the copper sheathing. By using some thin super glue I carefully fixed each single plate. Afterwards i had to clean up the surface with acetone and a little block of wood. Finally, I've cleaned up and smoothened the plates with some steel wool to prepare the surface for the weathering process. I made a mixture of vinegar and salt and cooked it up very shortly until the vinegar cannot melt any salt anymore, a saturated solution. Be carful! Afterwards the whole apartment smelled like vinegar. the first layer of the coat was put on the sheathing by a little sponge (normally used by my admiral for make-up...I need to discuss this fully with her later on ;-). Nothing happened actually except the surface has lost its pinky shiny glow and became dull. After one hour I've put on a second layer and put the whole model in a boil-in bag over night for a better chemical reaction. This time I just warmed up the solution a ted until it started to smell. Best, Daniel
  5. Hello out there, After many years it's time to re-start my builds on the Mercury Schooner and on the Bounty. I moved twice and first had to gather all my tools. After being ready today I realised a major issue on both Bounty and Mercury. Several years ago I treated the surface of the pear with several coatings of linseed oil but no final coating with a kind of lack. As you can see on the pic the beautiful golden brown shine of the surface is gone at it looks dull and a ted blotchy. Is there any trick to preserve the wonderful shine of the wood after being treated with linseed oil? Al hints and advises are very welcome. Best, Daniel
  6. Hello out there, After many years it's time to re-start my builds on the Mercury Schooner and on the Bounty. I moved twice and first had to gather all my tools. My plan for today was to fix the rudder on the Mercury, finally. However, During the last years the adhesive of the copper tape doesn't sticks anymore properly. It looks sh..., doesn't it? I tried to fix it with some super glue but with no success. hmmm. Has anyone a tip what type of glue i can use. I guess I need a very liquid glue. Every advise is warm welcome!!! Best, Daniel
  7. Your patina is looking tremendous. What did you used to get this effect?
  8. Wow, fully rigged in 1:30 scale she will be huge. What's her final size? Looking forward see more of you log, Daniel
  9. Hey Gregory, yes, I meant McKay's AotS, hhmmm, I assume the tubs are installed on the deck below, as the pipes wouldn't be visible due to the fact that the plant tables stand over them in the end, generally, once the main deck is installed all those details are only visible if one is looking through the tiny windows, I do assume not much details will be visible anymore however, what does it mean when he says the deck was covered with lead? was the whole deck covered with a kind of lead tile and looked accordingly silver-grey, how was the pattern? some kind of check patterns as the common black and white check pattern of master's cabins on ship of war made by canvas? has anyone an example or a picture about it, for now I am able to make some changes, even if it means, the work on the deck planking of the cabin was worthless,
  10. Hey Tony, Thank you. And you're right, "Siegfried" wouldn't be a perfect band name, hahaha. If you like, you can check it out on Spotify or on YouTube. The music project is called "The Brute :" I already have released 5 vids. It's a blend of electronic music and rock in the style of the 90's. Next Double-Single/EP is to come in early '21 followed by the debut album probably in the End of March and flanked with a kind of short Music film of approx 15min. Last, we made a kind of James Bond Road Movie on original sets of "Goldfinger" up in the Swiss Alpes with kind support of the Swiss army. They have let us filmed the last scene in one of their mountain castles as the villain's HQs. While thinking of new songs now I need some time to calm down and to focus on my three vessels. Cheers, Daniel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsRJfzv5nAxBLqAc3XnsBTQ
  11. Hey Shipman, Thank you for the hint. McKay hasn't mentioned something like this in his book. Was this a usual practice? I went to Greenwich and Portsmouth to see the Cutty Sark and the HMS Victory several times but haven't realised that detail. Would be interesting to show it in a future project. Best, Daniel
  12. Hey Druxey, Yes, it is now again, the last two years have been very moving, two relocations and my music career was in focus to record some EPs, an album and making some vids, now it's time to calm down and move on with some wood work. Best, Daniel
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