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  1. Hi E.J and Cédric! Welcome to the log. It’s always fun to get more feedback and advice. I have seen your build E.J and you’re doing a supreme work on your model. It’s interesting to see how different manufactures create different models of the same ship. I have been reading up on treenails and I guess you mean that I should do something like this Cédric? When I think about it, it makes total sense to mark the rest of the nails. I saw that some people make their treenails in actual wood (toothpicks or similar) but if I decided to mark them I’m just going to use a pencil. Too create them from wood is going to take too much of an effort Thanks for the feedback. I have been on the road for most of this week but hopefully I will have time to do some building during the weekend. Until then, take care. /Morgan
  2. Hello everybody! I made some progress during the weekend and soon all the decks are finished. I’m starting to get a little tired of deck planking at this moment but guess I’m going to miss it when I’m planking the hull. I finished the bow for now (except for one piece who I added soon after taking the pict ure) and also finished planning the deck behind the bow. ' Added some pieces who is going to hold the stern piece. Finished planking the first “stern deck”, not really good at ship terms yet and also added and finished the deck above the first. While I was planking the decks I also started to make some of the deck grating. That’s all for now take care and see you soon. /Morgan
  3. Hi Antony! Yes, she really is large. Don’t really have a plan for what to do with her when she is finished /Morgan
  4. Hi! Sorry for the long absence, it has been a lot at work these last couple of weeks and when I have had some time left I have been building I have been working on a lot of different areas of the ship so it has been a bit difficult to take pictures. Glued the beams supporting the next level of decks as well as the first piece of the bow Planked the "walls" for each of the decks. Glued the first two "walls" in place. I also decided to glue the doors to the walls since I think it's going to be hard to do it later when I have added the next level of decks. Next I added the next level of deck and started the planking process. I also applied some planks to the piece in the bow. And glued some other pieces into place at the bow. You can never use to many clamps right ? That’s all for now. Cheers Morgan
  5. It has been a busy week at work and I haven’t had too much time left for building but at least I have finished the planking of the main deck and to apply varnish to the surface. I think it all turned out pretty good. Perhaps I made the nail heads a bit to big but it’s a bit too late to change it now. Deck with and without varnish. I ended up doing three layers of varnish just to get the right finish. Until next time. Morgan
  6. Thanks for the feedback Antony and Martyn. Didn’t really think about contacting them, thought that a little damaged material was to be expected but now I understand that this is not the case. I’m going to send them a mail. Morgan
  7. Some progress since last week. I’ve spent all my time working on the main deck. I decided to stray a bit from the instructions and glue all the deck pieces to the frames before I begun with the deck planking. This way I could use needles to make sure the deck stayed in place while the glue was setting. I have begun with planking the deck and as I mentioned before in this log, I’m going to use three shift pattern instead of the “pattern” suggested in the instructions. See the picture below. I have come some way towards finishing the main deck but I’m a little worried that the planking material provided is not going to be enough since some of the strips I received where of bad quality but hopefully the none damaged will be enough to finish the model. Until next time. /Morgan
  8. The weekend has been spent gluing all the bulkheads to the false kneel, at least those that I have at this stage. There is going to be two more arriving with the next shipment (number 3) but those are just going to support the topmost deck so I can do at lot of building before I really need them. Sadly I forgot to take pictures while I was gluing the bulkheads and the support deck. But here are some after I was done. The first time I glued the support deck I didn’t pay enough attention and the fit were a bit bad so I decided to redo it. To loosen the glue a bit I used white vinegar at the joints and it worked surprisingly good. Sadly, as you can see on the images, I did some damage to the deck. You’re barely going to be able to see the deck on the finished model but despise that I decided to paint the deck black to hide the damage. Until next time. /Morgan
  9. Hi Anthony! Thanks for the welcome The possibility to ask more experienced builders and to get feedback on my own build is the main reasons for me to post this log. /Morgan
  10. Some building has taken place and the ship is slowly starting to form. I decided to not follow the instructions regarding the assemble order, but to build the ship from the ground up. If anyone is interested in looking at the instructions you can find them all as pdf:s at: http://www.model-space.com/gb/build-the-soleil-royal.html and then choose the “Build” tab. I begun to gluing the three pieces of the false kneel together, and to leave them to completely dry over night. While then glue was setting I built my own homemade building slip. Nothing fancy, just a board with some L-irons??. I actually have no idea what they are called in English . I have started to glue to bulkheads to the false kneel. Until next time. /Morgan
  11. Great to hear from you Martyn! I’ve been watching your blog and must say that you’re doing an exceptional build. Since I’m a beginner I don’t plan to make many modifications to the build but I guess I’m going to add some details. A question regarding the deck planking. I don’t really like the pattern in the instructions and been thinking about doing a pattern of three instead. I believe you did the same. Have you done any research regarding the planking beforehand? I have been trying to find information regarding, but I haven’t found any. Morgan
  12. I have since I was a child been interested in models. The interest first emerge when I at 12 years of age visited the Wasa museum in Stockholm and laid eyes on their 1/10 model of the ship. Since then I have but some plastic models under my belt but I have a very limited experience with wooden models. I tried to build the Gothenburg from Billing Boats but quickly realized that the instructions provided was not enough for someone with my limited experience and the build was soon abandoned. A couple of month ago I stumble across DeAgostini and their monthly subscription models. Their models come with very detailed instructions and some of the models even with videos. I decided to give wooden models a new chance and subscribed to the flagship of Louis XIV (the sun king and builder of Versailles), the Soleil Royal. I decided to wait until I had received two monthly packs before I begun building and now they are both finally here. Let’s get on building. Since I’m a beginner all advice and feedback is appreciated. I apologize if my English is not the best, it’s not my first language. Morgan
  13. Thanks for the advise Pucko. I’m going to try and wait for shipment 7 before I begin building the hull. Guess I have some decorations to paint while I wait . I also found a old Billing boats model of Gothenburg (ostindienfararen) that bought maybe 10 years ago but since I didn’t gather any information about how to build a wooden model beforehand I mistreated it quite badly. I have now removed the planking I did (not that much) and started to sand the frames (no didn’t do that the first time ) to hopefully get a better result this time. Regards Morgan
  14. First of, great build and great log I have been tempted to build the Vasa since I was about teen years old and visited the museum and saw the 1:10 model. However I have more or less no experience building wooden ships so I have never dared to try any Vasa kit. But about a month ago I found out about the deagostini kit and the instructions seems very clear. Even if I hate to wait for stuff the subscription model allows me to cancel the subscription if I feel like the model is too hard. So I have now subscribed and I’m waiting for my first delivery (according to Edition Atlas it should have arrived yesterday but still no luck). After following your log I understand that it’s a good idea to wait to start the build until you have received a couple of shipments. How long do you recomend me to wait? Keep in mind that I’m really eager to start the build /Morgan

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