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  1. I assembled the floater net baskets today. They were a joy to do! Really fun actually. I took a 2.5 mm rod, put it into my third hand and used that for the assembly. It worked great. I accidentally smooshed one before gluing the legs on. 20 minutes of feverishly bending to try to fix it kinda worked. I did the best I could to save it. I’m sure you can notice which one it was. that’s it for now. If you’ll excuse me I have some guitar to play😬
  2. I’m sorry to hear bout your dad. It’s so awful. And to think I have to go thru that again when my mom goes. It’s so awful, especially right now. I can’t imagine during this pandemic.
  3. One more thing I almost forgot to mention. Those ammo racks that go on the inside of the gun tubs. I really really really hate putting those in
  4. Good morning, so in case you haven’t noticed yet I’m focusing on the main deck going from front to back. I have mostly finished the little section I was working on minus the guns. I will build them a little later. I needed weights quickly add some ammo lockers and such and that basically done without the guns. The next section I’ll focus on will be between these two red lines on the main deck only. which includes two gun tubs and four floater baskets I think I have everything i will keep chugging along.
  5. Hey guys. Just a quick update. I’m all moved in and spending a lot of time at home so hopefully I get a lot done. I painted a few more deck fittings, I’m now in the process of shading them. The close up on my new phone is amazing! So many flaws in my shoty work are now visible. all I literally have to do all day is work on the MO and play with this. more Soon, stay healthy.
  6. Yes I tried looking for it myself but could not find it. He must of taken it down. I would have never been able to build it without that build log. It was a huge help.
  7. Good morning,

    I love your work, one time you mentioned looking at Flory’s blog on the Bismarck. I’m a member and can’t find any blog about this. Please advise Thanks 

  8. Hey guys, sorry there’s been no posts recently. I’m moving back to the house where my workshop is April 1st. That means there won’t be much posts till then. But that also means I will be able to work on the MO every day once I’m there. talk too you all soon
  9. Hey guys. Just a small update, nothing to exciting. I was going to wrap thin ezline around the tiny reels but then gave up. so I just painted them black. It looks ok. then I could install some more deck fittings I think these balconies should have been deck blue. the deck is starting to fill in. with that done I can move on. I’ll keep moving across the deck to the stern. I ruff cut out parts for the next section. these have brass sticking out of the bottom that need to be filed down. There’s about 15 in total. and after thats it for now. See I told you it was nothing too exciting. See you soon.
  10. That’s just what I read. It’s probably wrong. But my broom balances it’s kinda freaky. I guess it’s a fun maybe fact but probably not.
  11. Hey guys. Fun fact. Did you know because of the spring equinox you can balance a broom. I didn’t believe it till I tried it. anyhoo simple day, I just painted. I like to wait 24 hrs before shading. before after, I don’t know why the Break water looks dark in this photo. The two colors are haze grey and deck blue. I like Tamiya paints so I had to mix the colors myself. it still looks dark. Must be the lighting
  12. Hey guys a little update. I finished up the four reels. I cut small pieces of 1.5 mm brass rod to finish them since pontos didn’t provide anything. Now that I think about it I could have taken apart the kit reels and used them. Oh well here they are. They were A surprising pain in the ***. I’m not sure if I should wrap black rope around them yet or just paint the reels black. next I ran into a huge problem but in the end had an EASY fix. The break water trusses were easy to glue on though I had no idea how to install those straight pieces. Pontos is 100% useless with the breakwater, zero instructions. but when I had three of them on there was a problem. It was very hard to have them sitting flush on a flat surface. So I tried to trim the bottoms of them but I trimmed off too much. This was going to be a major headache. You can kind of see what I’m talking about in the next photo. it was time for Plan B. I grabbed the kit provided break water to see how ugly it was. To my surprise it was not bad at all. Problem solved. I am going to sand the trusses thinner. I want to drill two holes in each truss so it looks like the Pontos kit but I have no idea how to do that when the trusses are only 3 mm apart.( well straight holes anyway) Here’s the kit piece. tomorrow’s a holiday here and I’m ready to airbrush. I’ll talk to you all tomorrow after I airbrush and take pictures.

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