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  1. I would probably want to get a really nice one which would run me about $300 for that price I could get a nice harder and Steenbeck Infiniti airbrush. But I was just curious
  2. the black cylinder is a rechargeable battery and a compressor. Apparently it can spray a consistent 25 psi for 40 minutes on a single charge. If that’s all true it’s a dream.
  3. I first painted in weathered everything plastic then I had some PE work to do with the floater nets and the guns and then those were ready for paint also then finally when those were painted I could install everything onto the deck Now onto the last section of the main deck does anyone have any experience with cordless air brushes? I just seen them for the first time and I am very curious as to if they are good or not.
  4. I have always wondered if other people do this or if I’m weird. I use the paper towel to suck up extra ca glue. Does anyone else do this? IMG_0756.MOV
  5. This will keep me busy for a Little bit. This does not include the 14 guns I need to assemble also in this section.
  6. It took a week but this little section is done. Here are some photos and a short video of the ship so far. onto to the next section IMG_0693.MOV
  7. Hey guys, I’m still just working on that little section that I started a few days ago. I have six guns to make and paint now. Here’s a bunch of photos of my progress so far. it’s amazing how much easier life is when you have the right tools
  8. Ugh, The dreaded ammo racks... after thinking about it I decided to remove the tabs at the bottom of the ammo racks. It will make my life much much easier right now. so now I can just rest the tub on a flat surface. Now when I insert the ammo racks they should already be in place at the bottom. look at that!! I’m a genius! Just glue it up. Now each new rack can just rest on the rack below it. I was done in no time though I don’t like that sloppy glue blob. now onto paint.
  9. I assembled the floater net baskets today. They were a joy to do! Really fun actually. I took a 2.5 mm rod, put it into my third hand and used that for the assembly. It worked great. I accidentally smooshed one before gluing the legs on. 20 minutes of feverishly bending to try to fix it kinda worked. I did the best I could to save it. I’m sure you can notice which one it was. that’s it for now. If you’ll excuse me I have some guitar to play😬
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