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  1. Greetings,

    I am contemplating building the treaded 1/200 Missouri by Trumpeter. If you can spare the time, I would appreciate

    you fielding a couple of questions on this kit.

    I know how long the model is but how high is it from keel to whatever is highest. My commodore has asked "where am I going to put it" A reasonable request.

    How would you rate the kit 20 & 40mm guns compared to Veterans (or others) PE?

    When I was building my 1/350 Alaska I accumulated a pretty good amount of aftermarket PE and, as you know, that supply can come in handy on other projects. I don't contemplate more than one 1/200 build so I'd like to be a bit more selective on aftermarket purchases.

    Thank you for your time and sharing all the helpful information in your building logs. You set a high standard to follow.

    Regards, Harley

  2. My question is this though. You see how I put rust streaks on the holes in the hull. Now do I have to do that to every porthole of the superstructure to keep it consistent? I guess I don’t know yet how I’m should weather the superstructure. I have time to think bout it.
  3. I tried a little salt streak on the upper hull. It’s not visible over the haze grey. Maybe another salt streak wash would help but I’m just going to move on I guess. For now.
  4. Bilge keel... interesting. Sorry it’s been sloooooow and booooring. I’ve just been so busy with life. If the workshop wasn’t 27 miles away it would be much faster I’m sure. Anyhoo, I’m finally done with weathering the hull I think. I’m going for a “ humans suddenly go extinct 2 years ago, as a result it’s been neglected in dry dock Ever since” look. This side came out better. This will be the display side. First was the grime for red hulls. next I put the rust streaks in. Not a good photo though. then last was the salt. You can also see how I did it. I brushed it on at the waterline, waited 5 minutes then just pulled it down with a flat brush. It’s probably the wrong way to do it but it’s done now. now I can finally move onto other stuff like the props.
  5. I have to weather the super structure now right? Since the hull is weathered. The deck.... probably.
  6. Ok I can see how it is very easy to over do this weathering. Please tell me if this looks stupid. Or if it’s to much. Or anything. I have no idea what I’m doing. It does look better in person than the photos though.
  7. Oh wow thank you for the offer. As much as I would like to. That would be an awkward thing to ship lol. I found a 6 foot Slab as cheap as $40. But I might just stick to the pine for now. Maybe I will take you up on the offer on the next build. 😁
  8. It’s been raining ALOT. It’s chilly when it rains. Now it’s sunny and like 75.
  9. Oh wow thanks for the info and feedback. It definitely gets humid in New Hampshire. I love the oak! On a side note my new crane is just about done.
  10. So I think I’m going to leave the paint on the hull the way it is. If I try to fix it I will be in danger of abandoning the model and I don’t want to do that. I started messing around with all the washes I bought. I have no idea what I’m doing. I tried out the salt streaks, rust streaks and the streaking grime. Does it look ok? Any pointers before I do the entire hull? The salt streaks are barely noticeable. The orange peel does not seem to effect the wash (thank god) Also I started on the base. I bought a 1 by 12 premium pine board. I wanted oak but holy crap $60?!?

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