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  1. Hi everyone! Since my last update, I have been adding some of the decorative parts to the model. A lot of gold, and lots more to come. I had some problems making the decorations stick to the hull. At first, I used “normal” super glue, but it didn’t work. The decorations easily fell off when touched and the glue discoloured the blue surface of the hull. I therefor decided to try epoxy glue instead. This worked much better but sadly a lot of glue go to waste since I can’t mix small enough patches. That would be all for now. Until next time, take care. /M
  2. Hi everyone! I’m just going to give you a small progress update. Since last time I have finished all the railing except the railing for the poop deck. According to the instructions, I should wait with adding them, so for once I’m actually going to follow them 😀 I have also started preparing the chainwales. Some sanding, staining and drilling later I’m quite happy with the result. This was all for now. Next stage in my build is to start adding the bling-bling worthily of Louis XIV. Take care. /Morgan
  3. Yours also looks good John. I see that you’re following the instructions to a higher degree than me :). Take your time with the upcoming galleries. I had to do some modifications to the parts to make them fit properly but it’s worth the extra time. Since my last update I have mainly been working on the railings at the different parts of the ship. I have also added railings to the decks and most of the stairs between the different decks and between the decks and the side of the ship. When I start to add the different details, the ship is really starting to “come to life”. It no lon
  4. Hi everybody! I’m just going to give you a small update. I have been busy at work for the last week but managed to spare a couple of hours. I been trying four different varnishes oven the blue paint, but they were either too mate or too shiny. After consulting with the admiral, I decided to skip the varnish. I have also been doing some work on the front (I wrote stern in my last update, but I meant front, for some reason I have troubles the with the names in English). I have also prepared for mounting the railing. Until next time, take c
  5. I have finished painting the upper half of the hull and I’m happy with the results. I just think the paint turn out to be a bit too shiny. I tried to add a coat of mat varnish but it turn out to be too mat. Now I’m finish about getting some satin varnish and try that. Aside from dulling the shin I’m thinking that the varnish will add some protection. That do you guys think? Do you put varnish over your paints? While I’m thinking about the varnish I’m going to do some work on the stern. /Morgan
  6. Thanks for your nice words E.J. Yeah, the model is huge. It’s going to be 102 cm (around 40 inches) when finish. It doesn’t sound like much when you just read about it but in real life, on a table it’s something else. I promise that I have made a lot of mental notes for future builds. On of them, don’t mix too much Captain Morgan and model building It looks good until you see the result the next day. I have been using Humbrol mat cote for most of the stuff this far. I really like the end results but sadly it’s a bit hard to find in Sweden. I had to order from abroad since a
  7. Hi everybody! With this update I finally get to the stage where I am today. The more I study up on modelbuilding and read about different topics on this forum the more I realise all the minor flaws this model has. Even if I still think it’s great, I’m starting to see different areas where I could have had modifications to further improve the end result. For example, I could have replaced visible plywood with “real” wood. This being said, I have decided to just keep building this model according to the instructions. This is my first model and even though it is not going to give me a
  8. Hi again! I have been talking about following the instructions and for those of you who don’t all really know it DeAgostini has divided the build into packs (12 in total, one per month for me) and stages (140 in total). Each stage has its own instructions: As you can see, the instructions are very clear. Since I like to keep track of things and to work in Excel, I decided to create an Excel document where I track my progress. This way, I don’t have to look thought the instructions constantly to find the one I’m looking for. In their instructions, DeAgostini m
  9. Hi everybody! Here comes my next progress update. I'm getting closer and closer to the point where I’m today. I started the second planking at the stern and at the bow. I then continued with the rest of the ship. I didn’t focus on making sure the joints where in the “correct” place. Perhaps some of you think this is or some importance but for me the result was good enough. When I had finished planking it was once again time for ..... drumroll .... sanding I decided to try on some varnish to see the finished result. That’s why the bottom
  10. It’s nice to see that some people still follow my log. Thanks for the advice Martyn. I’m going to try that on my next model double planked model. Welcome to the log Rick! It sound like you got yourself a great offer on the SotS. It looks like a fun build and the ship itself is amazing. I don’t think you need to worry about its complexity. The instructions DeAgostini provides are great and as long as you follow them and take your time I’m sure you’re going to end up with an amazing model. Just one advice, by the whole I pleased with DeAgostini but I had parts missing from a couple
  11. Hi everybody! First, sorry for the long absents. I haven’t given up on the build, far from it but a lot has happened in my life and frankly, I have been too lazy to update the log. Thanks a lot for all the feedback regarding the nails. It’s a bit too late for this build but I’m going to keep it in mind in future builds When you’re a newbie you mostly follow the instructions and don’t think much about the finer details. I have done a lot of progress since last time. I have tried to take pictures along the way but sadly, I sometimes got too caught up in the building
  12. Hi E.J and Cédric! Welcome to the log. It’s always fun to get more feedback and advice. I have seen your build E.J and you’re doing a supreme work on your model. It’s interesting to see how different manufactures create different models of the same ship. I have been reading up on treenails and I guess you mean that I should do something like this Cédric? When I think about it, it makes total sense to mark the rest of the nails. I saw that some people make their treenails in actual wood (toothpicks or similar) but if I decided to mark them I’m just going to use a pencil. Too cre
  13. Hello everybody! I made some progress during the weekend and soon all the decks are finished. I’m starting to get a little tired of deck planking at this moment but guess I’m going to miss it when I’m planking the hull. I finished the bow for now (except for one piece who I added soon after taking the pict ure) and also finished planning the deck behind the bow. ' Added some pieces who is going to hold the stern piece. Finished planking the first “stern deck”, not really good at ship terms yet and also added and finished the deck above the fi
  14. Hi Antony! Yes, she really is large. Don’t really have a plan for what to do with her when she is finished /Morgan
  15. Hi! Sorry for the long absence, it has been a lot at work these last couple of weeks and when I have had some time left I have been building I have been working on a lot of different areas of the ship so it has been a bit difficult to take pictures. Glued the beams supporting the next level of decks as well as the first piece of the bow Planked the "walls" for each of the decks. Glued the first two "walls" in place. I also decided to glue the doors to the walls since I think it's going to be hard to do it later when I have added the next level of d
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