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  1. Awesome accomplishment!! An honor to enjoy your blog watching the restoration of a historical piece which now will live another 100 years and hopefully more. Congrats and well done sir!
  2. I thought I was looking at a real ship ...... Magnificent representation of a era period Galleon! Thanks for posting and presenting her.
  3. Your work is inspiring! Recently I have been given this kit and will use your blog heavily in it's future construction. Enjoying your updates!
  4. Thanks Keith, been slow I know; but have had to really be careful rigging as not to completely destroy her in installations. Rascal is so damn fragile!!
  5. Thanks @Gahm, slow but steady. Here's updated images and the booms are coming out! Still have a couple of more lines to install on the fore mast upper spars which will be done hopefully today and can start making the custom size boom sails for each spar size to attach on the main mast booms. I won't present the construction details for the boom sails as it's the same procedure earlier in this blog when I built all the the other sails but will update when I have one section of booms completed. So figure a couple of weeks per side with sails made and rigged, this wa
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