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  1. Thank you very much .☺️
  2. Zawitałeś i tu :D

  3. Świetna Koga , moje gratulacje.
  4. Hello The paddle in the scale of 1: 26 is 23 cm long, in fact it is about 6 m. I took the oar pattern from Anatomy of the Ship HMS Bounty, I agree that there should be a counterweight to the long oars, but I did it in the drawings from Anatomy. The oar should have a thick shaft at the handle to balance the weight of the long oars, because they had to be on large lifeboats. I thought about such a compromise to wrap the paddle with a string, but it probably has nothing to do with the counterweight, and more the idea that allows the paddle to stay in the dulce. The boat was about 7 m long and it was really crowded people Captain Bligh .. Regards Piotrek.
  5. Hello, changing blocks is a great decision, your Bounty is ok, I like it. Greetings, Piotrek
  6. It's not that bad, you'll adjust the keel later when you've made the cover. Problems will be later, at the stage of rigging, there are simply no solutions, there are no ropes, there is no need to attach, but you will have to use other materials - books. Do not be discouraged and keep building, because Halifax is a really beautiful schooner. Greetings, Piotrek
  7. Hello, you have to cut elements 23 and 24. It's good for you. Greetings, Piotrek
  8. Hello. I glued these elements No. 21 and No. 22 and then drilled with a 9mm drill . Greetings, Piotrek
  9. Thank you, masts and rigging yes
  10. Hull - pine tree Deck - alder tree Elements on deck - tree pear and beech
  11. Construction of the Bounty is endless, there will be masts, reports are conducted on the Polish Koga forum. Thank you and I'm glad Bounty likes it. I greet Piotrek

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