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    Sailing vessels from the 17th to the early 18th century, especially the ships from the states of the Holy Roman Empire and from the French Kingdom
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  1. Thanks Nils, it will be not seen so much when the garden is fully assembled. And now I am starting to work on the garden tables and have cut the air scuttles. Daniel
  2. Hello John, As your build is very interesting to me too, I have an old plan of a German barque Albert Neumann similar to meteor from 1869, launched and commissioned in Warnemünde/Rostock (Baltic Sea). The plans are a bit rotten and form a German model magazine from 1987. The lines are in 1:200 and some details about rigging and deck fittings in 1:100. All in metric measure. There is a belaying plan included. If it might help you, I can scan it and send it to you here as private mail. Additionally I can recommend the book "Von der Fregatte zum Vollschiff" (from the friga
  3. Each time, when I see one of your builds, I became speechless and am learning how to work precise. Perfect work. Daniel
  4. Hello Tony, fantastic looking and detailed model. And this in 1/144 scale. Daniel
  5. Hello, Now I have to think how to do the stern windows. One or two of them I wanna show oppened because my general plan is to show the Bounty exactly in the moment of the mutiny. Therefore I have planned al little water diorama as display on which Bligh and his fellows sitting already in the boat and some of the mutineers throw out the breadfruit plants off the stern windows. This is why I actually model the great cabin. The inspiration for this scene is inspired by a well known picture as seen below. In this picture two other facts are very interesting. There is no blu
  6. Hello Michael, Hard decision you did but I can fully feel with you as I did the same with my build. Heart was bleeding but the current status of the build now makes me feel it was the right decision. If you are not happy with the result of the progress, make a step or two back to the beginning and do it again. It seems your laser samples matches perfectly. Well done! Daniel
  7. Hello Gerald, very interesting project. Seeing a sailing vessel afloat; I am sure I am not the only one here on this forum who's heart goes on to see this. Thanks for sharing this pictures. Daniel
  8. Hello Russ, wonderful build. It is a good example how interesting a little tiny vessel can be for modellers. Bravo. Daniel
  9. Hello Jim, I found your log at least. What a great idea to build a vessel with a personal link to your family's history. I lean back and am keen to see further progress. May I ask you from which source/ship you've got the equivalent lines? It would be of a great interest. Daniel
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